NYFA Collection: 25 Years of New York New Music

The NYFA Collection: 25 Years of New York New Music


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Innova Records

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Disc 1

  1. Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds Back
  2. Waiting for the Gizmo, No. 1
  3. Meltdown
  4. Hexa
  5. ScascadeHo
  6. Triangulation
  7. Solo
  8. Blown 2
  9. Viola Breath
  10. Accidental Touching
  11. [Excerpt]
  12. Ouvretorture

Disc 2

  1. Urban march (shadow)
  2. RCSC
  3. The Parting
  4. Movement 2
  5. On the Wind
  6. Loons
  7. Tuba Thrush
  8. Cipher
  9. Ton Shadow
  10. An Even Loan
  11. Music for Faucet
  12. Flight (from the film Hybrid)

Disc 3

  1. No Wave Bitte
  2. Are There Clouds in India?
  3. I Wor Kuen
  4. No Home to Return to
  5. Robust Bog
  6. Moriba Djassa
  7. Skip
  8. Pipe Dream
  9. Bosom of Abraham
  10. Daize
  11. Mire
  12. Love Twitters

Disc 4

  1. Rhapsody for Boy Soprano and Strings
  2. g i f t
  3. Night Blossoms
  4. Sound Patterns and Tropes, for mixed chorus and percussion
  5. 4
  6. It Should Have Happened a Long Time Ago
  7. Los Pajaros Blancos de la Noche Profunda (The White Birds of the Deep N
  8. Nocturne for Violin and Piano
  9. Tercera Cronica: 1. Cancion
  10. Part 4
  11. We Two

Disc 5

  1. Night
  2. Dawn
  3. Magical
  4. Cascades
  5. Glistening
  6. Bratty
  7. Franz Schubert
  8. 1. La Vita Autunnale
  9. Less Than a Week Before Christmas, for chorus and orchestra
  10. 5. The Gathering
  11. Hecuba
  12. Cassandra
  13. Andromache
  14. Tambor

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Joel Chadabe   Theremin
Lois V. Vierk   electronics
Elliott Sharp   Sampling
Sam Rivers   Treble Vocals
Marvin "Smitty" Smith   Drums
Dennis Irwin   Bass
Wadada Leo Smith   Trumpet
Ralph Carney   Clarinet,Flute,Tuba,Bass Saxophone,Bass Trombone
Anne LeBaron   Harp
Leonard Slatkin   Conductor
Jeff "Tain" Watts   Drums
Howard Prince   Trombone
Cristian Amigo   Guitar
Bashiri Johnson   Percussion
David Cerutti   Viola
Michael Finckel   Cello
Annie Gosfield   Sampling
Nashville Symphony   Performing Ensemble
Claudio Roditi   Trumpet
John Stubblefield   Tenor Saxophone
David Van Tieghem   Percussion
Rudresh Mahanthappa   Alto Saxophone
J.G. Thirlwell   Synthesizer
Gary Schall   Percussion
Fred Ho & The Afro-Asian Music Ensemble   Ensemble
Vijay Iyer   Piano
Joel Harrison   Guitar
Lukas Ligeti   electronic percussion
Peter Van Bergen   Woodwind
Elizabeth Brown   Shakuhachi
Mat Maneri   Viola
Leo Ciesa   Piano,Drums
J.D. Allen   Tenor Saxophone
Eve Beglarian   Vocals
Yosvany Terry   Alto Saxophone
Sara Parkins   Violin
Liberty Ellman   Guitar
Elliot Humberto Kavee   Drums
Andy Teirstein   Conductor
Ashley Horne   Violin
Christian Howes   Violin
Jon Davis   Piano
Sarah Cahill   Piano
DownTown Ensemble   Ensemble
Flute Force   Ensemble
Andrew Bolotowsky   Flute
Nicola Melville   Piano
Robert Geary   Conductor
François Moutin   Bass
Dana Leong   Cello
Bora Yoon   Chimes,Vocals,electronics,Tibetan Bowls
Maggie Parkins   Cello
Tri-Polar   Ensemble
Corey Dargel   Vocals
Samuel Claiborne   Viola,Vocals
Sidiki Conde   Drums
Laura Kahle   Pocket Trumpet
Robert Ian Winstin   Conductor
Blob   Ensemble
Ivan Meylemans   Conductor
Anthony de Mare   Piano,Vocals
Timothy Schmidt   Guitar
Selma Moore   Flute
Jennifer Choi   Violin
José Halac   electronics
Laurel Ann Maurer   Flute
Marshall Coid   Violin
Kiev Chamber Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Ethel   String Quartet
Montage Music Society   Ensemble
Volti   Choir, Chorus
Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra   Brass Ensemble
Miami String Quartet   String Quartet
Robert Zubrycki   Violin
George Tsontakis   Conductor
Newman Taylor-Baker   Drums
Orlando Wells   Viola
Esther Noh   Violin
John Morton   electronics,Music Box
Orlando Le Fleming   Bass
Peter Matthews   Guitar
Ian Ferguson   Treble Vocals
Montieth McCollum   Violin,Viola
Chamber Choir Kyiv   Choir, Chorus
Bruce Gremo   Shakuhachi
Barbara Bilach   Piano
Joanne Lin   Cello
Interschools String Orchestra of New York   Performing Ensemble
Flexible Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
concert:nova   Ensemble
Nicolas Maza   Bass Clarinet
Matico Josephson   Treble Vocals
Kiitos   Vocal Ensemble
Julie Joslyn   Violin,Alto Saxophone
University of Wisconsin-River Falls Percussion Quartet   Percussion Ensemble
University of Wisconsin-River Falls Concert Choir   Choir, Chorus
Tara Simoncic   Conductor
Stefan Tcherepnin   Synthesizer
Sekou Dembele   Banjo
Sam Bardfield   Violin

