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The Mike Schmidt Study: Hitting Theory, Skills and Technique

The Mike Schmidt Study: Hitting Theory, Skills and Technique

by Mike Schmidt, Rob Ellis, Louise Bauer (Illustrator), Paul Chaney (Illustrator)

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Wes Lukowsky
Former Philadelphia Phillie third baseman Mike Schmidt's Hall of Fame career was fueled by an unshakable work ethic and an intelligence that allowed him to sift through numerous hitting theories and choose the elements that best complemented his physical abilities. This book is the result of more than 20 years of study and application on Schmidt's part. It is designed to assist little-league coaches with the difficult task of teaching young players how to hit. Schmidt combines elements of three major systems into one: the early weight-shift system (think of films of Ty Cobb); the Charlie Lau weight shift; and the Ted Williams rotation. The analogy Schmidt uses to differentiate between the shift and rotation systems is the difference between a shot-putter and a javelin thrower. The javelin thrower generates force via running and a final thrust (weight shift); the shot-putter requires a torquing movement (rotation) in a small space. Through text, photos, and line drawings, Schmidt explores the mental aspects of hitting, situational hitting, the strike zone, hand action, and how to recognize ball rotation, among other elements. This is an excellent text for hitters--young or old--and their coaches.

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