The Only Other Investment Guide You'll Ever Need

The Only Other Investment Guide You'll Ever Need

by Andrew Tobias

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Financial adviser Tobias here updates The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need to cover 1986 tax-law and other financial and investment changes of the last decade. In an amusing, even sassy style he extols budget-keeping (``your mom is worried'') and explains how bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, insurance ``products,'' IRAs and so on operate. Regarding more substantial investments, the author writes of Wall Street perils, but also sees rich possibilities of great wealth. Seemingly every type of investment is covered here: from U.S. bonds (safe but dull), penny stocks (fun but risky) and Iowa farmland to comic books and baseball cards. Few readers will fail to find something they've always wanted to knowe.g., how to read the fine print, make a savvy charity donation or back a Broadway show. Major ad/promo; Fortune Book Club main selection; BOMC alternate; author tour. (October 12)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Tobias, whose previous investment works were popular, here writes in the same informative but irreverent style. This book takes into account the many changes in the financial world since The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need ( LJ 4/1/78). Topics include insurance of all kinds, IRAs, real estate partnerships and home buying, and borrowing, all with reference to the new tax law. He ridicules all ``systems'' for making money on the stock market save one: buy low, sell high (well, you should hold for the long term and diversify). What else? Trust no one (e.g., brokers). Thrift. Industry. Patience. Spend less than you earn. Simple advice that needs repeating, evidently. Recommended. Alex Wenner, Indiana Univ. Libs., Bloomington

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