The Man Who Risked It All (Harlequin Presents Series #3054)

The Man Who Risked It All (Harlequin Presents Series #3054)

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by Michelle Reid

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For Franco Tolle, the golden boy of Europe's jetset society, life is just a playground—filled with racing speedboats on the azure Mediterranean Sea. When you're rich and famous, money is no object…and to hell with the consequences!

But he once took a risk with a price bigger than he was willing to pay… In a rush of red-hot


For Franco Tolle, the golden boy of Europe's jetset society, life is just a playground—filled with racing speedboats on the azure Mediterranean Sea. When you're rich and famous, money is no object…and to hell with the consequences!

But he once took a risk with a price bigger than he was willing to pay… In a rush of red-hot infatuation, he put a glittering diamond wedding ring on Lexi Hamilton's finger, yet within months they were living separate lives.

Now Franco's daredevil life has caught up with him—and he'll risk it all for the one thing he craves…his estranged wife!

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Harlequin Presents Series , #3054
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Lexi was in a meeting when the door to Bruce's office suddenly flew open and Suzy, the very new junior assistant, burst in.

'Sorry to interrupt,' she rushed out breathlessly, 'but Lexi has just got to see this—'

Her riot of blonde curls bouncing around a pretty face flushed with excitement, Suzy snatched up the television remote from where it lay next to the coffee machine and aimed it at the television. Everyone else gaped at her, wondering where she'd got the nerve to barge in here like this.

'A friend sent this news link to my Twitter,' she explained, hurriedly flicking through channels. 'I'm seriously not into mega crashes, so I almost stopped watching, but then your face flashed up on the screen, Lexi, and they mentioned your name!'

Crystal blue waters topped by deep azure skies suddenly filled the fifty-inch flat screen. A second later half a dozen long streaks of raw engine power suddenly shot across the water, flying like majestic arrows and kicking up huge plumes of foaming white spray in their wake. Before anyone else had even clicked on what was happening, an icy chill of recognition made Lexi jerk to her feet.

High-speed powerboat racing was for the super-rich and reckless only—the whole sleek, surging, testosterone-packed spectacle was a breathtaking display of excess. Excess money, excess power, excess ego—and an excessive flouting of the risks and the dangers that held most people awestruck. But for Lexi it was like watching her worst nightmare play out in front of her eyes, for she knew what was about to happen next.

'No,' she whispered tautly. 'Please switch it off.'

But no one was listening to her, and, anyway, it was already too late. Even as she spoke the nose of the leading craft hit turbulence and began to lift into the air. For a few broken heartbeats the glistening white craft stood on its end and hovered like a beautiful white swan rising up from sea.

'Keep watching.' Suzy was almost dancing on the spot in anticipation.

Lexi grabbed hold of the edge of the table as the mighty powerboat performed the most shockingly graceful pirouette, then began flipping over and over, as if it was performing some wildly exciting acrobatic trick.

But this was no trick, and two very human bodies were visible inside the boat's open cockpit. Two reckless males, revelling in sleek supercharged power that had now turned into a violent death trap as shards of debris were hurled out in all directions, spinning like lethal weapons through the air.

'This highly dangerous sport suffers at least one fatality each season,' some faceless narrator informed them. 'Due to choppy conditions off the coast of Livorno there had been disputes as to whether this race should begin. The leading boat had reached top speed when it hit turbulence. Francesco Tolle can be seen being thrown clear.'

'Oh, my God, that's a body!' somebody gasped out in horror.

'His co-driver Marco Clemente remained trapped underwater for several minutes before divers were able to release him. Both men have been airlifted to hospital. As yet unconfirmed reports say that one man is dead and the other is in a grave condition.'

'Catch her, someone.' Lexi heard Bruce's sharp command as her legs gave way beneath her.

'Here…' Someone leapt up and took hold of her arm to guide her back down onto her chair.

'Put her head between her knees,' another voice advised, while someone else—Bruce again—ground out curses at Suzy for being such a stupid, insensitive idiot.

Lexi felt her head being thrust downwards but she knew even as she let them manhandle her that it wasn't going to help. So she just sat there, slumped forward, with her hair streaming down in front of her like a rippling river of burnished copper, and listened to the newsreader map out Francesco's twenty-eight years as if he was reading out his obituary.

'Born into one of Italy's wealthiest families, the only son of ship-building giant Salvatore Tolle, Francesco Tolle left his playboy ways behind him after his brief marriage to child star Lexi Hamilton broke down…'

The ripple of murmurs in the room made Lexi shiver, because she knew a photograph of her with Franco must have flashed up on the screen. Young—he would look young, and carelessly happy, because that was how—

'Tolle concentrates his energies on the family business these days, though he continues to race for the White Streak powerboat team—a company he set up five years ago with his co-driver Marco Clemente, from one of Italy's major wine-making families. The two men are lifelong friends, who…'

'Lexi, try and drink some of this.'

