Many Faces of King Crimson

The Many Faces of King Crimson


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Disc 1

  1. Salmon Leap
  2. Divine Presence
  3. The Night People
  4. Wonderland
  5. Cascade
  6. Thunderbird in Thirds
  7. Still Moving in Fear
  8. The Song of the Sea Goat
  9. Walking Into Mirrors
  10. Ghost Dance
  11. Still
  12. (S.O.S.) Sending Out Signals

Disc 2

  1. I Talk to the Wind
  2. Make It Today
  3. Wonderland
  4. Suite Nº 1
  5. Newly-Weds
  6. Why Don You Just Drop In
  7. Erudite Eyes
  8. Scrivens
  9. She Is Loaded
  10. Digging My Lawn
  11. Tremelo Study in A-Major (Spanish Suite)
  12. Hypocrite

Disc 3

  1. Make It All Up
  2. Something's Going On
  3. Spectrum
  4. Master
  5. Going
  6. Santa Maria
  7. Silent Life
  8. The Valley Below
  9. Better Be Right

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Michael Franks   Composer
Anthony Phillips   Composer
Iona   Composer
Greg Lake   Composer
Johnny Warman   Composer
Trey Gunn   Composer
Richard Brunton   Composer
Mel Collins   Composer
Steve Dolan   Composer
Robert Fripp   Composer
Michael Giles   Composer
Peter Giles   Composer
Phil Jump   Composer
Pat Mastelotto   Composer
Ian McDonald   Composer
Jamie Muir   Composer
Peter Sinfield   Composer
Ian Wallace   Composer
Hector Zazou   Composer,Producer
Sandy Dillon   Composer
Michael Clay   Composer
Ernie Myers   Composer
Mennie   Composer
Marcelo Montolivo   Liner Notes
David Cunningham   Composer

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