Night Watch

The Night Watch


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Disc 1

  1. Nightshift
  2. Chance Meeting
  3. Concorde Square
  4. Somewhere in Between
  5. You Grabbed My by the Hand
  6. Saratoga
  7. Looking from a Hilltop
  8. Paradise Angel
  9. The Lorelei/Overture
  10. Bardo Plane
  11. The Tether Ends Here @@Jaz
  12. Shelved Dreams
  13. She Said Go Go Go
  14. On the Nova Lark
  15. La Toison d'Or
  16. Deconstruction and Necessity
  17. I Was an Apple in the House of Orange

Disc 2

  1. New Horizons Intro
  2. Are You There?
  3. Floating
  4. There Was a Time
  5. Rigi Rigi
  6. Mirror
  7. You're on Your Own
  8. Friendly Fires
  9. One Step
  10. Opening
  11. Virtually Every
  12. Fallen
  13. Tape Loop
  14. Cry
  15. Subferior
  16. In the Garden of Eden
  17. Never Mind the Sex Pistols Here's the Bollocks
  18. Just to See Your Face

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Crispy Ambulance   Track Performer
Paul Haig   Track Performer
Josef K   Track Performer
Section 25   Track Performer
Tuxedomoon   Track Performer
Ultramarine   Track Performer
William S. Burroughs   Track Performer
Minny Pops   Track Performer
Jean Cocteau   Track Performer
Names   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Blaine L. Reininger   Composer,Producer
Crispy Ambulance   Composer
Paul Haig   Composer,Producer
Ultramarine   Producer
Jack Cassidy   Composer
Martin Hannett   Producer
Karl Hoffmann   Producer
Ian Cooper   Composer
Bernard Sumner   Producer
Chris Nagle   Producer
Malcolm Ross   Composer
James Grauerholz   Producer
S. Brown   Producer
Michel Sordinia   Composer
James Nice   Liner Notes
Callum Malcolm   Producer
Drita Kotaji   Composer
Simon Rigot   Composer
Manuel Poutte   Composer

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