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The Negotiator (A Hot Romantic Comedy)

The Negotiator (A Hot Romantic Comedy)

4.8 36
by Avery Flynn

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Wanted: Personal Buffer
Often snarly, workaholic executive seeks “buffer” from annoying outside distractions AKA people. Free spirits with personal boundary issues, excessive quirks, or general squeamishness need not apply. Salary negotiable. Confidentiality required.

Workaholic billionaire Sawyer


Wanted: Personal Buffer
Often snarly, workaholic executive seeks “buffer” from annoying outside distractions AKA people. Free spirits with personal boundary issues, excessive quirks, or general squeamishness need not apply. Salary negotiable. Confidentiality required.

Workaholic billionaire Sawyer Carlyle may have joked he needed a buffer from their marriage-obsessed mom, but he didn’t need a waiting room filled with candidates to further distract him. (Thanks, bro.) But when a sexy job applicant shooes his mom and the socialite in tow out of his office, Sawyer sees the genius of the plan. And the woman. In fact, Miss Clover Lee might just get the fastest promotion in history, from buffer to fake fiancé...

This free-spirit might look like hot sunshine and lickable rainbows, but she negotiates like a pitbull. Before Sawyer knows what hit him, he’s agreed to give up Friday nights for reality tv, his Saturdays for flea markets (why buy junk still baffles him), his Tuesdays and Thursdays for date nights (aka panty-losing opportunities if he plays his cards right). And now she wants lavender bath salts and tulips delivered every Monday?

Yup, she’s just screwing with him. Good thing she’s got this non-negotiatable six-weeks-and-she’s-gone rule or Sawyer may have just met this match..

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Meet the Author

When Avery Flynn isn't writing about alpha heroes and the women who tame them, she is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. She has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and has a slight shoe addiction. Find out more about Avery on her website, follow her on Twitter, like her on her Facebook page or friend her on her Facebook profile. Also, if you figure out how to send Oreos through the Internet, she’ll be your best friend for life. Contact her at avery@averyflynn.com. She’d love to hear from you.

