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The More We Get Together

The More We Get Together

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by Robert Mcdowell
THE MORE WE GET TOGETHER is a blueprint for communication, whether we're looking to speak more gently to our friends, more compassionately to our coworkers, or more romantically to our lovers, the writing and speaking goals we learn throughout this book bring us closer, more in tune with our fellow travelers in a complicated world. Just as Robert McDowell's POETRY AS


THE MORE WE GET TOGETHER is a blueprint for communication, whether we're looking to speak more gently to our friends, more compassionately to our coworkers, or more romantically to our lovers, the writing and speaking goals we learn throughout this book bring us closer, more in tune with our fellow travelers in a complicated world. Just as Robert McDowell's POETRY AS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE has become a beloved inspirational companion, THE MORE WE GET TOGETHER offers an original practice of poetry, journaling, and storytelling that makes all of the connections between sex, language, love, and spirituality. By discovering our own unique stories through each other, spiritual practice, and the heroic act of writing, we can take our relationships and the work we do to new levels of evolved and healing consciousness.

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The More We Get Together: The Sexual & Spiritual Language of Love 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
mbwCA More than 1 year ago
Robert McDowell's latest book, "The More We Get Together: The Sexual and Spiritual Language of Love," is everything I hoped it would be when I saw the title. It isn't often that that such wisdom comes to us in so many beautiful stories, poems, and true life examples. Anyone who has loved another can find the familiar here, yet McDowell has a gift for finding depths of meaning in the familiar and opening new perspectives through which we can view what we always thought we knew. The author's forthright and honest descriptions of his own feelings... and sometimes failures... in close relationships sparked my own thoughts and memories. As I read, I felt as if I was speaking with a trusted friend late at night. Poetry has always seemed to me to be the natural language of love, and sprinkled through the clear and often lyrical prose, McDowell treats the reader to pieces by some of the world's finest poets, including McDowell himself. It was an added treat to read again some old friends, and to discover several new favorites, such as William Stafford's "You Reading This, Be Ready." Always, the poems fit naturally and added to the conversation. At the end of each chapter, McDowell has included exercises that readers can use to go deeper into the subject at hand. You don't have to do the exercises, but it will be so much more fun if you do.
JoanaUkali More than 1 year ago
"The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you" Rumi This quote from Rumi dropped me into my heart space, as I began the introduction to Robert's latest book.The introduction alone reminded me of the poetry,movies,stories and people who allow me to keep loving,no matter what. Robert's sincerity of his own learning's reminded me of how we are all so "human" in our attempts to experience the divine in oneself and another. For me, this book was not only about the relationship with another. As is often true,it is about the connecting to our most sincere self,bringing out the capability to then love another deeply. The Other maybe be another person,the Divine or many others.Most of all it is about loving deeply. Robert quotes, Dante Alighieri,"d'el riso del universo"- "joy that spins the universe" I read this and my heart response was,"yes!" My experience of this book was a reminder to love deeply, while listening to the music inside of me, to dance with life and with those I encounter. For my special Other, I will know our essence is love and surrender with joy! Joana Ukali Poet,Social Artist
PoetaNYC More than 1 year ago
Robert McDowell's latest book will delight anyone on a quest to achieve a deeper relationship--not just with a partner but also with oneself. As a poet, it's natural that he would focus on, arguably, this deepest and purest form of human communication as a means to understanding "The Other." What I loved about The More We Get Together was how McDowell interjects the unexpected--from writing exercises for lovers to practice together to excerpts from Ovid's erotic poems for his beloved Corinna, and whole poems by Yeats, Byron and Frost. The author writes with touching candor about his past, unsuccessful relationships, understanding now that the spiritual bridge to another's heart is through language and its opposite, active and empathic listening, combined with the need to live fully in the moment. A deep longing for union with others suffuses this book, which covers a lot of territory, including platonic friendship, courtship, long marriage and even relationships in the workplace. This wise work is a true original: a poetry how-to book about life itself.
PoetLady More than 1 year ago
