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The One True Prince

The One True Prince

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by Thomas Brennan

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The King of Albion lies on his deathbed and, from the ends of the kingdom, his sons, four of them clones, return to the palace to learn which of them is the One True Prince. As an assassin stalks the realm, killing one prince and seeking the lives of the others, only a young woman's testimony can identify the killer and expose the conspiracy behind the succession. Brennan's first novel deftly combines high fantasy with elements of technology-cloning, pistols, and teletype-to create a believable alternate world with likable male and female protagonists. A good choice for most fantasy and YA collections. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Following the last war it has taken the earth generations to recover as the ocean waters flowing deep into the land has changed much of the geography. The planet is technologically on the level of the Middle Ages though electricity is available to the royals and people in strategic positions. The Clan of Na Cereth has been on the throne of Albion since the end of the war in the Third Millennia but the five princes are never allowed to stay with their father in London for fear they will all be killed................................. The five princes live throughout Albion with at least two are staying in monasteries. At the monastery at Siloth, the refuge of Prince Lorcan, invaders kill him and everyone else except Lady Myria, the abbot¿s daughter. When Prince Tiegue and his body guard leave the monastery of Kyle Na Durss, they are attacked but eventually reach London. In London, Tiegue¿s life as well as the rest of the Princes is in danger and it is Myria who rescues him not knowing until the last moment that the real mastermind is.............................. Society has devolved into a feudal society where food is grown through ways used in the Middle Ages, which contrasts with the advanced scientific methods known by the Physic-Science Institute. Their breakthrough science and medical achievement is only accessible to the royals and their entourage. THE ONE TRUE PRINCE is a fascinating work of speculative fiction and it is a sure bet there will be further installments in this series because there are many questions that remain and actions to be worked out if THE ONE TRUE KING is to sit on the throne......................... Harriet Klausner