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The Menominee

The Menominee

by Sarah De Capua

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Patrick Hunter
This is the best book that I have seen thus far in the "First Americans" Series. De Capua has managed to create a robust portrait of this northern Wisconsin tribe. Introducing us to the Menominee tribe with an overview in the first chapter, we learn from the text that the Menominee were a successful tribe during the years that other tribes were suffering from encounters with European settlers, first, by setting up a lucrative fur trade and then, creating a highly successful forestry industry. Focusing on their way of life and beliefs, the book gives details about clan structure: specifics about beliefs in good spirits who lived in four levels above the earth and evil spirits who lived in the four levels below the earth, including the Horned Hairy Serpent who lives in rivers and tries to tip boats over and drag people to the underworld. Side panels provide two excellent biographies of prominent Menominee leaders: Chief Oshkosh from the Menominee past and Ada Deer from the Menominee present. Though the Menominee did suffer due to changes in government policy during the mid-twentieth century, they were able to channel their anger into reversing some of the policy decisions that had stripped them of their independence and provided them with success. Currently, their reservation which is located near to their homeland, a source of pride for the Menominee, contains a sawmill, which provides them with financial stability, the College of Menominee Nation, which provides them with higher education, and tribal headquarters, which provides them with self governance. Photos and art help to supply the text with further glimpses into Menominee life such as a reconstructed Menominee wigwam, a photo of a Menominee burial platform, and photos of both Oskosh and Ada Deer. The appendix contains further reading sources and a list of Menominee websites for further exploration. This is a great book that provides enough information without overwhelming the reader with too many nitty-gritty details. The Menominee will definitely add something unique to your library or class curriculum. You cannot go wrong with this reading source. Reviewer: Patrick Hunter

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Cavendish, Marshall Corporation
Publication date:
First Americans 5 Series
Product dimensions:
8.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
7 - 9 Years

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