Monkees 50

The Monkees 50

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by The Monkees

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Disc 1

  1. (Theme From) The Monkees
  2. Last Train to Clarksville
  3. Take a Giant Step
  4. Papa Gene's Blues
  5. I'm a Believer
  6. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
  7. She
  8. A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You
  9. The Girl I Knew Somewhere
  10. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
  11. Mary, Mary
  12. Sometime in the Morning
  13. Randy Scouse Git
  14. You Told Me
  15. Shades of Gray
  16. For Pete's Sake (Closing Theme)

Disc 2

  1. Pleasant Valley Sunday
  2. Cuddly Toy
  3. Words
  4. Love Is Only Sleeping
  5. Daydream Believer
  6. Goin' Down
  7. Valleri
  8. Tapioca Tundra
  9. P.O. Box 9847
  10. Auntie's Municipal Court
  11. D.W. Washburn
  12. It's Nice to Be With You
  13. Porpoise Song
  14. As We Go Along
  15. Circle Sky

Disc 3

  1. Tear Drop City
  2. A Man Without A Dream
  3. You And I
  4. Listen To The Band
  5. Someday Man
  6. Good Clean Fun
  7. Mommy And Daddy
  8. French Song
  9. Oh My My
  10. I Love You Better
  11. That Was Then, This Is Now
  12. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere: By Mickey Dolenz & Peter Tork
  13. Heart And Soul
  14. MGBGT
  15. Every Step Of The Way
  16. You And I
  17. Regional Girl
  18. You Bring the Summer
  19. She Makes Me Laugh

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Monkees   Primary Artist
Buddy Spicher   Fiddle
Ray Kelley   Cello
Bill Martin   Percussion
Neil Diamond   Acoustic Guitar
Michael Nesmith   Guitar,Percussion,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Leon Russell   Keyboards
Bob Cooper   Oboe
Matt Harris   Background Vocals
Plas Johnson   Saxophone
Jimmy Rowles   Piano
Tim Weisberg   Flute
Stan Free   Clavinet
Keith Allison   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Davy Jones   Organ,Guitar,Percussion,Maracas,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals
Louie Shelton   Guitar
Laurence Juber   Electric Guitar
Micky Dolenz   Drums,Vocals,Background Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Jim Gordon   Percussion
Michael Cohen   Keyboards
Larry Taylor   Bass
Hal Blaine   Percussion,Drums
Max Bennett   Bass
Tommy Boyce   Acoustic Guitar
Harold Bradley   Guitar
Bud Brisbois   Trumpet
Denny Bruce   Percussion
Artie Butler   Organ
Jerry Carrigan   Drums
Bill Chadwick   Acoustic Guitar
Mark Christian   Guitar
Mark Clarke   Bass
Gary Coleman   Percussion
Jim Cox   Piano
Rick Dey   Bass
Henry Diltz   Banjo
Chip Douglas   Bass,Guitar,Background Vocals
Michael Egizi   Keyboards
Wayne Erwin   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Gene Estes   Percussion,Tambourine,Mallets
Bobby Hart   Organ,Background Vocals
Bill Hood   Saxophone
Jim Horn   Saxophone
Jack Keller   Piano
Larry Knechtel   Keyboards
Paul Leim   Drums
John London   Bass,Tambourine
John Lowe   Bass Saxophone
Edgar Lustgarten   Cello
Don McGinnis   Brass
Mike Melvoin   Keyboards
Jay Migliori   Saxophone
Wayne Moss   Guitar
Kevin Osborne   Trombone
Earl Palmer   Percussion,Drums
Dean Parks   Bass
Jack Pepper   Violin
Bill Pitman   Bass
John Raines   Percussion
Buddy Salzman   Drums
Billy Sanford   Guitar
Curly Smith   Drums
Bobby Thompson   Banjo
Russ Titelman   Conductor,Cymbals
Peter Tork   Organ,Banjo,Bass,Guitar,Piano,Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals
Jerry Yester   Bass
Brian Young   Percussion,Drums
Eddie Zyne   Drums
Vincent DeRosa   French Horn
Tom Cerone   Tambourine
Gerry McGee   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Bobby Helfer   Trumpet
Mike Viola   Guitar
Pete Min   Guitar
Jim Decker   French Horn
Jody Porter   Guitar
David Briggs   Piano
Joe Osborne   Bass
James Decker   French Horn
Billy Lewis   Drums
Michael Rubini   Organ,Piano
Craig Ostbo   Percussion
Eddie Hoh   Percussion,Drums
Dick Nash   Trombone
David Jones   Vocals,Background Vocals
Mike Ney   Percussion,Drums

Technical Credits

John Stewart   Composer
Neil Diamond   Composer
Ian Hunter   Composer
Carole King   Composer,Producer
Monkees   Producer
Michael Nesmith   Composer,Producer
Harry Nilsson   Composer
Bill Holman   Arranger
Keith Allison   Composer
Gerry Goffin   Composer,Producer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Barry Mann   Composer
Davy Jones   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Andy Kim   Composer
Shorty Rogers   Arranger
Micky Dolenz   Composer
Simon Byrne   Composer
Jeff Barry   Composer,Producer
Roger Bechirian   Producer
Tommy Boyce   Composer,Producer
Bob Bullock   Engineer
Bill Chadwick   Composer,Producer
Hank Cicalo   Engineer
Mark Clarke   Composer
Chip Douglas   Producer,Engineer
Michael Egizi   Programming
Jerry Goldstein   Composer
Scott Gordon   Engineer
Bobby Hart   Composer,Producer
David Hassinger   Engineer
Chris Hinshaw   Engineer
Bones Howe   Producer,Engineer
Andrew Howell   Composer
Jack Keller   Producer
Henry Lewy   Engineer
Michael Lloyd   Producer
Don McGinnis   Arranger
Jay Messina   Engineer
Mike Moran   Engineer
Pachucki   Engineer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Peter Tork   Composer
Cynthia Weil   Composer
Paul Williams   Composer
Rivers Cuomo   Composer
Adam Schlesinger   Producer,Engineer
Vance Brescia   Composer
Robert Salcedo   Engineer
Pete Min   Engineer
Joseph Richards   Composer
Toni Stern   Composer
Dick Eastman   Composer
Roger Nichols   Composer
Mike McDonald   Engineer
Jonathan Lane   Art Direction
Cliff Kane   Engineer
Dave Hassinger   Engineer
Andy Partidge   Composer
David Jones   Producer

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