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The Modified (The Biotics Trilogy, #1)

The Modified (The Biotics Trilogy, #1)

4.7 9
by C.A. Kunz, Nathan Szerdy (Illustrator)

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What would you sacrifice to save the one's you love? To save the one who holds your heart? To save the world?

Kenley Grayson is all too familiar with these questions.

After Earth is thrust into its first intergalactic war with an unknown race called the Bringers, our military forces begin to suffer heavy losses. Desperate for a solution, the Allied Federation


What would you sacrifice to save the one's you love? To save the one who holds your heart? To save the world?

Kenley Grayson is all too familiar with these questions.

After Earth is thrust into its first intergalactic war with an unknown race called the Bringers, our military forces begin to suffer heavy losses. Desperate for a solution, the Allied Federation issues a worldwide draft for every able seventeen year old to enlist. As Kenley turns seventeen, she finds herself thrown into the very war that took her older brother's life.

This year's draft is a little different than in the past though. A new program, known as the Magnus Project, has been introduced, and only the best and brightest qualify. Kenley is amongst a select few whom are chosen to join this elite group of soldiers, and as a part of this project, undergoes a modification procedure that leaves her and her peers endowed with powers beyond their wildest dreams.

As Earth continues in its struggle against the Bringers, Kenley is transported to a high-tech training facility, the Magnus Academy, to prepare for the major battle that lies ahead. It's here that she meets the California heartthrob, and son of a legendary war hero, Landon Shaw. As unexpected feelings toward Landon begin to develop, Kenley wonders if this is the right time or place for romance to bloom, especially when those feelings start to interfere with her training.

With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Kenley is constantly reminded of how important she and the rest of the Magnus cadets are to the fate of humanity. She is one of the Modified, Earth's last line of defense against utter destruction.

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Meet the Author

Carol and Adam Kunz make up the mom and son author duo, C.A. Kunz. They thoroughly enjoy writing about things that go bump in the night and action-packed dystopian romances while drinking massive amounts of English breakfast tea and Starbucks coffee. This author pair currently reside forty-five minutes away from each other in the sunny state of Florida.

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The Modified (The Biotics Trilogy, #1) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
SherryF More than 1 year ago
Earth is in a war with aliens – the Bringers – and they are losing. To change that, the Magnus Project was created. Kenley and Joey were chosen. Kenley’s father explained it to them this way, “Super soldiers. Basically, you’ll receive a series of implants that I’ve developed which will modify your biological composition leaving you with enhanced abilities. You’ll be changed forever.” Can you imagine your own father asking you to do such a thing? A small band of Magnus Academy trainees will help Kenley lead the fight. She will also have her faithful companion, an android named Galileo, that will stop at nothing to protect her. I feel there is something very special about him and am curious to find out if I am right. Kenley has an attraction to the war hero, Landon Shaw, but feels now is not the time to be starting a romance. I enjoyed The Modified. It lays the groundwork for the trilogy and I feel it will really take off in Book II. I am looking forward to traveling the galaxy with Kenley’s band of soldiers as they strive to save Earth from those determined to destroy it. I won this signed paperback in a giveaway by C A Kunz.
CJ_Naples More than 1 year ago
I had the pleasure of getting to know Carol and Adam Kunz at the RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City in early May. When the huge box of books that I received at the convention arrived at my house, I knew the first one I wanted to pick up was The Modified, in part because I wanted to read my friends' book, but even more so because I was intrigued by the dystopian storyline. Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed! The Modified does a great job of weaving a plausible-enough-to-be-freaky dystopian world with a sweet YA romance. Kenley is a strong female protagonist and Landon is the perfect boyfriend for her. The relationship that intrigues me most, however, is that between Kenley and Galileo, her artificial intelligence friend. I can't wait to see how his character develops in the rest of the series. I have a few ideas of where it may go...I just wonder if I'm on the right track. I'm also very curious about Caleb. I think there's more to him than meets the shockingly blue eye... Looking forward to reading Adam's first solo release next...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book and would reccommend it to anyone that enjoys a littble bit of action and romance! The plot is unlike any other book that I have read. There was surprising turns in this book, really it is a great book and I hope to see a series or trilogy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait for the next one!
IngaKS More than 1 year ago
My review: When CA Kunz first published The Childe series, I was surprised and The Modified is a brilliant start for the new The Biotics series! The Modified is well-written, the dystopian settings are uniquely combined with science fiction and romance. The Modified is a page-turner and it captures your attention from the very first page. Plot: Meet Kenley, a seventeen years old elite soldier joining the Magnus Academy and preparing for the fight with the Bringers. The Bringers is unknown alien race which has been trying to take over Earth. At the Magnus Academy Kenley meets Landon who is the son of a legendary hero. When Kenley and Landon are seeing each other, sparks are flying! Their relationship is challenged by the surrounding circumstances. Kenley knows how important her training is for her and so does Landon. But neither of them can hide their feelings for each other. I think the world CA Kunz created was unique. I truly enjoyed the dystopian world and especially that the world was threatened by the alien race. I am not usually very big fan of science fiction, but it was fascinating. The training facility and the idea of modification of people was engrossing. Characters: The authors did again a wonderful work with characters. Both the main characters and the supportive characters were strong, interesting and with lot of different stories to tell. They were colorful and vivid. The dialogue had an important role to play and it was sparkling! The dialogues between the characters was flowing naturally, it was fun to read and very entertaining. Kenley and Landon and their growing relationship was my favorite part of the story. Kenley was fun to read, she was strong, stubborn and a real kick-butt heroine. Landon was adorable! You can't help but like him. He is one of the most adorable young adult male protagonists what I have read so far. He is a guy who would be very easy to fall for. Generally: If you want to read a new series which will spell you and keep you hostage and not letting you go, this is a book for you!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JLynnMc More than 1 year ago
That was amazing!!! The perfect combination of dystopian and sci-fi, with a smoldering romance thrown in. I was intrigued from the very beginning! These young people being forced to fight as soldiers in a war to save the planet, but then they are Modified; turned into super-soldiers with fascinating new powers! I loved the training they went through and the relationships they built along the way! Kenley is so brave and wonderful; she is able to use her anger at the enemy to make her a better soldier. And Landon is absolutely swoon-worthy from the very moment he comes into the story, but he's also a bad-ass fighter when he needs to be! Once again C.A. Kunz has me completely hooked! I cannot wait to see what happens next in this series!