The Ocean: Our Future

The Ocean: Our Future

by Independent World Commission on the Oceans, Mario Soares

Summarizes the problems affecting the oceans and their future governance, and provides imaginative solutions.See more details below


Summarizes the problems affecting the oceans and their future governance, and provides imaginative solutions.

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Preface Mário Soares; Summary: The commission; Future directions; Introduction: Shift in basic condition of the oceans; Obstacles to change; Signs of positive change; Part I. Promoting Peace and Security in the Oceans: 1. The origins of the debate; 2. 'Peaceful Uses': concept, issues and players; 3. Enhancing peace and security: the way ahead; Part II. The Quest for Equity in the Oceans: 4. The equity argument; 5. Equity reconsidered in the setting of the oceans; 6. Equity challenges in the oceans; 7. Normative foundations for equity in the oceans; 8. Realizing equity; Part III. Ocean Science and Technology: 9. The challenge of technological change; 10. The technological needs of science; 11. Assessing technology for resource use; 12. The need to know more - and share knowledge; 13. Bridging the gaps; Part IV. Valuing the Oceans: 14. The problem; 15. Sustainable use of coastal and marine resources; 16. Economic incentives in ocean management; 17. International ocean management agreements; 18. Future directions; Part V. Our Oceans: Public Awareneess and Participation: 19. Public awareness, information and knowledge; 20. Public participation; Part VI. Towards Effective Ocean Governance: 21. Positive developments; 22. Barriers to good ocean governance; 23. The unfinished agenda of ocean law; 24. Making international agreements work; 25. Speaking up for the oceans; Annexes; Index.

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