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The Negotiator 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 36 reviews.
JWright57 3 months ago
I can't believe this is my first Avery Flynn book, where has she been hiding ... This is a book about opposites and as the saying goes quite often "opposites attract " and that's exactly what happens in this hilarious rom-com. Clover Lee has applied to be a buffer for Sawyer Carlyle, she is hired to stop his mother sending him eligible women after all he is very happy being single, he has no time for relationships well that was until Clover came into his life and messed up his routine. Clover is so different to any other women he has met she is not afraid of his mother, she loves flea markets and her ideal day is renovating a treasure picked up from a local flea market ..... The chemistry between these two is apparent from the very start and Clover's quirky talk out loud moments are just hilarious but what I really loved about this book was the storyline, two people learning about each other, growing into friends and becoming lovers. Avery Flynn certainly knows how to write a perfect rom-com giving you just the right amours of humour, lust,love and conflict. This was a perfect way to be introduced to a new author and I will be looking at all of her other books.
Anonymous 3 months ago
What a great story!! Loved Clover's sense of adventure! And Sawyer - wow. Would love to see this book as a Hallmark movie with Ryan Paevey playing Sawyer! Hot damn!!! Wish his brother had had his own book/story.
Grandma_Tami 3 months ago
I really enjoyed this book! I read it in 2 sittings lol ( sleep needed ya know ) Sawyer is only looking to the big picture and missing every thing around him do to his blinders .Jane aka Clover is only looking for her next thrill afraid of getting tied down and loosing who she is ( as she thinks her mom did ) Clover answers an add to be a personal buffer ....hum..... next thrill??? Sawyer wants to punch his brother when he finds out he placed an add for him ......Then he sees her telling off his mom ( as she thinks this is her chance to show she would be a good buffer lol ) Clover did not know it was his mom LOL let the game begin ! Come along for the ride as these 2 find out how much more a like they are then dif .I REALLY enjoyed this book fort those wondering YES there is sex in this book! Avery did a very nice job on these scenes ! Grab you copy now and a cup/glass of your fav wind down drink and get to it !
BookReview4you 3 months ago
'The Negotiator' by Avery Flynn. This is the story of Jane "Clover" Lee and Sawyer Carlyle. Clover has applied for the job of 'buffer' that Sawyer's brother put in the paper. Clover likes to be independent and doesn't want a permanent job. So with those two things she has ended up doing a lot of odd jobs like a 'snake milker'. So Clover thinks this will be the next new experience for her. Sawyer is the oldest son of a very large business that is family owned. His father has died about three years ago and now his mother has come out of mourning with the tunnel thought of getting Sawyer married. So Sawyer is now faced with a determine mother and beautiful but no personality women being thrown at him. Sawyer just wants to run the family company and help make sure his family is okay. After having a few drinks with his brother he happens to joke that he needs a 'buffer' to deal with his mother's marriage minded women. But his brother surprised him by putting a ad in the paper and now Sawyer is having to let these people no there is no job. When he goes to tell them Clover speaks up and shows him that he may need her after all. This was funny yet very sweet romance that I couldn't put down. I loved also the secondary characters which makes this book and extra joy to read. "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
Rhondaz 3 months ago
The Negotiator by Avery Flynn.....10 NEGOTIATOR STARS!! I loved this story so much, as always Avery Flynn gives us a fun page turning book. Clover is a beautiful strong woman that teaches Sawyer a thing or two. Sawyer is my new book boyfriend, so hot and rich. I loves seeing this story play out, such a fun feel good book. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book from publisher via NetGalley.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Very entertaining!
Anonymous 17 days ago
I really enjoyed this. Really wish there was more. Didn't want it to end.
froggy29532DC 22 days ago
The Negotiator is the first book that I have read by Avery Flynn, and not only did I enjoy it, I also highly recommend it to anyone who loves romantic comedy. This is one of those books that will make you laugh out loud, swoon, and totally fall in love with the characters. Sawyer Carlyle is a billionaire workaholic, he eats, breathes, and sleeps work. He doesn't have time for his mother who is trying her best to find him a wife, but he also doesn't have the heart to hurt her feelings. His brother sets him up to hire a personal buffer to keep his mother at bay, enter Clover Lee, a free spirit, whose life is one big adventure. Little does Clover know that her biggest adventure is about to begin, when the job of personal buffer turns into becoming Sawyers fake fiance. That is when the fun begins, and as the total opposites begin their negotiations, he always sees the big picture and she is more into the details. Do yourself a favor and read this book, it is sweet, romantic and fun. I loved the characters and cannot wait to read Hudson's story, he is the brother who set the whole personal buffer thing in motion. Five adventure filled stars for this one.
Lori-Gonzo 23 days ago
