Narada Collection, Vol. 3

Narada Collection, Vol. 3


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The Narada Collection Three features more than 75 minutes of music from 16 different artists, including David Arkenstone, Martin Kolbe, Peter Maunu, Bernardo Rubaja, and others. This release is ideal for introducing new listeners to…  See more details below


The Narada Collection Three features more than 75 minutes of music from 16 different artists, including David Arkenstone, Martin Kolbe, Peter Maunu, Bernardo Rubaja, and others. This release is ideal for introducing new listeners to Narada's broad spectrum of styles or continuing to please those long-term fans who enjoy a little variety.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Arkenstone   Synthesizer,Bass,Flute,Piano,Penny Whistle,Emulator,Track Performer
Spencer Brewer   Piano,Keyboards,Track Performer
Doug Cameron   Violin,Track Performer
David Darling   Cello
William Ellwood   Acoustic Guitar,Strings,Track Performer,MIDI Guitar
Friedemann   Percussion,Electric Guitar,Track Performer
Wayne Gratz   Piano,Keyboards,Track Performer
Ralf Illenberger   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Track Performer
Jim Jacobsen   Synthesizer,Clarinet,Piano,Keyboards,Sampling,Track Performer,Wind Controller
Michael Jones   Piano,Track Performer
Martin Kolbe   Guitar,Keyboards,Track Performer
Brian Mann   Synthesizer,Accordion,Keyboards,Track Performer
Peter Maunu   Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Track Performer
Bernardo Rubaja   Synthesizer,Bass,Track Performer,Charango
Richard Souther   Synthesizer,Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Electric Bass,Drums,Soprano Saxophone,Sampling,Track Performer,Synthesizer Bass
Tingstad & Rumbel   Track Performer
Trapezoid   Track Performer
Justo Almario   Soprano Saxophone
Lorraine Duisit   Harp
Alex Acuña   Percussion,Drums
Daniel Chase   Percussion
Larry Cohn   Keyboards
Mathew Cooker   Cello
Christian Dahn   Vibes
Karen Doe   Flute
Chris Evans   Drums
Keith Field   Acoustic Guitar
Michael Fisher   Percussion
Steve Forman   Percussion
Barry Gold   Cello
Rich Gooch   Cymbals,Drums
Ken Gorz   Synthesizer,Sampling
Gary Grant   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,French Horn
Ed Hartman   Percussion
Thomas Heidepriem   Bass
Jerry Hey   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,French Horn
Dan Higgins   Flute,Saxophone
Cheryl Hurwitz   Violin,Violone,Electric Violin
Michael Jochum   Drums
Peter Keiser   Bass
Abraham Laboriel   Bass,Electric Bass
Tim Landers   Bass
Douglas Lunn   Bass
Caton Lyles   Percussion,Bongos
Roswitha Maier   English Horn
Eduardo Marquez   Bass
Mike Miller   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Nicky Moore   Piano
Billy Oskay   Keyboards
Mark Piszczek   Oboe
Smitty Price   Synthesizer
Peter Mark Prince   Fretless Bass Guitar
Joe Pusateri   Percussion,Drums,Marimbas
Frederico Ramos   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Paul Reisler   Guitar
John "J.R." Robinson   Drums
Nancy Rumbel   Synthesizer,English Horn,Oboe,Ocarina,Cheng,Track Performer,Double Ocarina,Tenor Ocarina
Büdi Siebert   Keyboards,Marimbas,Saxophone
Eric Tingstad   Synthesizer,Guitar,Mandolin,Classical Guitar,Track Performer
Efrain Toro   Percussion
Tim Valdes   Percussion
Marty Walsh   Acoustic Guitar
Kirk Whalum   Tenor Saxophone
Anne Louise White   Keyboards
Michael Whiteley   Synthesizer
Kurt Wortman   Percussion
Martin Drescher   Bassoon
Detlef Engelhard   Trumpet
Martin Nitschmann   Clarinet
Robert O'Hearn   Keyboards
Nick Moore   Piano
Bobby Read   Clarinet
Brian Willis   Cymbals,Drums
Bob Wilson   Drums
Johannes Wohlleben   Piano
Gregg Williams   Percussion,MIDI Percussion
Bruce Smith   Percussion,African Percussion

Technical Credits

David Arkenstone   Producer,Contributor
Spencer Brewer   Contributor
Doug Cameron   Producer,Contributor
William Ellwood   Engineer,Contributor
Friedemann   Producer,Contributor
Wayne Gratz   Contributor
Ralf Illenberger   Producer,Contributor
Jim Jacobsen   Producer,Engineer,Contributor
Michael Jones   Contributor
Martin Kolbe   Programming,Producer,Contributor
Brian Mann   Programming,Producer,Contributor
Peter Maunu   Producer,Contributor
Bernardo Rubaja   Producer,Contributor
Richard Souther   Producer,Contributor
Trapezoid   Contributor
Sally Browder   Engineer
Michael Demmers   Engineer
Ken Gorz   Programming,Engineer
Randy Kling   Mastering
Stephen Krause   Producer
Eric Lindert   Producer,Executive Producer
Billy Oskay   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Eric Pershing   Producer
Eric Persing   Producer,Engineer
Brian Poer   Engineer
Smitty Price   Programming
Paul Reisler   Producer,Engineer
Harlan Rogers   Arranger
Ingolf Ruh   Engineer
Nancy Rumbel   Producer,Contributor
Hal Sacks   Producer,Engineer
Büdi Siebert   Producer
John Slattery   Engineer
Bruce Sugar   Engineer
Eric Tingstad   Producer,Contributor
David Vartanian   Engineer
Michael Whiteley   Programming
Gerry Crivello   Engineer
Bobby Read   Producer,Engineer
Michael Sullivan   Executive Producer
Connie Gage   Illustrations
Steve Dewey   Programming
Johannes Wohlleben   Producer,Engineer
Gregg Williams   Contributor
Walter Rohrbach   Engineer

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