The Orion Prophecy: Will the World Be Destroyed in 2012?

The Orion Prophecy: Will the World Be Destroyed in 2012?

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by Patrick Geryl

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The Orion Prophecy: Will the World Be Destroyed in 2012? 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In defense of Patrick Geryl, some reviewers of his book (from other websites)have been critical not only of his book but of his personal character. They accuse him of trying to profit and to gain notoriety from his thesis, or of being megalomaniacal or self-centered. I don't believe this to be the case. Some of this reaction could be in response to the shocking conclusion that Patrick has come to: In The Orion Prophecy his research has uncovered many ancient hidden messages that forebode the complete destruction of the world in 2012 due to crustal pole shift. When a person takes a stand to defend a controversial topic, he or she is liable to draw extreme criticism. The messenger can be confused with the message. The curious thing is that if his thesis turns out to be true, he will be associated as a harbinger of death. Pioneers must take a lot of opposition from the very people they are trying to liberate. Because of our investments in our homes, families, and statuses, if his thesis turned out to be true it would result in a lot of pain, changes, and tumult. Because it is by no means an easy path, one can see that it would not be one to choose if it were simply for fame or fortune. My take on Patrick is that he is a sincere researcher who is laying it all on the line for what he has discovered. There are no throngs cheering him on. There are no scientists giving him awards. He is courageously getting the word out in the best way he knows how. He needs the support of others, for if his discoveries turn out to be true, we are headed toward astonishing times! If his warnings are heeded, some might survive to live to see the dawning of a new phase of human existence. Why not do some preparation anyway? After all, another 911 or Katrina or Seattle power outage are realities we must deal with and they are here now. If you read his book and decide to heed his message and it turns out to be true, you will thank him on behalf of your family and loved ones. If you disagree with him, you will have entertained some new ideas and been stimulated in thinking. Why not live and let live and allow others to express their ideas? One more thing: there is a sinister possibility that we have been conditioned like in The Matrix to be critical and doubtful of certain messages even though these messages could liberate us. Could a fear-based reaction to this author's work be a result of our having been subliminally programmed to shutdown the very information that could free us? There are at least two precedents for this situation. One was that of a man who got the idea to build a boat in his backyard because he had a dream that the water level was going to rise another was a man who was warned that the city he lived in was going to be leveled. The latter pleaded to spare the city if he could find ten righteous people, but found none. Things were so perverted in the inner city that men came to his door to have sex with his daughters. When he came up out of the city, his wife could not separate herself from the allures of her home and despite being warned not to, she turned to look as the city was razed and she was turned into a pillar of salt by the ground zero blast. Her husband pleaded to not have to take refuge in the mountains because it was one of the things he was the most afraid of. You recognize the men to be Noah and Lot. They were dealing with the same dynamics we are dealing with now. I have been researching anomalous phenomena since the 1970s. The axis of the Earth has tilted and the Earth is wobbling. The Magnetic North Pole has been moving around. Solar flares are increasing far beyond previous levels. The evidences appear to be favoring the possibility that Patrick could be correct.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I heard Patrick Geryl on the talk show. Patrick Geryl proposed that the reversal of the earth's magnetic field is initiated by a reversal of our sun's magnetic field. As our earth's magnetic field reverses, the earth's rotation would also reverse. This action would be accompanied by a gigantic tidal wave as the oceans would continue in their current direction during the reversal. Based on ancient Egyptian writings, Patrick Geryl asserts that the ancient people understood these solar reversals and provided mankind with astronomical markers to alert us to the next reversal. I have read the book three times and plan to read it again. It reads like a mystery novel. Also, thanks to Gino Ratinckx, the co-author and archeo-astronomer.
Guest More than 1 year ago
On Dec. 21-22, 2012, the world will switch poles creating a massive tidal wave. The Mayan calandar is counting down to this event. This book explains exactly what will happen in 2012 and proves it with the universal language of mathematics. This book is genius and the amount of research the authors have dedicated to this book is amazing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I read this book, I naturally did not read it all in one setting. I very rarely allow any one thing to consume me entirely. But, as I progressed into the chapters, even though I found questionable comments, and strange topic matter at times,I was so intrigued by what the author was trying to convey to his readers, that it got to the point that once I realized the scope of this material, I didnt care if the book was 100 % correct on every single aspect. The reason being is this - ask yourself one question everyone....'What if this cataclysm prediction is *correct* ?' I mean seriously, it is possible that this thing could really happen. Now that I have said that, lets concentrate on the topic of this book, like we are suppose to. While reading this book, I never got the impression from the author, Patrick Geryl, that his book claims a definate end to the world as we know it, really. look at the title of the book, it simply states 'Will the World be destroyed?' Patrick has definately written a worthwhile book in my opinion, because the subject matter is of utmost importance to our entire existance ! I believe he has attempted and achieved his goal, which I believe is to make the Human Race aware of this possibly cataclysmic 'Earth Change', But so far many , many readers have dismissed the entire work because of reasons dealing with unbelieveability and