Robert McDowell's book is a rich, loving book written from a place of deep feeling for, and understanding of, the intimacies of life: the intimacy between beloveds, the intimacy with oneself, intimacy with God. McDowell's writing style cajoles, humors, challenges, and inspires the reader to 'think again' about the power we all have within us for story-telling, about the ways in which language-the words we speak-can and do affect the quality of our interactions with each other. To the extent we realize and tap into our storyteller nature, and become deeply aware of the choices we make in the words we use with each other, to that extent we are more likely to experience the joy of true sharing and intimacy. I loved the easy, personal approach Robert took in each chapter of this book: I could hear his voice coming through as if he were sitting next to me. Along the way, he cites classical mythology and literature and shares his own poems as well. He ends each chapter with a variety of suggestions for writing, and many of those ideas consist of shared writing interactions between lovers, a unique approach to writing as discovery. I found The More We Get Together a beautiful summons-an invitation-to explore the possibility that each of us has a deep core of emotion ready for comforting release through learning how to 'story' with each other--how to become the poet we're all born to be.
SteveFondiller More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed a "Poetry as Spiritual Practice" workshop with the author, so I was very curious to read this book. This book has much to offer, especially to men who are over 40 and in a relationship, and want to be a better listener in their relationships and a more appreciative partner. Most of the book's exercises serve two purposes: 1) for you to improve yourself as a lover or life partner, and 2) for you to develop your poetic imagination and skills. One nifty exercise is fun ways to flirt. This book uses a variety of poems to illuminate its theme: "The minute I heard my first love story / I started looking for you...." (quoting Rumi). The writing isoften autobiographical and the author makes accessible his experiences of love, grief and personal transformation. Some may find, as I did, that the writing idealizes women / the feminine divine in an off-putting way, but see for yourself. Poet Robert McDowell uses his expertise as a teacher for writers to offer a book that could enrich your life in many ways. --Steve Fondiller, M.Div., M.L.S., former reviewer of religion and psychology titles for Library Journal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Walk away from the TV! You won't be sorry. This book will offer some sage advice and guide you through a few exercises that will open your mind and give you insight into your relationships and yourself as well. I highly recommend it - it's a great read.
valstar More than 1 year ago
"The More We Get Together" is a delightful, and insightful journey to better communication. Author and Mentor, Robert McDowell provides thought-provoking and challenging exercises throughout his book that guide and encourage. Mr. McDowell engages his readers on a personal level and teaches how to connect more effectively, more dynamically, with the Others in our lives.
Randy-Dolan More than 1 year ago
In this book, Robert McDowell eloquently articulates Intimacy in a wondrous way. He inspires a contemplative view about what it really means to "get together". Through his openness and candor he reveals the value, nature and healing of open-hearted communications; where courage and vulnerability are the hallmark of connection. He highlights the timelessness of loving union and finds support in a diverse spectrum of wisdom, from Rumi to Abraham Lincoln to Caroline Myss. Robert's stories and understanding of human nature, will help men and women to realize more fully the dynamics that promote intimacy and those that don't. This book demonstrates the value of being present and listening; by life stories. The read itself is intimate and I applaud Robert's leadership by example in being vulnerable. It facilitates awareness and connection with writing play; where the reader is invited to explore their inner frontiers of being, with themselves, their loved ones and co-workers. When we presence the depth of ourselves, share it, and are held by our partner; a mysterious healing may occur. "The More We Get Together" not only brings this to the surface, but can be used by partners to launch their relationship into the sacred.
GenaL More than 1 year ago
This beautifully written book has the power to transform your life into a sensitive, sensual feast. With its words, activities, tools and exercises written and created with heart, Robert gently escorts us back to our essence, in a similar way that Rumi could with his poems, where we flow into, from and with life around us, where we actually become that life, really become it. Do you see the positive effect that such a relationship with oneself could have on relationships with others? Gandhi told us to be the change we want to see in the world, and Robert shows us how in this eloquently and intimately written book. Incredibly powerful, highly recommended, a great gift for self and others.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago