The Missing Test Mystery-Walker High Mystery

The Missing Test Mystery-Walker High Mystery

by Eleanor Robins

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VOYA - Jonatha Masters
In The Missing Test Mystery, Carl must pass Mrs. Scott's history test in order to play in the big football game. Carl insists he gave Mrs. Scott the test, but she cannot find it. Did Carl steal the test in order to play in the game? In Secret Admirer, Paige does not have a date for the school dance. She hopes that either Steve or Tim will ask her out-that is, until she finds a note in her science book from her secret admirer. And finally, in Where is Mr. Zane?, students at Walker High are very concerned when Mr. Zane does not show up for test day. It is not like him to miss something like that. The students decide to take matters into their own hands. Teachers often have the daunting task of finding suitable reading material for students of all levels of ability. Many students with below-average reading skills are often embarrassed or frustrated when it comes to English or reading classes. Robins attempts to help these students by creating the Walker High Mystery series. These books are extremely basic. Character development is kept at a minimum so that students can focus on other elements, such as word usage and comprehension. Students will not feel overwhelmed with these books because they are short and the climax occurs quickly. Each book is accompanied by a teacher resource guide, which provides worksheets on vocabulary, comprehension, cause and effect, and reflective questioning. Other worksheets ask students to create character webs and summary charts. These activities will help strengthen reading skills in students who are struggling with comprehension and ability. This series could be best used by special education, resource, and ELL teachers. The stories are basic enough thatthey could be read individually, and then teacher support could occur before, during, or after the initial reading. School libraries should probably not purchase these books unless they will be used specifically for students with below-average reading skills. It would be more practical for individual departments to make the purchase if they plan on using the series as a resource.

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Saddleback Educational Publishing
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Walker High Mysteries
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High-Interest Readers
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4.10(w) x 6.80(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
13 - 17 Years

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