The New Information Infrastructure: Strategies for U.S. Policy

The New Information Infrastructure: Strategies for U.S. Policy

by William J. Drake

ISBN-10: 0870783661

ISBN-13: 9780870783661

Pub. Date: 01/28/1995

Publisher: Century Foundation, The

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Century Foundation, The
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Introduction: The Turning Point1
Ch. 1Beyond Telecommunications Liberalization: Past Performance, Present Hype, and Future Direction31
Ch. 2Information Infrastructure and the Transformation of Manufacturing55
Ch. 3The Globalization of Telecommunications and Information75
Appendix: Telecommunications Technology for the Twenty-first Century93
Ch. 4Reforming the U.S. Telecommunications Policymaking Process115
Ch. 5Technology Policy and the National Information Infrastructure137
Ch. 6The Social Consequences of Liberalization and Corporate Control in Telecommunications155
Ch. 7Building the Global Information Highway: Toll Booths, Construction Contracts, and Rules of the Road175
Ch. 8Why the Global Village Cannot Afford Information Slums205
Ch. 9Multilateral Cooperation in Telecommunications: Implications of the Great Transformation223
Ch. 10Information Flows on the Global Infobahn: Toward New U.S. Policies251
Ch. 11International Trade in Information-Based Services: The Uruguay Round and Beyond269
Ch. 12The National Information Infrastructure Debate: Issues, Interests, and the Congressional Process305
Conclusion: Policies for the National and Global Information Infrastructures345
About the Authors445

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