I cannot even begin to put into words how much I loved this book. Sawyer, Sawyer, Sawyer, you hunky man with glasses. oh I love a man whose glasses are set askew when getting hot and bothered down to business. Goodness, that man! And he ridiculously adorableness when trying to give compliments or notice the details. He was seriously flawed in the people connection, but very attentive in others. And his dealing with the boots, priceless. Then there is the perfection that is Clover. I loved how she got her name and her determination to live life to the fullest, no fear and no regrets. Her vomit of the mouth was hilarious and so on point in most situations, those were some of the best scenes. I was sad when the book ended because I truly loved this couple. But the ending and epilogue was beyond heartwarming and sweet. I really enjoyed the scenes Clover had with Daphne and the ones Sawyer had with his brother Hudson. I would love for them to have their own books. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
Anonymous 24 days ago
A quick read. Typical genre where Sawyer is a rich workaholic, Mom wants to get him married, in comes Clover, not her real name.. They eventually fall in love, and so on, and so on. Light read to keep you busy. LOVETOREAD
MJHughes12 25 days ago
I always know I’m in for a treat when I’m about to read an Avery Flynn book and The Negotiator was no exception! From the fake engagement to the non-stop negotiating, Sawyer and Clover could bring both the heat and the humor…as well as some heart-felt moments. Sawyer can’t see past his desk and has no interest in any of the socialites his mother keeps trying to push on him. He’s no stranger to a beautiful woman, but when it comes to priorities, his first and only one is the family business. When a brotherly prank throws Clover in his path and she quickly proves she has what it takes to keep his mother at bay, having a personal buffer not only sounds like hitting the lottery, Sawyer can’t help but up the ante and go all in – why not make it a fake engagement! Clover is such a hoot. She has a ton of life experience, travelling and working in so many different places. This “personal buffer” job is just what she needs to fund her next adventure. And although she’s not 100% sure the fake engagement is going to work, if this job is a means to her end then she’s all in…especially when she out-negotiates the negotiator with her list of rules – including the hands-off mandate. Of course, the best part of being a good negotiator…is knowing when you might need to renegotiate things! There was no denying Sawyer and Clover’s attraction to one another and I loved the fact that they both pretty much owned it. Not a lot of drama for these two to renegotiate things to remove that hands-off mandate, too bad they couldn’t negotiate with their own hearts to stay out of things! Even though the chemistry was off the charts, these two always seemed to be out of synch with each other with what was going on in their hearts and in their heads. As much fun as it was to watch these two face off with each other, it was also a bit heart-breaking to see them not trust in each other enough or them as a couple enough to realize that the “fake” in their engagement was the only thing that was fake. I also enjoyed all the other characters that are woven into the story. From Sawyer’s mother who may come off like a cold-hearted socialite just looking to have her first born married, to his brother who is hiding something beneath that cavalier and easy-going attitude, there is such a deep caring and family bond that the Carlyle’s share. Clover’s best friend Daphne kept her real, and I loved how watching her family helped give a greater understanding to just who Clover is and why she acts the way she does. The characters were well developed and even though the plot was fairly straight-forward, the emotional complexity of the characters offered a few twists and turns along the way to keep things interesting and the characters evolving. In typical Avery Flynn fashion, we are treated to sass, snark, and a whole lot of fun interactions between not only Sawyer and Clover, but the entire cast of characters. And of course, there’s nothing better when the heat brings some humor along with it as well! It got a bit angsty towards the end, but what fun would it be not to have the set-up for a grand gesture…especially when it can be done Avery Flynn style! This one is worth checking out…and I’m looking forward to reading about Sawyer’s brother next! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy from the publisher via NetGalley of this book.
IreneC 25 days ago
4.5 stars The Negotiator was such a good read. I loved the storyline, the characters Sawyer and Clover were fun, sweet, quirky, passionate and watching their relationship develop kept me turning the pages, loved them! Sawyer and Clover were both such wonderful and entertaining characters. They made me laugh, they made me sad, they touched my soul with their honesty and heart and they frustrated me with their stubbornness. These two were total opposites but the more time they spent together the more they found they enjoyed being in each others world. And did I mention how hot these two were? Sawyer and Clover had amazing chemistry and boy oh boy did they make my iPad sizzle *fans self* Another plus was how much I enjoyed the secondary characters, they each added to the storyline and for me it was an added bonus. Overall, The Negotiator is a smart, fun and very entertaining read that will not disappoint, I highly recommend it. Avery Flynn is a talented author who once again has given us a well written storyline that will bring out all the feels and leave you well satisfied and eagerly awaiting her next book release.
