The New Cambridge Medieval History, Volume 7: c.1415-c.1500

The New Cambridge Medieval History, Volume 7: c.1415-c.1500

by Christopher Allmand, Allmand

A comprehensive, authoritative account of European history c.1415–c.1500.See more details below


A comprehensive, authoritative account of European history c.1415–c.1500.

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Cambridge University Press
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New Cambridge Medieval History Series, #7
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5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 2.56(d)

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List of plates; List of maps; List of genealogical tables; List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgments; List of abbreviations; Part I. Government: 1. Politics: theory and practice Jean-Philippe Genet; 2. Representation (since the thirteenth century) Wim Blockmans; Popes and councils Antony Black; Part II. Economic and Social Developments: 4. The European nobility Philippe Contamine; 5. Rural Europe Christopher Dyer; 6. Urban Europe Barrie Dobson; 7. Commerce and trade Wendy Childs; 8. War Christopher Allmand; 9. Exploration and discovery Felipe Fernàndez-Armesto; Part III. Spiritual, Cultural and Artistic Life: 10. Religious belief and practice Francis Rapp; 11. Schools and universities Jacques Verger; 12. Humanism Robert Black; 13. Manuscripts and books Malcolm Vale; 14. The beginning of printing David McKitterick; 15. Architecture and painting Paul Crossley; 16. Music Gareth Curtis; Part IV. The Development of European States: 17. Germany and the Empire Tom Scott; 18. Hus, the Hussites and Bohemia John Klassen; 19. France (a) France at the end of the Hundred Years War (c.1420–61) Malcolm Vale; (b) The recovery of France, 1450–1520 Bernard Chevalier; 20. Burgundy Bertrand Schnerb; 21. England (a) Lancastrian England Edward Powell (b) Yorkist and early Tudor England Rosemary Horrox; 22. The Celtic world (a) Ireland Art Cosgrove (b) Scotland: 1406–1513 Jenny Wormald; 23. Italy (a) the northern Italian states Michael Mallett (b) The papal states and the kingdom of Naples Alan Ryder; 24. The Iberian peninsula (a) Aragon Mario Del Treppo (b) Castile and Navarre Angus MacKay (c) Portugal, Armindo de Sousa; 25. The Swiss Confederation Roger Sablonier; 26. The states of Scandinavia c.1390–c.1536 Thomas Riis; 27. Hungary: crown and estates Janos Bak; 28. The kingdom of Poland and the grand duchy of Lithuania, 1370–1506 Aleksander Gieysztor; Russia Nancy Shields Kollmann; 30. Byzantium: the Roman Orthodox world, 1393–1492 Anthony Bryer; 31. The Latin east Anthony Luttrell; 32. The Ottoman world Elizabeth Zachariadou; Conclusion Christopher Allmand; Appendix: genealogical tables; Primary sources and secondary works arranged by chapter; General index.

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