The Marketing Plan / Edition 2

The Marketing Plan / Edition 2

by William A. Cohen

ISBN-10: 0471180335

ISBN-13: 9780471180333

Pub. Date: 07/28/1997

Publisher: Wiley

Whether you're starting a new business or launching a new product the within a company, you won't be able to succeed without a clear plan that defines your goals and how you will achieve them.

Now, best-selling author William Cohen equips you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques you'll need to develop marketing plans like the pros. The Marketing Plan, 5th


Whether you're starting a new business or launching a new product the within a company, you won't be able to succeed without a clear plan that defines your goals and how you will achieve them.

Now, best-selling author William Cohen equips you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques you'll need to develop marketing plans like the pros. The Marketing Plan, 5th Edition presents step-by-step procedures-from scanning your environment and establishing goals and objectives, to developing marketing strategies and tactics, to presenting and implementing your plan, and everything in between. When you complete the book, you will not only know what to do, but also how and why.

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Table of Contents

The Power and Mystique of the Marketing Planxiii
The Marketing Plan Is Essential for Every Business Operationxiv
What a Marketing Plan Will Do for Youxiv
The Marketing Plan Acts as a Road Mapxiv
The Marketing Plan Assists in Management Control and Implementation of Strategyxiv
The Marketing Plan Informs New Participants of Their Roles and Functionsxv
The Marketing Plan Plots the Acquisition of Resources for Implementationxv
The Marketing Plan Stimulates Thinking and Makes Better Use of Resourcesxv
The Marketing Plan Assigns Responsibilities, Tasks, and Timingxvi
The Marketing Plan Predicts Problems, Opportunities, and Threatsxvi
Getting in a Competitive Position Before You Startxvi
Types of Marketing Plansxvii
The New Product Planxvii
Annual Marketing Plansxvii
Chapter 1Step 1: Planning The Development of a Marketing Plan1
The Structure of the Marketing Plan1
The Executive Summary3
The Table of Contents3
Situational Analysis4
The Target Market5
Problems and Opportunities6
Marketing Goals and Objectives6
Marketing Strategy6
Marketing Tactics7
Implementation and Control7
The Summary7
Keeping Your Material Organized7
Chapter 2Step 2: Scanning Your Enviroment10
The Introduction10
The Situational Analysis11
Target Market16
Media Habits20
Organizational Buyers20
Resources of the Firm21
Technological Environment21
Economic Environment22
Political Environment22
Legal and Regulatory Environment22
Social and Cultural Environment22
Other Important Environmental Aspects22
Problems and Opportunities22
Sources of Information for Completing the Environmental Questions Form23
Primary Research24
Chapter 3Step 3: Establishing Goals and Objectives26
Establishing Objectives26
The Concept of Competitive or Differential Advantage29
Chapter 4Step 4: Developing Marketing Strategy33
The Strategy Pyramid33
Strategic Marketing Management34
The Four-Cell Portfolio Matrix for Decision Making in SMM35
Product Life-Cycle Analysis38
The Introductory Stage39
Locating the Product in its Product Life Cycle41
Developing Strategies for the Products in Each Stage of the Product Life Cycle44
Alternative Strategies for the Marketing Plan46
New Market Penetration46
Market Share Expansion49
Chapter 5Step 5: Developing Marketing Tactics54
Manipulating the Controllable Variables54
Primary Internet Marketing Tactics60
World Wide Web61
Establishing a Web Site61
Marketing at the Web Site61
How to Market on the World Wide Web62
Using Banners62
Give Information Away63
Usenet Marketing63
E-mail Marketing63
Using E-mail for Publicity64
Manipulating Marketplace Environs64
Tactical Questions for the Marketing Plan65
Chapter 6Step 6: Forecasting for Your Marketing Plan72
The Difference Between Market Potential, Sales Potential, and Sales Forecast73
Finding Market Potential73
The Index Method of Calculating Market Potential74
Bottom-Up and Top-Down Sales Forecasting75
Executive Judgment75
Sales-Force Composite75
Trend Projections75
Industry Survey76
Regression Analyses76
Intention-to-Buy Survey77
Exponential Smoothing77
Leading Indicators77
Which Method to Use77
You Need More Information for Your Forecast78
The Project Development Schedule78
The Break-Even Analysis78
The Balance Sheet, Projected Profit and Loss Statement, and Cash-Flow Projections82
Chapter 7Step 7: Calculating Important Financial Ratios for Your Marketing Plan86
Measures of Liquidity86
The Current Ratio86
The Acid Test, or "Quick," Ratio87
Average Collection Period88
Inventory Turnover88
Profitability Measures90
Asset Earning Power90
Return on Owner's Equity90
Net Profit on Sales90
Investment Turnover91
Return on Investment (ROI)91
Sources of Ratio Analyses from All Industries91
Chapter 8Step 8: Presenting the Marketing Plan96
The Marketing Plan as a Product96
The Formal Presentation97
Preparing for Your Presentation98
Planning for Visual Aids99
The Practice Sequence101
The Importance of Controlling Your Time102
Questions and Answers and How to Prepare for Them103
Use of the Mental Visualization Technique104
The Keys to Success for Marketing Plan Presentations104
Chapter 9Step 9: Implementation107
Appendix ASample Marketing Plans109
A1Promoting Healthy Families111
A2Legal Beagle Specialty Coffee Shop139
A4MCM Powersports194
A5Birralee Primary School (Australia)223
A6Oakstream Homes258
A7Penbridge Corporation (Indonesia)
A8Naan Irrigation Systems (Brazil)
Appendix BSources of Secondary Research269
Appendix CExamples of Simple Research and A Marketing Research Checklist288
Appendix DHow to Lead a Team290
Appendix EThe Concept and Application of Marketing Strategy298
Appendix FUseful Worksheets for Marketing Planning303
Worksheet 1Potential Expenditure Summary304
Worksheet 2Inventory to Be Purchased305
Worksheet 3Employee Compensation Forecast306
Worksheet 4Tax Obligations Forecast307
Worksheet 5Determining Source of Funding to Use308
Worksheet 6Checklist for Business Insurance311
Worksheet 7Designing a Marketing Research Questionnaire316
Worksheet 8Appraising a Primary Research Study319
Worksheet 9Important Questions to Ask Before Developing a New Product320
Worksheet 10Screening Questions322
Worksheet 11Quick Go/No-Go Checklist324
Worksheet 12Selecting Products or Services From Many Opportunities325
Worksheet 13Things to Consider If New Product/Service Introduction Is Failing326
Worksheet 14Establishing Costs, Sales Volume, and Profits327
Worksheet 15Developing Profiles of Target Markets331
Worksheet 16Developing an Advertising and Publicity Budget333
Worksheet 17Sales Interview Objective Assessments334
Worksheet 18Determining Objectives and Resources for Trade Shows335
Worksheet 19Deciding on Which Trade Shows to Attend336
Worksheet 20Determining Size of Booth Requirements at a Trade Show337
Worksheet 21Checklist for Developing a Web Site338
Worksheet 22Checklist for Getting a Web Site Listed in a Top Position with Search Engines339
Worksheet 23Checklist for Promoting a Web Site340
Worksheet 24Checklist for Obtaining a Patent341
Worksheet 25Checklist for Obtaining a Copyright342
Worksheet 26Checklist for Obtaining a Trademark343
Worksheet 27Forecasting Labor Requirements344
Appendix GUseful Web Sites That Can Help You Develop A Marketing Plan345

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