Nicolerko 25 days ago
I enjoyed this one. One of my favorite things about this book is watching Clover bring Sawyer out of his workaholic world. Then in turn watching Sawyer give Clover a landing spot in her spontaneous world. Soon this business engagement starts to feel all too real. The arrangement is also an eye opener for Sawyer's family. Some things they have to work out. I laughed a lot while reading this book. I love a book with a good amount of humor and I know a book by Avery Flynn will deliver.
aprilrenee1976 27 days ago
Instant Connection or Soul Deep Love.... The Negotiator' by Avery Flynn is a fantastic boss/employee romance story. Clover has applied for the job of 'buffer' for Sawyer Carlyle, CEO, and workaholic billionaire needs. Clover is Ms. Independent and is only looking to make enough money so she can take a trip to Australia but when she starts to get her new boss and realize he isn’t such a bad guy, she starts to fall for him Sawyer didn’t even want a “buffer” assistant hired yet his brother set this up for him. Someone to help him curtail his mother yet Clover came off at first as being very unsuitable but slowly he came to realize she was definitely what he needed. So he hired her and voila—the heat and witty banter was instant but these two didn’t want to admit that they needed each other. There are twists and turns ,plus one very determined mother determined to get her way in this book. Just sit back and enjoy the ride with Clover and Sawyer while they figure out if the attraction that they have is deep enough for something further, like soul deep love, like marriage. My rating: 4.5 stars **** "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
Momma_Becky 27 days ago
The idea of this one intrigued me and I absolutely loved the first half of the book. It was witty and fun and the banter between Sawyer and Clover was often hilarious. It started to slow down some about midway and lost some of the charm that it had in the beginning. These two headstrong, assertive people seemed to calm down and almost tiptoe around each other, which was a bit of a change in character on both parts. Had the witty dialogue and humor continued in the second half of the book, it would've easily earned that fifth star. However, the story did continue to hold my interest and kept me reading to see if this couple got their happy ending, and I did enjoy the epilogue and how things came out.
BookSnuggle 3 months ago
The Negotiator (A Hot Romantic Comedy) by Avery Flynn This is billionaire Sawyer Carlyle and Clover Lee's story. This book is fantastic! I knew from the beginning that this book was going to be a winner. Sawyer works all the time. He has a reputation for being grumpy. Well, thanks to his brother he ended up hiring Clover as his Personal Buffer. Now, you will just have to read the book to find out what Sawyer's brother did. Well, Clover is something else! I fell in love with her right away. Right away you can feel the chemistry between Sawyer and Clover. Sawyer and Clover are so different but are perfect for each other. A fun, entertaining, and hot romance. In the end who is the best "negotiator? Or do they negotiate for a long term plan where they both are winners? Be prepared to laugh and lose yourself in this story. You won't be able to put it down. FYI, contains mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
MsChris1161 3 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed THE NEGOTIATOR by Avery Flynn and highly recommend it. The premise, is basically the fake engagement (so the busy workaholic billionaire can avoid his mother's marriage traps) where two people who seem opposite in every way are perfect for one another and eventually find their unexpected HEA. Sawyer Carlyle is the oldest son who feels the full weight of the responsibility of his family and of his family's business after his father's recent and unexpected passing. His mother is worried about him and his sole focus on the business so she is constantly shoving possible brides in his way. He doesn't want to hurt his mom, but he also doesn't have time for dating. He makes an off-hand comment to his brother, Hudson, about wishing he had a buffer to keep his mother and her bride candidates at bay. His brother runs with it to the annoyance of Sawyer. Jane "Clover" Lee is one of the Buffer candidates Hudson brings into the office. She is a free-spirit who takes odd jobs (very odd and random jobs) merely to pay for her need to make a difference while at the same time experiencing different cultures and places around the world, for instance teaching English to poor children in Singapore. She is by design rootless and carefree, not to be mistaken as flighty or naïve. She can negotiate with the best of them and easily out maneuvers first Helene Carlyle and then Sawyer himself. This story was delightful at every turn and mostly due to the charm, wit and intelligence of Clover. Ms Flynn fully develops her characters and shows their wide emotional range, drawing you in not just to their outward personalities, but the inner reasons for how they became that way. The dialogue is well-written with plenty snark, laughs, and also some seriously touching moments. Overall a great read that I didn't want to put down and read in one sitting! 4.5 stars ~Complimentary copy downloaded from NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.
mrsdiddy 3 months ago
