Most Beautiful Place in the World: Impressions of Ten Master Photographers

Most Beautiful Place in the World: Impressions of Ten Master Photographers

by Jay Maisel

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This handsome effort displays intimate views of the world, with results that exceed expectations; technique and vista vary with each showcased photographer, revealing the essence of location portraiture and individual philosophy. More than a picturesque travelogue, this collection broaches the dilemma of photographic imagery vs. reality as interpreted by the ``inspired eye.'' Precise graphics open each section; photo commentary enhances appreciation of each artist's unique perspective. Dramatically successful, Hiroji Kubota's Quelin images convey a magical Chinese kingdom of mesmerizing mists, mountains and men. Aerial topography of Idaho farmland by Georg Gerster displays the cultivator's manipulation of the earth, in abstract, repetitive forms. Showing Morocco as patterns of human limbs, Harry Gruyart violates local taboos against graven images by his obsession with photographic possession. In contrast, Burt Glinn celebrates with dignity the artists of New Guinea as they fulfill ancient rites. Kazuyoshi Nomachi's intense eyes and sensuous Sahara punctuated with hot color, Ernest Haas's Venetian mosaics and the rest of the offerings present a spectacular selection of thought-provoking scenes, challenged by the vision of each photographer, refined and shaped by Maisel's editorial sequencing, superbly designed and lavishly produced. (October 1)

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