Bruce gently pushed her hair back from her face so he could press a glass of water to her lips. She wanted to tell him to leave her alone so she could just listen, but her lips felt too numb to move. Locked in a fight between herself, Bruce and the sickening horror she had just witnessed, suddenly she saw Franco.

Her Franco, dressed in low riding cut-offs and a white T-shirt that moulded to every toned muscle in his long, bronzed frame. He was standing at the controls of a slightly less insane kind of speedboat, his darkly attractive face turned towards her and laughing, because he was scaring the life out of her as he skimmed them across the water at breakneck speed.

'Don't be such a wimp, Lexi. Come over here to me and just feel the power.'

'I'm going to be sick,' Lexi whispered.

Squatting down in front of her, the oh-so-elegant and super-cool Bruce Dayton almost tumbled onto his backside in an effort to get out of the way of the threat. Stumbling to her feet, Lexi stepped around him and moved like a drunk across the room, a trembling hand clamped across her mouth. Someone opened the door for her and she staggered through it, making it into the cloakroom only just in time.

Franco was dead. Her dizzy head kept on chanting it over and over. His beautiful body all battered and broken, his insatiable lust for danger brutally snuffed out.

'No…' she groaned, closing her eyes and slumping back against the cold tiled wall of the toilet cubicle.

'Not I, bella mia. I am invincible…'

Almost choking on a startled gasp—because she felt as if Franco had whispered those words directly into her ear—Lexi opened her eyes, their rich blue-green depths turned black with shock. He was not there, of course. She was alone in her white-walled prison of agony.


A strangled laugh broke free from her throat. No one was invincible! Hadn't he already proved that to himself once before?

A tentative knock sounded on the cubicle door. 'You OK, Lexi?'

It was Suzy, sounding anxious. Making an effort to pull herself together, Lexi ran icy cold trembling fingers down the sides of her turquoise skirt. Turquoise like the ocean, she thought hazily. Franco liked her to wear turquoise. He said it did unforgivably sexy things to her eyes.

'Lexi…?' Suzy knocked on the cubicle door again.

'Y-yes,' she managed to push out. 'I'm all right.'

But she wasn't all right. She was never going to be all right again. For the last three and a half years she had fought to keep Franco pushed into the darkest place inside her head, but now a door had opened and he was right here, confronting her when it was too late for her to—

Oh, dear God, what are you thinking? You don't know he's dead! It might be Marco—

It might be Marco.

Was that any better?

Yes, a weak, cruel, wicked voice inside her head whispered, and she hated herself for letting it.

Suzy was waiting for her when Lexi stepped out of the toilet cubicle, her pretty face clouded by discomfort and guilt. 'I'm so sorry, Lexi,' she burst out. 'I just saw your face and—'

'It doesn't matter,' Lexi cut in quickly, because the other girl looked so upset and young.

The same age Lexi had been when she'd first met Franco, she realised. Why was it that, at only twenty-three now, she suddenly felt so old?

'Bruce is threatening to sack me,' Suzy groaned, while Lexi stood at a basin washing her hands without being aware that she was doing it. 'He said he doesn't need a stupid person working here because we have enough of those, what with the wannabe starlets we.'

Lexi stopped listening. She was staring in the mirror at the small triangle of her face framed by her rippling mane of copper-brown hair.

'It catches fire in the sunset,' Franco had whispered once as he ran his long fingers through its silken length. 'Hair the colour of finely spun toffee, skin like whipped cream, and lips…mmm…lips like delicious crushed strawberries.'

'That's so corny, Francesco Tolle. I thought you had more style that that.'

'I do where it counts, bella mia. See—I will show you…'

No crushed strawberries colouring her lips now, Lexi noticed. They looked colourless and faded.

'And you haven't been with him for years, so it never entered my head that you might still care about him.'

Lexi watched her eyelids fold down over her eyes then lift up again. 'He's a human being, Suzy, not an inanimate object.'

'Yes…' The younger girl sounded guilty again. 'Oh, but he's so gorgeous, Lexi.' She sighed dreamily. 'All that dark, brooding sexiness… He could be one of the actors we have on our…'

Lexi tuned the younger girl out again. She knew Suzy had no idea what she was talking about. She didn't mean to hurt, prattling on like that; she was just doing a really bad job of making amends for the huge gaffe she had made, but—

She turned and walked out of the cloakroom, leaving Suzy chatting to an empty space. Her legs felt weak and seriously unwilling to do what she wanted them to do. After she'd shut herself into her own office she just stood there, staring out at nothing. She felt hollow inside from the neck down, except for the tight little fizz of sensation currently clustering around the walls of her heart, which she knew was slowly eating away at her self-control.


