The Origin and Evolution of Our Own Particular Universe

The Origin and Evolution of Our Own Particular Universe

by David E. Fisher

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Gr 10-12 Fisher relates the history of the universe and how we have come to know it, explaining the physical being of virtually everything. The sketch of the standard history from the Greek concepts of heavenly circles to the relevant theories and discoveries of Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, and on through Newton is creditable. One fascinating section covers Einstein's theories, clearly demonstrating how they led to the concept and subsequent confirmation of an expanding universe. The Big Bang and stellar evolution are also well-handled. On the planetary level, both sides in the current rift between theories of creation by nebular condensation and stellar collision are given fair treatment, beginning with a brief outline of the early development of geology and leading into discussion of extraterrestrial life and the search for it. The open-closed universe controversy is explained in conclusion. The requirement of the testability of theory is stressed, but all the mind-boggling concepts (such as other dimensions with different physical laws) are also considered and clearly labeled as speculations. Some mathematical explication is included and clearly verbalized for the layman. Fisher has a tendency toward parenthetical interjection which is sometimes snidely critical or childishly humorous. This may be an attempt to appeal to a younger audience, but will be distracting to older readers for whom this will be most appropriate. This factor has been toned down considerably in comparison to Fisher's earlier The Third Experiment: Is There Life on Mars? (Macmillan, 1985). Illustrative matter, including clear diagrams and photos and reproductions of scientists and planets, add value. An absorbing presentation which integrates a large body of knowledge. Dennis Ford, Canandaigua Junior Academy, N.Y.

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