The Nationalities Question in the Soviet Union / Edition 2

The Nationalities Question in the Soviet Union / Edition 2

by Graham Smith, Graham Smith

ISBN-10: 0582218098

ISBN-13: 9780582218093

Pub. Date: 10/17/1995

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

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Longman Publishing Group
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Ch. 1The Soviet State and Nationalities Policy2
Ch. 2The Post-Soviet States and the Nationalities Question23
Ch. 3The Russians and the Russian Question47
Ch. 4Tatarstan and the Tatars75
Ch. 5The Northern Minorities94
Ch. 6Buryatiya and the Buryats113
Ch. 7Estonia and the Estonians129
Ch. 8Latvia and the Latvians147
Ch. 9Lithuania and the Lithuanians170
Ch. 10Ukraine and the Ukrainians188
Ch. 11Belarus and the Belarusians210
Ch. 12Moldova and the Moldovans223
Ch. 13Armenia and the Armenians248
Ch. 14Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijanis269
Ch. 15Georgia and the Georgians291
Ch. 16Kazakhstan and the Kazakhs318
Ch. 17Uzbekistan and the Uzbeks334
Ch. 18Turkmenistan and the Turkmen348
Ch. 19Tajikistan and the Tajiks367
Ch. 20Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz385
Ch. 21Crimean Tatars412
Ch. 22The Jews436
Ch. 23Volga Germans462
Ch. 24Russians outside Russia: the new Russian diaspora477
Appendix 1: Ethnic and territorial claims of the post-Soviet states498
Appendix 2: Comparative tables for the major nationalities in the post-Soviet states499
Select bibliographic guide to further reading in the English language506

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