incorrectness of some of the subject matter. While I acknowledge that every single person on this earth has the right to their opinions, the concept of this book should not be ignored, nor should any other book written about this subject. I feel everyone who reads this book should consider what has been presented here, and take seriously the fact that it could happen. I also feel that it would in their best interest to attempt to gain as much knowledge available to us all about this subject. Whether this book is simply 'Right or Wrong', would'nt it be tragic if no one goes beyond that thinking? Patrick has gone beyond that thinking, and what he has to say is of utmost importance to the entire Human Race. I have tried to give a completely open, honest review of this book, and i hope this review gives some insight beyond what is typically only found on pages in ink.....because if this does happen, the entire history of Mankind could cease to exist, and that is beyond words to accept. All the great works, tradgedies and triumphs that spell Mankinds' existance would be lost if no one takes another look at this subject. I feel everyone should read this book, and come away with a certain enlightenment, then persue the matter how they feel appropriate, but to never, ever dismiss it entirely. Thankyou for allowing me to post this review.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Read this book, The Orion Prophecy, and find out why authors Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx, after exhaustive research, come to their staggering conclusion; the earth as we know it will be destroyed in 2012! Continents will slide, earthquakes will devastate the land; an immense tidal wave will destroy much of our homelands. Author, Patrick Geryl explains; ¿I was carried away in an astonishing series of discoveries about the secrets of a long lost past --of an antediluvian civilization, which was able to calculate the previous pole shift, and its later descendants, who have calculated the next polar reversal for 2012.¿ As the year 2012 draws closer, the authors wish to enlighten people with their grievous message in hopes that there might be a chance for our survival. Why are the authors so sure about this disaster? How do they know it will happen? Their research reveals that the Maya and the ancient Egyptians had a working theory about the magnetic fields of the sun. These ancient peoples were able to predict the worldwide flood that occurred in 9792 BC and, much to the dismay of the authors, it was discovered that those same people also predicted impending disaster for us in 2012! ¿We are trying to get the word out with this book, we want you to understand that they CALCULATED the end of Atlantis¿ they CALCULATED an even more violent end for us!¿ Geryl states, ¿I, do not doubt one bit after having made lots of discoveries that point to it. The only question that has been keeping me busy for years now is; how can I possibly survive this? The most terrible nightmare cannot be terrible enough to describe this world's destruction. Burning, intense burning, is how you could describe the entire sky before the event¿; The Holy Scriptures say: ¿the light of the light is around the world now.¿ Holy prophecy predicting the cataclysm that may possibly claim all our lives! ¿If we keep ignoring these findings- we will all die! Alarm bells should be ringing around the world!¿ This book is a must read for everyone!
IndianaDave More than 1 year ago
Hello, are we still here? My greatly worn copy is for sale ... cheeeeeeep. 2 cents sound good?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Imagine for a moment that you had your life neatly compartmentalized, planned out to achieve your greatest goals for an enjoyable and secure future, when suddenly you came across information that suggested that you would never enjoy the benefit of a comfortable future!!! This is exactly what happened to author Patrick Geryl, which prompted him to write the book ¿The Orion Prophecy.¿ Together with archeo-astronomer Gino Ratinckx, Geryl gives a sequential account of their joint research into the predictions and prophecies of the Maya and Ancient Egyptians, both highly advanced scientific civilisations with phenomenal mathematical knowledges. The book leads us through the evidences of what the Maya believed was the end of existence, because their calendar abruptly ends in the year 2012... This account of the authors¿ research is supported by facts pertaining to the super-knowledges held by the Ancient Egyptians through the centuries. These super-knowledges are believed to be the historical knowledge of the survivors of the Atlantean civilisation that was destroyed by the last major shift and reversal of the polarity in the magnetic field of the earth some 12,000 years ago. If you are at all interested in the sciences of geology, astronomy, engineering, physics, or even metaphysics, or even an interested layperson, then this book is a must read. Be prepared, though to have your mind broadened by the facts that support the authors¿ belief of the forthcoming cataclysm that will end the current civilisation in 2012... The evidence tabled here enhances that appearing in the books The Mayan Prophecies, The Orion Mystery, The Fingerprints of the Gods, When the Sky Fell, The Path of the Pole, Fountains of the Great Deep, Serpent in the Sky, Keeper of Genesis, et al. Without a doubt, this book has re-affirmed my personal belief of an impending cataclysm ¿ one that will be difficult to survive without heeding the warnings of the Ancients¿
Guest More than 1 year ago
I recently finished reading a copy of 'The Orion Prophecy'by Patrick Geryl&Gino Ratinckx.This is one astonishing as well as astounding book,a genuine feast for starving minds.The research these two authors engaged in,and the facets which they bring together,provided this reader with a historical portrait of our planets cyclical nature and sufficient evidence that more than proves their theses that on December 21/22,2012 this earth as we know it will indeed come to a screeching halt....At its best we have these two writers to thank for having brought to light the fact that unless the nuclear power plants and oil wells are shut dow all over the world,in time,befor the great cataclysm,there will be no chance at all for any survivors to repopulate the earth,just a world whose atmosphere will be poisoned by radioactivity and whoes waters polluted with raw oil....At the worst,we may have a governmental response that puts profits befor people and ignores the indisputable evidence of the great catastrophe only nine years from now.