Music of Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2

Music of Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2

by Carl Davis

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Carl Davis Collect

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  1. Upstairs Downstairs Theme
  2. My Perfect Sister
  3. 165 Eaton Place
  4. Lady Persephone
  5. The Chauffeur & the Parlour Maid
  6. A Prelude to a Fight
  7. Fish & Chips
  8. The Butler & the Cook
  9. Romancing the Butler
  10. Masters & Servants Ball
  11. Hung-over
  12. Lady Agnes
  13. Nylon Stockings
  14. An American in London
  15. We Rumba'd 'til Dawn
  16. Butterlips
  17. O Ladybird
  18. Johnny the Footman
  19. Sweatshop
  20. Health & Beauty March
  21. A Foggy Night
  22. Grubby
  23. Girls Friendly Society
  24. Agnes' Breakdown
  25. Lord Hallam
  26. Going to War
  27. Belgravia Nights
  28. Lotte
  29. Blues for Benny
  30. The Golden Blaze
  31. Exit Time
  32. The Kindertransport (I Vow to Thee My Country)

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Carl Davis   Primary Artist,Conductor
Dave Bishop   Woodwind
Rebecca Gilliver   Cello
Skaila Kanga   Harp
Chris Laurence   Double Bass
Ralph Salmins   Drums
Jamie Talbot   Woodwind
Sam Walton   Percussion
Paul Watkins   Cello
Helen Tunstall   Harp
Andy Vinter   Piano
Adrian Bradbury   Cello
Richard George   Violin
Howard McGill   Woodwind
Dave Lee   Horn
Mike Lovatt   Trumpet
Pieter Schoeman   Violin
Simon Blendis   Violin
Adam Goldsmith   Guitar
Duncan Riddell   Violin
David Cohen   Cello
Joby Burgess   Percussion
Mike Smith   Drums
Tom Roff   Cello
Nick Moss   Woodwind
Gareth Griffiths   Violin
Clare McInerney   Woodwind
Lewis Osborne   Guitar
Ben Buckton   Violin

Technical Credits

Graham Warren   Music Librarian
Alexander Faris   Original Material
Chris Egan   Producer,Orchestration
Jeremy Murphy   Pro-Tools
Steve Price   Engineering
Carl Davis   Composer,Liner Notes

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