4 Stars! This laugh out loud funny, sweet romance is the perfect read! Sawyer Carlyle needs a buffer to keep his mother off his back. So… his bored, rich brother pulls a prank on him. Enter the funny, quirky, sweet Clover! She applies for “the job” and the hilarity ensues. The chemistry between Sawyer and Clover is immediate and pulls you right in. Avery Flynn is new to me, but she is brilliant. Her writing is fun and easy and she threw quite the curve ball I didn’t see coming. (I love it when authors can surprise me!!) This book is the perfect weekend read!!
bouncyberthaCR 3 months ago
4 - "You're you and I'm me..." Stars! Hang on to your knickers ladies, the Carlyle brothers are in town, and boy do they know how to endear themselves to you. Although The Negotiator gives us Sawyer’s story, I was just as intrigued by Hudson, and will say straight off the bat that I hope the author has his story in the pipeline especially after the little tease she left us dangling with in the epilogue for this story. "I never would have guessed you didn’t have any experience working with your hands…" This was an easy going read once things got going, I found the first half a little on the pedestrian side, but the second half really grabbed and pulled me into the story that was playing out with uptight Sawyer and go-with-the-flow Clover. I was reminded a little of the films Sabrina (Sawyer reminded me of Harrison Ford's character in that film sooo much) and Pretty Woman with certain aspects of the story, although Clover is 100% not a Hollywood Boulevard hooker! "The next six weeks are going to last forever." As you would expect with an opposites attract story, it doesn’t take long for things to develop with our couple. Clover pushes Sawyer to see that there is life outside of work and the office, while Sawyer pushes her to realize that being settled and living your life in one place doesn’t equal failure or settling for second best. "I’m trying to compliment you…" "...That’s not exactly your strong point." The banter is great, the sexy-times diverse and the secondary characters really kept everything moving along and entertaining, this is basically your faux-mance that turns into a romance, with a few (predictable) surprises thrown in along the way. The author developed everything really well though, and I hope against hope that Hudson gets a book soon. "Attraction isn’t logical."
CrystalsBookWorld 3 months ago
Avery Flynn just made this book so much fun to read. I truly enjoyed it! The Negotiator has it all from being funny, then turning sexy, to loving the awkward moments between Clover and Sawyer. You will have a lot of the laugh out loud moments that get you through the book. Clover is quirky, funny, sassy, and sexy all wrapped in one! She is my go to girl and has me itching to go check out my local flea market! You will understand my need to go after you read this book! Her love for adventure and travels shows you a side of her free spirit. To take the job as a "Buffer" was just perfect for her. It was temporary where she did not have to settle down. No way no how, or so she thought. The part where she meets Sawyer's mother for the first time had me laughing so hard, I wished I was there to see Clover's horrid expression! Sawyer has only ever had one love in his life...his work. It has been and always will come first. That is why his mother is bringing a parade of "Wife To Be" woman to him non stop. No one has ever kept him interested until Clover. When she handles his mom, he takes notice and now wants her. Is it for business only? Or will it become personal? When these two are together, Clover brings so many sides of this man that you can not help but fall for Sawyer too. You definitely get the funny moments in this book. But don't forget there are a lot of hot sexy scenes coming your way too. Don't miss out on this hot new read!
Staci70 3 months ago
I have to say my favorite part of the book was the inner workings of Jane's aka Clover's mind. She was an extremely enjoyable heroine. She felt very real to me and very well written. I loved her from her very first interaction with Sawyer. And what uptight billionaire doesn't deserve his very own free spirited heroine! Sawyer has been fighting off his mother's socialite suggestions for a fiancé every since his dad died. His brother plays a joke on him and runs a want ad for a "personal buffer" for someone to keep their mother away from Sawyer. On the day of the interview, Clover is the only female. She is also the only person to jump into action the moment Sawyer's mom walks into the office with two candidates to become his wife. What else can Sawyer do in that situation but offer her the job and upgrade her to a fake fiancé! She is looking to fund her next vacation to Australia so she agrees. Of course once she moves in to his apartment, they both start developing very real feelings for each other. I loved reading their story and living the road they walked down towards their happily ever after. It was a fantastic story and one I would recommend to anyone.
NightbirdNovels 3 months ago
Sawyer Carlyle is focused on his business, and avoiding his mom and her constant matchmaking. So when his brother sets up interviews for a ‘personal buffer’ and the perfect candidate steps up immediately, Sawyer finds himself hiring an employee like he’s never had before. Clover Lee is a free spirit. Looking to finance a trip to Australia, she is immediately interested in the temporary and well paying job Sawyer offers. Sawyer thinks he is the master negotiator? Well, he may have just met his match… I loved this book! With a tried and true plot theme that is done so well that it is in no way a typical overdone storyline like you see in so many other books out there. Clover is a free spirit, but in no way flighty. She is smart and passionate about traveling and doing so by working one crazy job after another. Sawyer is the typical workaholic who doesn’t see Clover coming, and he gives in with very little fight to all of her contract ideas and negotiations. Hilarious and interesting characters… friends, family and Sawyer’s staff are all fun and add so much to the entirety of the book. This book was a fun, refreshing read that kept me engrossed and entertained throughout… a must read! I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.
