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The Myth of Male Power

The Myth of Male Power

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by Dr. Warren Farrell

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The Myth of Male Power documents how virtually every society that survived did so by persuading its sons to be disposable--disposable in war, disposable at work--and therefore, indirectly, disposable as dads.

Universities teach our children that we live in a patriarchal world controlled by men to benefit men at the expense of women. Dr. Warren Farrell’s


The Myth of Male Power documents how virtually every society that survived did so by persuading its sons to be disposable--disposable in war, disposable at work--and therefore, indirectly, disposable as dads.

Universities teach our children that we live in a patriarchal world controlled by men to benefit men at the expense of women. Dr. Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power says “false”: the world has not been controlled by men, but by the need to survive.

By redefining power as “control over one’s life” and examining the sacrifices both moms and dads made so their children's lives would be better than theirs, The Myth of Male Power paves the way to love and appreciation between the sexes.

Dr. Farrell says failure to understand men hurts everyone. It makes women feel oppressed and angry; it makes men feel unloved and unappreciated. It fuels hate between the sexes at a point in history that would otherwise possess great potential for love between the sexes. It does this by keeping us ignorant of male pain and powerlessness.

The Myth of Male Power is a captivating journey around the world, throughout history, biology, the Bible, the law, and everyday life, challenging every currently-held assumption about men, women and the family. It empowers both sexes to ask the questions we need to began a genuine dialogue, such as:
If men are the powerful sex…
• Why are they the suicide sex? (Why are we unaware that our grandfathers are 1350 percent more likely to commit suicide than our grandmothers?)
• Why did men live one year less than women in 1920 but five years less than women in 2013?
• Why are our dads more likely to die earlier of the leading causes of death even as we have seven federal offices of women’s health, and none of men’s health?
• Why are our sons still sex expected to pay more for the 5 D’s: drinks; dinners; dates; driving expenses; and diamonds (as in “every kiss begins with Kay”)?
• Why do myths such as “men earn more money for the same work” persist even though they’ve been disproven?
• Why do men receive longer prison sentences for identical crimes?

Dr. Warren Farrell is the only man ever elected three times to the Board of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in New York City. He started more than 300 men and some 200 women’s groups. He is the developer of a new method of highly-effective couples’ communication, Cinematic Immersion. Dr Farrell has listened to both sexes for about a half century. Unique in his ability to write in a way that articulates men’s feelings, he helps women feel more love for the men in their lives. He helps us understand:

• Why feminism freed women to discover alternative senses of purpose to raising children, but nothing has freed men to find an alternative purpose to raising money;
• How this void of purpose contributes to a boy crisis;
• Why the very process required for men to succeed at work often leads them to fail at love;
• Why no one benefits when we feel that God could be a she but not that the devil could also be a she;
• What both sexes can do to minimize date rape and domestic violence.
Dr. Farrell contends that the historic “battle of the sexes” has become a war in which men put their heads in the sand and hope the bullets will miss.

He proposes neither a women's movement blaming men nor a men's movement blaming women, but a gender liberation movement that fosters a transition from rigid roles of our past to more flexible roles for our future.

The potential? A transition in our love from that of role mates to soul mates. The Myth of Male Power focuses on men’s perspective to facilitate men’s voice, so there can be deeper dialogue, so there will be deeper love…

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The Myth of Male Power 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
First introduced to Mr. Farrell¿s books at the age of 18 I responded with righteous indignation, ¿just a man making excuses¿ for his behavior and discarded the book. Now age 35 I have read every book he has written. His writings changed my relationship with myself (as a man), every man in my life (father, brothers grandfathers, friends and strangers) and woman in my life. I consider my vocabulary inadequate to accurately articulate the quality and integrity of Mr. Ferrell¿s thoughts and conclusions. Although many of Warren Farrell¿s ideas are contrary to common thinking --- 100 percent of his conclusions are consistent with my experience as a growing man. Purchase this book for yourself and all others that you love.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'It's a man's world'? Not really, and Warren Farrell carefully documents the ways that it isn't. He has great insight into the workings of our culture, but at the same time many of the things he points out should be obvious but aren't, because of the pervasive anti-male attitudes in this society. I've heard all my life about how men have all the advantages, and about how men are disrespectful towards women, and about how women are nobly suffering in an opressive society. I believed this for a long time, and while it caused me a good deal of self-hatred, I resolved not to be like other men who abuse and discriminate against women. As I got older I began to notice 2 things: (1) I didn't know of any other men who abused or discriminated against women and (2) although I was always careful to treat women with respect, few women were willing to do the same with me. This got me to think that perhaps there is little truth in the the things I learned about male inferiority and male priviledge. Then Dr. Farrell provided the evidence I needed to validate that observation. The truth about men, I believe, can be summed up in the following quote from THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill: 'Man's greatest motivating force is his desire to please woman!...It is this inherent desire of man to please woman which gives woman the power to make or break a man.' Many feminists (but not all) are gleefully and successfully encouraging women to use their power to break men, and it is men's desire to please women that keeps the silence on the truths expressed in Dr. Farrell's book. As he puts it, only one side has shown up in the war between the sexes. I should point out that Dr. Farrell is careful to express that not all of feminism is bad. He wants to 'cherish feminism's baby, but not its bathwater.' He is compassionate toward BOTH sexes, and he has an optimism about the future of gender relations which is infectious. I would like to recommend ALL of his books. THANK YOU, WARREN!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Now someone needs to write a book about the myth of white power. Everyone seems to think black people make less money and have fewer opportunities than whites, but it's really whites who are suffering. Farrell needs to get on this right away!