Midnight Fire Alarm

Midnight Fire Alarm

by The Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra

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Origin Jazz


  1. Midnight Fire Alarm  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  2. Pine Apple Rag  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  3. Iola  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  4. Rose Room  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  5. Pickles and Peppers  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  6. The Chrysanthemum  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  7. Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  8. Fun On the Levee  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  9. Alexander's Ragtime Band  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  10. High Society  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  11. If You Love Me Darling, Tell Me With Your Eyes  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  12. Elite Syncopations  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  13. The Red Rose Rag  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  14. Bink's Waltz  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  15. Dixie Blossoms  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  16. Red Wing  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  17. Spirit of Independence  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra
  18. Spirit of Independence  -  Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra   Primary Artist
Laura Halladay   Flute,Piano,Piccolo
Cary Ginell   Flute,Piccolo
Irene Silbert   Violin,Vocals
Faith Newell   Trumpet,Cornet
Ed Hirsch   Trombone
Cory Edelman   Piano
Ken Dickey   Tuba
Mary Ann Marx   Violin
Sandy Harr   Percussion,Drums
Valerie Wong   Cello
Ron Rothman   Clarinet
Holly O'Hair   Vocals
Steve Perren   Vocals

Technical Credits

Robert Schumann   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
Scott Joplin   Composer
Charles L. Johnson   Composer
Art Hickman   Composer
Cary Ginell   Director,Liner Notes
Edward Madden   Composer
Junie McCree   Composer
Joe Snyder   Composer
Porter Steele   Composer
Adaline Shepherd   Composer
Albert Von Tilzer   Composer
Percy Wenrich   Composer
Thurland Chattaway   Composer
Abe Holzmann   Composer
Harry J. Lincoln   Composer
Harry H. Williams   Composer
Hubbard Smith   Composer
James O'Dea   Composer
Dan Peyton   Engineer
Cory Edelman   Engineer
Lester Rich   Engineer
Samuel Minturn Peck   Composer

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