The door behind her had opened without her hearing it. She turned that unblinking stare on Bruce, lean and sleek, very good-looking in a fair-skinned and sharp-featured kind of way. The grim expression on his face sent a wave of knee-knocking alarm shunting down through her whole frame.

'Wh—What?' she jerked out, knowing that something else truly devastating was about to come at her.

Stepping fully into the room, Bruce closed the door, then came to take hold of her arm. Without saying a word he led her to the nearest chair. As she sank down into it Lexi felt tears start to sting the backs of her eyelids and her mouth wobbled.

'You…you'd better tell me before I have hysterics,' she warned unsteadily.

Leaning back against her desk, Bruce folded his arms. 'There is a telephone call for you. It's Salvatore Tolle.'

Franco's father? Twisting her fingers together on her lap, Lexi closed her eyes again—tight. There was only one reason she could think of that would force Salvatore Tolle to speak to her. Salvatore hated her. He claimed she had ruined his son's life.

'A cunning little starlet willing to prostitute her body to you for the pot of gold.'

She'd overheard Salvatore slicing those cutting words at Franco. She did not know what Franco had said in response because she'd fled in a flood of wild, wretched tears.

'I asked him to hold,' said the indomitable Bruce, who bowed to no one—not even a heavyweight like Salvatore Tolle. 'I thought you could do with a few minutes to…to get your act together before you listened to what he has to say.'

'Thanks,' she mumbled, opening her eyes to stare down at her tensely twined fingers. 'Did…did he tell you wh—why he was calling?'

'He wouldn't open up to me.'

Attempting to moisten the inside of her dry mouth, Lexi nodded, then made an effort to pull herself together yet again.

'OK.' She managed to stand up somehow. 'I had better talk to him then.'

'Do you want me to stay?'

Well, did she? The truth was she didn't have an answer to that question. In her life to date, first as a fifteen-year-old thrust into fame by the starring role she'd taken in a low-budget movie that had surprised everyone by taking the world by storm, Bruce had already played a big part—working alongside her actress mother, Grace, as her agent. Later, when Lexi had gone off the rails and walked away from her shining career to be with her handsome Italian boyfriend, Bruce had not allowed her to lose touch with him. When her mother had died suddenly, Bruce had been ready to offer her his support. But back then she'd still had Franco. Or she'd believed she still had Franco. It had taken months of pain and heartache before she'd finally given in and flown home to Bruce in a storm of heartbreak and tears.

Now she worked for him at his theatrical agency. The two of them worked well together: she understood the minds of his temperamental clients and he had years of rock solid theatrical experience. Somewhere along the way they had become very close.

'I'd better do this on my own.' Lexi made the decision with the knowledge that this was something Bruce could not fix for her.

He remained silent for a moment, his expression revealing not a single thing. Then he gave a nod of his head and straightened up from the desk. Lexi knew she'd hurt his feelings, knew he must feel shut out; but he'd also understand why she had refused his offer to stay. For the phone call involved Franco, and where he was concerned not even Bruce was going to be able to catch her when she fell apart if the news was bad. So she preferred to fall apart on her own.

Meet the Author

Michelle Reid grew up on the southern edges of Manchester, the youngest in a family of five lively children. Now she lives in the beautiful county of Cheshire, with her busy executive husband and two grown-up daughters. She loves reading, the ballet, and playing tennis when she gets the chance. She hates cooking, cleaning, and despises ironing! Sleep she can do without and produces some of her best written work during the early hours of the morning.

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The Man Who Risked It All 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She is capable of bettet work. This is Michelle Reid. Her books are usually stupendous; I buy her books on name recognition alone. I must say this book was a disappointment for me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a wonderfully emotional reunion story. Michelle Reid has created wonderful characters in Franco and Lexi and their love story and chemistry leaps of the pages. An absolute must read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was not as good as other books by this author. I have really liked them and reread them many times. Possibly if I had not read these books this one would have seemed better. I gave it three stars because her off books are better than a lot of authors best books. Bonnie
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book bu I just wish the writer had written an epilogue! I felt like the book just cut off. Even so it was a great book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very well written story that held my interest throughout. One of those books that it's hard to put down and one I have saved for future reading pleasure. I would highly recommend this author's work and this particular book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay read, somewhat boring
SIDHECANDY More than 1 year ago
Loved the intensity that this short format book delivered. Michelle Reid consistently delivers good stories for Harlequin.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
a very passionate tale of misunderstandings
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Reid really should work on a better grasp of more pain than pleasure in a relationship makes that relationship an unhealthy thing. True caring, (and the natural by-product of that caring is romance), doesn't lend itself to constant intentional infliction of hurtful words and actions.