The New Monetary Policy: Implications and Relevance / Edition 1

The New Monetary Policy: Implications and Relevance / Edition 1

by Philip Arestis, J. S. L. McCombie, Michelle Baddeley

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New Edition
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Table of Contents

2New consensus monetary policy : an appraisal7
3Central Bank behaviour and the stability of macroeconomic equilibrium : a critical examination of the 'new consensus'23
4Monetary policy divergences in the Euro area : the early record of the European Central Bank50
5Stock market prices and the conduct of monetary policy under the new consensus monetary policy68
6On the US post-'new economy' bubble : should asset prices be controlled?88
7Monetary policy in the information economy : old problems and new challenges111
8The monetary policy outcomes curve : can the size and structure of public debt undermine policy objectives?129
9The old lady in new clothes : uncertainty and the UK monetary policy framework149
10The experience of inflation targeting since 1993164
11Reflections on the Bank of Canada's monetary policy framework172
12The determinants of saving in developing countries, and the impact of financial liberalization192
13Monetary models and inflation targeting in emerging market economies204
14International aspects of current monetary policy224

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