The Matchmaker of the Century
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The Matchmaker of the Century

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by Hellen Chen

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"Contrary to popular belief, marriage is not about the ending nor the death of romance and love." - The Matchmaker of the Century

  • Do you believe that you can have a perfect marriage?
  • What kind of happiness do you want?
  • Who are you looking for to be your lifelong partner?
  • Whose


"Contrary to popular belief, marriage is not about the ending nor the death of romance and love." - The Matchmaker of the Century

  • Do you believe that you can have a perfect marriage?
  • What kind of happiness do you want?
  • Who are you looking for to be your lifelong partner?
  • Whose hand will you hold in your hand?

Despite advancement in technology and science, the subject of marriage and love seems to be as confusing as ever. News of affairs, divorces, separations fill up magazine and tabloids front pages. Families break apart and marriage becomes a 'disposable' item like the plastic utensils one throws away after use.

Hellen Chen's "The Matchmaker of the Century" takes on the subject of marriage in a tough modern world.

With the support of a loving husband, this lone matchmaker — unlike ordinary matchmakers — helps men and women who have given up on relationships, lost faith in marriages and resistive about love and brings them together on a fascinating journey of change.

You will learn about why dating actually comes AFTER marriage, not before.

Real-life stories of couples featured in the book were made into a full length documentary "Let's Fall in Love" by an award-winning director. This popular documentary was shown in international film festivals around the world and garnered critical reviews.

A note from the author:

Dear Friends,

I have always dreamed about having a perfect marriage.

This search took me through many disappointments and hardships and finally, about 20 years ago, I met my current husband and since then, I realized that a perfect marriage is obtainable! It is obtainable by just you being willing to learn how to make a 'perfect marriage' happen.

That is why I wrote this book 'The Matchmaker of the Century' to teach men and women that true love is closer to you than you think!

I would like those who have at one point have a dream of a wonderful relationship make that dream come true.

This book is filled with real stories of how ordinary men and women overcome adversities in their relationship to make it through. Some has to go through a divorce to then learn the right lessons. Some has to experience fear, hate and anger before they realized that they could break through.

There is such a thing as true love. I know that because as a matchmaker, I have helped men and women who had disregarded the existence of love to decide then to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

But you have to know how to find love and most importantly, how to create it with your partner.
Hope this book will transform you - the way it has transformed many!

I wish you well on this journey of life-long transformation!

Hellen Chen
Matchmaker of the Century


Readers' Feedback

I am enjoying Hellen's book immensely. Lots of people have written lots of words on this subject. What sets this book apart is the fact that what Hellen lays out here is not just theory, but hard won practical and usable truths about marriage. She communicates what she has found with a lot of certainty and also with a lot of compassion for the things that people need to overcome in order to create a happy marriage. She disabuses people of defeatist ideas that have caused them to abandon the idea of even trying to create a happy marriage. And for those who have a happy marriage, she shows how that can be even better.

Hellen's fearless attitude and optimism concerning the ability of people to create happy marriages encourages them to overcome their own fears and past losses, and puts them on a path to a much happier life than the one they would have had as a single person.

Hellen's book is very valuable and well-worth the read.

Trey Lotz

I was surprised that I'd find this book as interesting as I did. I actually read it through the first day I got it. I found it fascinating with its positive view on marriage and relationships. Seeing relationships from a viewpoint of Chinese culture made it even more interesting, yet the truth of the human condition was universal. I got some great insights into my fixed views past and present that were blocking my true expression of what I wanted in a relationship. I realized, even at my age, romance and a soul mate on same goal lines would be a lovely experience. So, many of the stories with their all too familiar human emotions were enlightening.

Do read it.. Enjoy,



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Meet the Author

Hellen Chen is one of the most phenomenal speaker, author and life consultant in the world today.

As an expert in relationships, she has been invited to give her advice on marriages and management of relationships on numerous TV, radio, magazine and newspapers interviews across countries like USA, Taiwan, China, Singapore, India, Japan etc.

As a consultant in management, leadership and human relations, she has also been invited to lecture all over US and Asia helping tens of thousands people obtained simple and workable solutions to otherwise complex life problems.

When the audience of her lectures were asked about the type of topics which they would like to hear Hellen address in future seminars, the most common response was, "Regardless of any topics Hellen would like to talk about, I would come back and attend her seminar again!"

"So as you can see, it is hard not to talk about this subject of love and relationship in any corner of the world, no matter who is the audience." smiled Hellen.

And not only did she lecture all around the globe, she started writing books to satisfy the questions that people have about relationships and about being successful in life.

As of now, Hellen wrote 19 books on love, marriages, divorces, extra-marital affairs, how to overcome failures in life, how to create the life one wants, parenting, how to love your parents, how to be successful in the workplace whether as an employee or as a boss and everyday issues that concern the average Joe to the top professionals.

Is that ALL the books that she will write?

Hellen laughs, "I am already working on my 20th book!"

As a matchmaker, Hellen has worked often with men and women who had lost faith in relationships, and resistive about marriages and some of them had simply given up or divorced once too many times.

This is different than other matchmakers who usually work with willing men and women.

Her stories of transformation of these men and women are so miraculous that it caught the attention of an award-winning director in Taiwan.

Subsequently, the real-life stories of how she helped the couples to transform were made into a full length documentary, starring the matchmaker herself in 'live action.' This documentary "Let's Fall in Love" garnered critical reviews all around the world in major international film festivals.

Hellen met her prince charming more than 20 years ago and have been happily married since then.

Her tireless work in counseling men and women all around the world, and her miraculous work in transforming men and women, making their dreams of a happy lasting marriage come true, has rightly earned her the title of 'Matchmaker of the Century.'

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The Matchmaker of the Century 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Nicolaos_S More than 1 year ago
I have seen this author interviewed on fox and liked her views on why staring a marriage earlier is better than later. I understand even more after reading her book. I recommend this book to all the guys who are searching for a perfect gal. Maybe the gal is right in front of you and you have missed it! 
Lisa_Foolson More than 1 year ago
Found this book so helpful. Would recommend it to all of my friends. 
MarcyFreamon More than 1 year ago
I have thought that I needed to work hard to find "the right match" in order to have a marriage that lasts. After reading the real stories in the Matchmaker of the Century, I know that thinking of having to have a perfect match is what kept me from missing out on so many opportunities to settle down with someone.
SteveSmith More than 1 year ago
After reading this book, I proposed to my girlfriend. Result: I am getting married!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After the failure of two marriages, I have pretty much given up on settling down with someone. However, this book gives me a different look at marriage. For the first time, I now understand why my last two marriages failed. Just for that alone, I wish to thank the author for sharing her advice. It is definitely a worthwhile read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago