The Old-Fashioned Storybook

The Old-Fashioned Storybook

by Betty Ann Schwartz, Leon Archibald, Betty Ann. Schwartz

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 1-4 This handsome book contains 20 traditional versions of some well-known and a few less-familiar folk and fairy tales. Most of the tales are European in origin, with selections from Andersen, Perrault and the Grimm brothers making up more than half the contents. In the stories that seem well-known, children may find that some of the details are unfamiliar. For example, in ``The Three Little Pigs,'' the two foolish pigs make their houses of mud and cabbage, and the wolf demolishes them without the accustomed huffing and puffing. Each story is illustrated with a full-color painting by Howell which is framed and captioned in the style of books illustrated by Noah Wyeth. The illustrations vary in medium but all are reminiscent of oil paintings. The animals and people are realistically drawn and wear costumes of various historical periods. Howell's use of detail and texture is excellent. The subdued colors and grave facial expressions would make this book more appealing to older children. Unless libraries are particularly well-stocked with collections of fairy tales, this book would be a fine addition. Jean Hammond Zimmerman, Willett School Library, South River, N.J.

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