Technical Credits

Joan Tower   Composer
Joel Chadabe   Composer,Liner Notes
Annea Lockwood   Composer
Pauline Oliveros   Composer
Lois V. Vierk   Composer
Elliott Sharp   Composer,Engineering
Robert Dick   Composer
Daniel Goode   Composer,Liner Notes
John Lindberg   Composer,Producer
Wadada Leo Smith   Composer
Raphael Mostel   Composer,Liner Notes
Aaron Jay Kernis   Composer
Anne LeBaron   Composer
Meredith Monk   Composer
Mary Jane Leach   Composer
Howard Prince   Composer,Executive Producer
Cristian Amigo   Producer,Liner Notes
Bob Brockman   Engineer
Annie Gosfield   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes
Fred Ho   Composer
Don Hunerberg   Engineering
Roger Kleier   Producer
Paul Motian   Composer
John Rosenberg   Engineering
Jon Rosenberg   Engineer
John Scherf   Engineer
Judith Sherman   Producer
David Simons   Composer
Harvey Sorgen   Composer,Producer
David Van Tieghem   Composer,Producer,Engineering
Adam Abeshouse   Producer,Engineering
Philip Blackburn   Director,Producer,Liner Notes,Layout
Tim Handley   Producer,Engineer
Rudresh Mahanthappa   Composer,Liner Notes
J.G. Thirlwell   Composer,Producer
Joel Harrison   Arranger,Liner Notes
Roberto Sierra   Composer
Lukas Ligeti   Composer,Liner Notes
Ted Orr   Composer,Producer,Engineer
John Vanore   Engineer
Peter Golub   Composer
Sorrel Hays   Composer,Liner Notes
Ron Kuhnke   Engineer
Robert Moog   Instrument Design
Peter Van Bergen   Composer
Lisa Bielawa   Composer,Liner Notes
Elizabeth Brown   Composer,Engineering
Chris Hajian   Producer
Randall Woolf   Composer,Liner Notes
George Petersen   Executive Producer
Ray Leslee   Composer
Eve Beglarian   Composer
Andy Teirstein   Composer,Producer
Andy Ryder   Engineer
Sheldon Steiger   Producer
James Abbott   Engineer
DownTown Ensemble   Producer
Dongsok Shin   Engineer
Don Ososke   Engineer
Bora Yoon   Composer,Producer
Joseph Bertolozzi   Composer,Producer
Jeff Raheb   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes
Iconoclast   Composer,Producer
Samuel Claiborne   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Sidiki Conde   Composer
Laura Kahle   Composer
Anthony de Mare   Arranger
Ben Manley   Engineer,Engineering
Fred Langenfeld   Proof Reading
Judith Sainte Croix   Composer,Producer
Augusta Read Thomas   Composer,Liner Notes
José Halac   Composer,Liner Notes
Philip Littell   Text
Walt Whitman   Text
Mechthild of Magdeburg   Text
John D.S. Adams   Engineer
Euripides   Poetry
Oliver Davies   Text Translation
George Tsontakis   Composer
Newman Taylor-Baker   Composer
Jay Anthony Gach   Composer,Liner Notes
John Morton   Composer
Daniel Schmidt   Instrument Design
Andrea Dezsö   Artwork
Montieth McCollum   Composer
Christopher Howard   Engineering
Chelsea Vandedrink   Engineer
Carlton Bright   Engineering
Bruce Gremo   Composer,Programming,Engineer
Anita Feldman   Composer,Tap Dancing,Instrument Design
Andy Neermans   Engineer
John Jacobsmeyer   Cover Art
Jeanette Vuocolo   Producer
Eric John Eigner   Composer,Liner Notes
Emma Lain   Engineer
David Parker   Tap Dancing
Neil Rolnick   Composer,Liner Notes
Michael Royce   Liner Notes
Matt Saccucimorano   Engineer
Marcelo Mella   Producer,Engineer
Leslie Lavenet   Engineer
Terry Boddie   Artwork
Sylvia De Swaan   Artwork
Stefan Tcherepnin   Composer,Engineering
Sergio Sericolo   Artwork
Rhonda Price   Tap Dancing

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