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Mash Up Mix 2010

The Mash Up Mix 2010

Another Mash Up Mix from Ministry of Sound -- mixed by the Cut Up Boys -- this whirlwind two-disc set boasts the inclusion of over 100 tunes. Once again, the selections vault from style to style, often within the span of a couple minutes. Some of the most notable techno, trance, dance-pop, dubstep, and neo-electro singles of


Another Mash Up Mix from Ministry of Sound -- mixed by the Cut Up Boys -- this whirlwind two-disc set boasts the inclusion of over 100 tunes. Once again, the selections vault from style to style, often within the span of a couple minutes. Some of the most notable techno, trance, dance-pop, dubstep, and neo-electro singles of recent vintage are here, including Benny Benassi & the Biz's "Satisfaction," MJ Cole's "Sincere," Grum's "Heartbeats," Cosmin TRG's "Diskotek," and the Freestylers' "Bounce to This." Head-spinning juxtapositions, as usual, are the norm.

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Release Date:
Ministry Of Sound Uk


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mark Knight   Keyboards
Catherine Russell   Vocals
Deborah Cox   Vocals
Diane Charlemagne   Vocals
Amy Wilson   Viola
Dennis Ferrer   Keyboards,Vocals
Jonas Von Der Burg   Keyboards
MJ Cole   Keyboards
Axwell   Instrumental
Vivien Goldman   Vocals
Dean Marriott   Keyboards
Richard Adlam   Keyboards
Dominique Keegan   Vocals
Anoo Bhagavan   Background Vocals
Lara McAllen   Vocals
Therese   Vocals
JB Gaudray   Guitar
John Biancale   Vocals
Hal Ritson   Keyboards
Rob "Bobby Bone" Dowell   Trombone
Chandler Pereira   Vocals
Jeanette Von Der Burg   Background Vocals
Petra Marklund   Vocals
Danny Keane   Cello
Whiskey Pete   Vocals
Sam James   Vocals
Niclas Von Der Burg   Guitar
Elliot Gleave   Vocals
Wizard Sleeve   Vocals
Harry Byart   Vocals
Pearse Macintyre   Vocals
Alex Smith   Vocals
Pedro Calcano   Vocals
Shereetha Campbell   Vocals
Darrison   Vocals
Lutz Volcano   Guitar
Jennifer Petterson   Vocals
Jay Sebad   Vocals

