The New Citizenship of the Family: Comparative Perspectives

The New Citizenship of the Family: Comparative Perspectives

by Henry Cavanna

ISBN-10: 0754612228

ISBN-13: 9780754612223

Pub. Date: 07/01/2000

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Pt. IThe Family and its Political Regulation1
1Family Rhetoric in Family Politics3
2The Control and Allocation of Money Within the Family14
3Recent Trends and New Prospects for a European Family Policy32
Pt. IIEconomic Aspects of the Family49
4A Social Policy for All Ages? The Declining Fortunes of Young Families51
5Cultural Capitalism and Child Formation79
6A Method for Reducing Mandatory Social Taxes and Contributions: Organizing Intergenerational Exchange99
7Toward a Theory of Family Taxation116
Pt. IIIThe Family in the Construction of Citizenship133
8The Australian Welfare State Today: Generational Issues and Family Tensions135
9The New Citizenship of the Family: Concepts and Strategies for a New Social Policy146
10Family Citizenship or Citizenship for Children? Childhood Perspectives and Policies174
11Which Family for Which Citizenship? The Diversity of French Conceptions of the Family and Citizenship189
12The Role of the Family in Establishing the Social and Political Link: The Double Defamilialization202

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