EileenAW 3 months ago
The Negotiator by Avery Flynn is the perfect title for this wonderful and funny book, but it doesn’t describe what you might expect. What turns out to be a brotherly prank turns into lots of fun, new experiences, and lots and lots of negotiations. Sawyer Carlyle is a big picture person. Don’t give him the little details. He has a plan and he sticks to it. When his mother keeps parading high society women as potential wives for Sawyer he decides enough is enough. He needed a buffer to get his mother to stop. Enter Jane Clover Lee, temporary worker and world explorer. Clover decided early in life she didn’t want the life her mother has, giving up her desires to keep the peace with her father. Instead of settling Clover works only long enough to support her next adventure. Working as a buffer was a natural fit for Clover. She wasn’t so sure about the fake fiancé part. Sawyer and Clover butt heads over negotiations to make this charade successful but neither thought about the consequences of rewriting the expectations or fulfilling their roles in this farce. I really enjoyed reading this book despite never figuring out who is really the better negotiator. Ms. Flynn did an excellent job keeping me interested in this story so that I had trouble putting it down. I highly recommend this outstanding book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
Csk513 3 months ago
When I compare Flynn's writing to her earlier works, I give her 5 stars. I have been reading books by this author for a few years now. While Flynn writes a variety of romance styles, her best quality is that of the rom-com. Some of my favorite books are the Sweet series with sisters of a questionable past trying to recover their family business in their hometown. (check them out if you got this far in my review!) The Negotiator has topped Avery's book list for writing. I think this is her best work yet. The story may have been predictable (to a point), but she is outdoing herself in writer's growth. It's fun to see these changes. And defend all you want, but a poorly edited book really distracts from the storyline and you don't have that here. And how about those characters. Clover is one of my favorite heroines to date by Flynn. She is tough as nails, but yet has this "unsure" quality. She sees the negativity that we all see in ourselves, but she presents herself in a confident and take-no-crap way. She has no filter which leaves Sawyer open-mouthed at times...literally. And kept me chuckling throughout the book. So if you are looking for literary genius with a story of magnificent proportions, go check out the non-fiction section. If you are looking for a good, fun, weekend or even one-sitting read with a lot of romance, then look no further! I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
NaimaB 3 months ago
The Negotiator had everything: humor (Lordt ha' mucy there were so many LOL moments!), drama, shenanigans, swoon-worthy romance, emotions that grabbed you by the pearls, and panty melting sexy times. I mean, it is an Avery Flynn book, but *gasp* dare I say it? This might be my favorite book by her. I'm not willing to pull the trigger yet because I'm hoping Hudson and Tyler have books coming out! Sawyer Carlyle is a billionaire workaholic whose life revolves around the family business he had to helm when his father unexpectedly died. He's in the middle of an important deal that has been in the works for the last few years. So having his meddling and persistent mother throwing wifey candidates at him left and right is annoying and distracting. Enter one Clover Lee. Clover, a free-spirited, commitment-phobe, serial jobber, answers an employment ad for a "buffer." Hey, it's just another quirky job in a long line of quirky jobs, and wouldn't you know it? She's perfect. When she sends Sawyer's formidable mother on her way with two bridal candidates in tow, he immediately hires her. One negotiation leads to another hilarious negotiation and soon buffer girlfriend turns to buffer fake fiancé for six weeks. For it is in six weeks she will leave for another dream job in Australia, and he will have a well-deserved break from his mother's bridal siege. A hands-off fake relationship leads to a REALLY hands-ON fake relationship. Which leads to catching feelings then denial, then falling in love. Which leads to a knuckleheaded move on Sawyer's part. Which then leads to one of the most romantic, hilarious grand gestures ever! I'm giggling just thinking about it. "Viviaaan!" That's all I'ma say. LOL!! But what truly made the book for me--along with all the things I've already mentioned--were the characters. Not one was flat or one-dimensional. There were so many layers to all of them. From Sawyer and Clover to Hudson and all the parents. Even to Tyler, Sawyer's former best friend who blamed Sawyer for busting up his wedding to a gold-digging skank. Avery Flynn made me love and care for all of them. Well, except the skank... I loved The Negotiator. What a wonderfully written, just--wait for it--heartwarming read. Yes! Heartwarming. Still sexy as all get out, emotional and full of the best drama. But yet, so damn heartwarming it had me pressing my hand to my chest at the end. Yeah. Avery Flynn nailed this one! Highly, highly recommended!