Technical Credits

Michael Jackson   Composer
George Michael   Composer
Andrew Ridgeley   Composer
Leon Sylvers   Composer
Voyage   Composer
Bobby Ross Avila   Composer
Niko   Remixing,Additional Production
Ed Barton   Composer
James Bolden   Composer,Producer
Matt Coleman   Composer,Producer
Norman Cook   Composer
Crenshaw   Composer
Cutfather   Producer
Mike Dunn   Composer,Producer,Presentation
Trevor Horn   Executive Producer
Mark Knight   Producer
Jeff Porcaro   Composer
Lee Robinson   Composer,Producer
Matt Schwartz   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Soulshock   Producer,Instrumentation
Ashley Slater   Composer
Kasper Winding   Composer
Karlin   Producer,Instrumentation
A. Peters   Composer,Producer,Engineer
StoneBridge   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Alan Tew   Composer
Deborah Cox   Composer,Vocal Producer
Renato Carosone   Composer
Engine   Artwork
William McLean   Composer
Sam Salter   Composer,Vocal Producer
Dobre   Producer
Brent Newitt   Composer
Mark Quashie   Composer
Black Noise   Producer,Vocal Producer
Freestylers   Producer
Groove Armada   Producer
Laidback Luke   Composer,Producer
Tom Novy   Composer
Oliver Sabin   Composer,Producer
Mark Summers   Producer
Reggie Thompson   Producer
Louise Norby   Composer
Dave Wallace   Composer
Alex Cruz   Composer
Ian Masterson   Additional Production
Bossi   Producer
Sandy Rivera   Composer
Ed Solo   Composer,Producer
Jay Denes   Composer
James "Big Jim" Wright   Producer
Doug Laurent   Producer
Carsten Schack   Composer
Stretch Silvester   Composer
Jules Vern   Composer
Dennis Ferrer   Arranger,Composer,Producer,drum programming
Robert Uhlmann   Vocal Producer
Armin van Buuren   Producer
Jonas Von Der Burg   Composer,Programming,Producer
Alex Gaudino   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
A. Smith   Composer
MC Mario   Producer
Axwell   Composer,Producer,drum programming
Wideboys   Producer
L.E.D.   Producer
Alexander Perls   Composer
Tim Berg   Composer
Andry Nalin   Composer,Producer
Zodiac   Composer
DJ DeeKline   Producer
Azzido Da Bass   Composer,Producer
Danny Byrd   Composer,Producer
Harry Cane   Composer,Producer
D.J. Zki   Producer
Mr.   Composer
Michael Marshall   Composer
Andrea Kanta   Composer
Shondell Mims   Composer
Robin Twelftree   Composer
Piet Bervoets   Producer
Benno de Goeij   Composer,Producer
General Midi   Producer
Martin Solveig   Composer,Producer
Alex Montana   Producer
Ivan Gough   Composer
Adrian Misiewicz   Composer
Claus Ter Hoeven   Composer
Simon Kemper   Producer
Dean Marriott   Composer
Regi Penxten   Composer
Wout Van Dessel   Composer
John Dahlbäck   Composer,Producer
Richard Adlam   Programming,Producer
Reilly   Composer
Benny Benassi   Arranger,Producer,Presentation
Dipesh Parmar   Arranger
Anders Kallmark   Composer,Producer
Laurent Scimeca   Arranger,Producer
Sarah Jane Scott   Composer,Producer
David Guetta   Composer,Producer
Thomas Troelsen   Composer
Paul Crawley   Composer,Producer
Michael Cleveland   Composer
Frank Knebel   Composer
Laurence Nelson   Composer,Producer
Heikki Liimatainen   Composer
G. Olegavich   Composer
Anoo Bhagavan   Composer
Abigail Bailey   Composer
Sebastian Ingrosso   Composer,Producer
Sean Garrett   Composer
Steve Aoki   Composer,Producer
Avila Brothers   Producer
Scott Simons   Producer
Cato   Composer
Veikka Ercola   Composer
Reza Hemming   Composer,Producer
Hal Ritson   Programming,Producer
Grant Smillie   Composer,Producer
Therese Grankvist   Composer
Barber   Composer
Cuban Brothers   Producer
Nick Thayer   Producer
Nick Annand   Composer,Producer
Oscar Fullone   Composer,Producer
Thomas Gold   Producer
Relight Orchestra   Producer
Fedde Le Grand   Composer,Producer
Skream   Producer,Engineer
Dale Askew   Composer,Producer
Gabriel Olegavich   Producer
Nicole Tyler   Composer
Nic Chagall   Producer
Simon Paul   Producer
Domestika "Kaspa Winding"   Producer
D Ramirez   Producer
James Talk   Producer
Slyde   Producer
Jochen Miller   Producer
Sidney Samson   Composer,Producer
Nick Terranova   Producer
Carl Faure   Composer,Producer
Vulture   Producer
Mark Lanzetta   Producer
Phil Faversham   Programming,Additional Production
Duffy   Composer
Lola Olafisoye   Composer
Fearless   Producer
Raymond Oglesby   Composer
Ali Payami   Producer
Afrojack   Composer,Producer
Jason Rooney   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Ridney   Producer
Justin Bates   Engineer
Chriss Ortega   Composer,Producer
Alex Kenji   Remixing,Additional Production
Ingrid Simons   Composer
Rudy Sandapa   Composer
A. Benassi   Composer
Frederick Falke   Composer
Lazy Rich   Remixing,Additional Production
Coco Sumner   Composer
DJ Delano   Producer
Eva Simons   Composer,Producer
Grum   Composer,Producer
Wes Clarke   Programming
Frank Heinrich   Composer,Producer
Didrik Thott   Composer
C. Nicolae   Composer
Alain Quéme   Composer
James Q. Wright   Composer
Christopher Bridges   Composer
Adam Kershen   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Alex M.O.R.P.H.   Remixing,Additional Production
Klas B. Wahl   Composer
A. Skillz   Remixing,Additional Production
S. GAINES   Composer
Dee Roberts   Composer
Dave Lewin   Composer,Producer
Cut Up Boys   Liner Notes
S. Bossems   Composer
Niclas Von Der Burg   Composer
Carrington   Composer,Producer
Stevo Wilcken   Composer,Producer
Rick Thomson   Composer
Gordon Sumner   Composer
Nicola Salerno   Composer
O. Jones   Composer
K. Bailey   Composer
A. Harvey   Composer
D. Keyes   Composer
Kenneth Karlin   Composer
Stephane Malville   Arranger,Producer
Thomas Kent   Composer
Andreas Titus   Composer
Wez Clarke   Programming,Producer,drum programming,Additional Production
Erick Morillo   Composer
Elliot Gleave   Composer
Mich Hansen   Composer
Soha Radjpoust   Composer,Producer
Daniel Stein   Composer,Producer
Karen Poole   Composer
Oliver Smith   Composer,Producer
Issiah J. Avila   Composer
Charles Haddon   Composer
Avicii   Producer,Remixing
Tim Bergling   Producer
Joseph Hutchinson   Composer
Zuper Blahq   Producer
Harry Byart   Arranger,Composer
Edward Maya   Composer
Vika Jigulina   Composer
Stereo Touch   Producer
Alex Smith   Composer,Additional Production
Kieran Bailey   Composer
John Cullen   Composer
Pedro Calcano   Composer
Dick De Groot   Producer
Andrew Stanley   Composer
Vivienne Robinson   Composer
Crockett   Producer
Play & Win   Composer
Neal McCluskie   Producer
Del Barrio   Composer
Boris Daenen   Composer,Producer
Jasper Byrne   Composer,Producer
G. D'Albenzio   Composer
Duncan Maclennan   Composer
Cosmin   Producer,Engineer
Freejak   Producer
Fabiosa   Producer
F. Hulst   Composer
Niomi Arleen Daley   Composer
Thomas Trolsen   Producer
Ex-Presidents   Producer
Giuseppe D'Albenzio   Composer
Josefine Jinder   Producer
Matthew Handley   Composer
Mike Cleveland   Producer
Sylvester Stewart   Composer
Frederic Riesterer   Composer,Producer
Angello   Composer,Producer
Nicolaas Douwe Douwma   Producer
Umanageable Artists   Producer
Outhre Brothers   Producer
Rohan Walder   Composer,Producer
Robin Button   Composer
Roberto Eno   Producer
Philo Robinson   Composer,Producer
Karl Knight   Composer
Josfine Jinder   Composer
Jason Laidback   Composer
Johnny Najera   Composer
Jason Ronney   Producer
Ivan Gough Axwell   Producer
Francesco Toni   Producer
Eva Bianco   Producer
David Etherington   Composer
Björn Ytting   Composer,Producer
Björn Franken   Composer,Producer
Ash Poumouri   Executive Producer
Andrew Tweedale   Composer,Producer
Aimar   Composer,Producer
Y.A. Rivera Rios   Composer,Producer
Viviene Robinson   Producer
Nick Douwma   Composer,Producer
Engelina Larsen   Composer

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