The Naked Truth about Hedonism II: A Totally Unauthorized, Naughty but Nice Guide to Jamaica's Very Adult Resort

The Naked Truth about Hedonism II: A Totally Unauthorized, Naughty but Nice Guide to Jamaica's Very Adult Resort

by Chris Santilli

Editorial Reviews

Bob Carpinelli
Putting your clothes back on may be the hardest thing to do, but putting the book down is the second.
Claudia Gutierrez
The moment the booked arrived I dropped what I was doing. I had brought the 1st edition of the book before my first trip to Hedo and loved it. As for the 2nd edition-it's ***** (5 stars)-it tops the first.
Desiree (& Kevin)
My husband wouldn't stop laughing at all the stories. He'd break out into giggles every couple minutes. I have been unable to pry TNTAH2 out of my husband's hands so I can read it-it's not fair!
Corpus Christi, Texas

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As Dorothy once said, There's no place like Hedo; there's no place like Hedo, as she clicked together the heels of her thigh-high red patent leather boots. But the resort is really a twisted Oz, with its cast of peculiar characters and colorful, fantastic happenings. Where else can an overweight middle-aged woman dress up like Peter Pan and squeeze her husband into a pink tutu as Tinkerbell-and be rewarded with cheers and a free week's stay? Where else can you go to eat dinner and be entertained by a tall blonde in leather, spanking a guy in a dog collar, as she says bark like a dog, you little monkey-boy!? Where else can a woman paint her husband's penis like an elephant trunk during body painting and have six women line up to help him wash off the paint after the competition? Hedo isn't for everyone. Not everyone appreciates the public noodle frontity or the sensual atmosphere where inhibitions melt away. Hedo is the best place to be on your worst behavior, where you might hear the cheer 2...4...6...8...Everybody masturbate! Back home guests may be high-level professionals, but at Hedo they like life a little less refined and civilized. A male friend can stare at a female friend's girl parts, lick his lips, and jiggle his package-and everyone thinks he's terribly funny. This behavior, considered boorish or lewd elsewhere, is normal at Hedo. Hedophiles will cheer on your husband as he attempts to attach a lasso nipple ring on another woman's breast.

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