The Other Side of Love

The Other Side of Love

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by J. S. Cooper

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Love isn't always candy and butterflies

Noah Beaumont knows the complete joy and the utter devastation that love can bring. He's haunted by his past and the secrets that he holds inside, but is trying to move on with his life. He thinks he may finally have met his match in Robin, but then the calls from Skylar start coming in.

Zane Beaumont was broken when he

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Love isn't always candy and butterflies

Noah Beaumont knows the complete joy and the utter devastation that love can bring. He's haunted by his past and the secrets that he holds inside, but is trying to move on with his life. He thinks he may finally have met his match in Robin, but then the calls from Skylar start coming in.

Zane Beaumont was broken when he thought his brother Noah was dead, but now that he knows the truth and Noah is back he wants some answers. It's only the love of his fiancee, Lucky that has stopped him from losing it with Noah.

Noah knows that Zane needs to know the truth, but he thinks he's protecting him by keeping it all inside. He doesn't want Zane's heart to be broken like his was but the biggest secrets always have a way of getting out and unknowingly, Noah may be risking the love of the person he cares about most by not talking.

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The Other Side of Love 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
aznangel_dd More than 1 year ago
WOW!!! The Other Side of Love completely BLEW ME AWAY and left me utterly SPEECHLESS! Noah, who was supposedly dead, came back a changed man. He has experienced both the good and dark side of love. Every day, he lives with guilt, anger, and devastation for what has happened. He left Skylar behind and knows that even though he still loves her, he has to move on with his life. Then he meets feisty waitress, Robin, and the spark between them is instantaneous. He starts living again and finally moves forward when Skylar calls. All the while, he is keeping secrets from Zane, believing that he is protecting his brother from the devastating truth that could break him. But Zane wants answers and he is getting impatient. The only thing that is keeping him grounded is his fiance, Lucky. Even though the main focus of this story is Noah, Zane and Lucky are back! The ever-protective Zane and the witty, no-nonsense Lucky and their endless little banters. They are in love more than ever and it's apparent throughout the entire book. They're so cute together and I absolutely ADORE them! Oh Noah... He tries so hard to protect everyone else by keeping everything to himself. You can't help but love him. He keeps secrets to protect Zane, he is devastated by his inability to protect Skylar, and he feels guilty of his new relationship with Robin since he hasn't moved on from his past. I just want to hug the guy and take all his pain away. He is so passionate and caring of everyone. What is it with these Beaumont brothers and their overwhelming need to protect?! I love it! J.S. Cooper kept me guessing the whole way through, and I definitely didn't see the ending coming! There were so many unexpected twists, turns, and surprises. And the steamy sex scenes...O.M.G.!! *fanning myself* My eyes were glued to the book from start to finish; there was no good stopping point, so plan on finishing it in one sitting. I totally LOVE this book and am excited and cannot wait for the final installment to this series! Favorite quotes: - "Love isn't about what family you're born into...Sometimes we form families with people we would never expect to." - "I'm the real winner. I found you, somehow tricked you into falling in love with me and now you're stuck with me forever."
RettaR92377 More than 1 year ago
WOW is all I can say!! The Other Side of Love is filled with secrets, twists and a whole lot of awesomeness!! I will write a real review when I get over this book hangover but I HIGHLY recommend reading it! Now that I have somewhat recovered from my book hangover…...JS Cooper has outdone herself with The Other Side of Love! Secrets are kept, secrets are revealed, there are twists, shocking surprises and let's not forget the steamy sex scenes!! I fell in love with Noah and I think you will too! If you haven't read The Last BoyFriend, The Last Husband, or Before Lucky I suggest you do before you read The Other Side of Love!! 
KLOVETHOSEBOOKS More than 1 year ago
I cannot tell you how much I loved this last installment in the Forever Love Series. The Other Side of Love has go to be hands down my favorite of this series so far. Noah has weaseled his way in to my heart and will fight anyone who tries to take his spot. First if you haven't read The Last Boyfriend, The Last Husband, and Before Lucky DO NOT read this one. This is book four of a series and must be read as such. Also there may be some spoilers in this review regarding those so be careful while reading further. So we find out in the Last Husband that the brother that Zane lost and was hellbent on revenge for was in fact not dead. What we didn't know was where he was and what he was doing while away. Why did he not tell Zane everything. Also why does Zane's mother pretend she doesn't know him. Well Ladies (and gents) Those answers are FINALLY given too us and there is no way you could predict what you find out. The twists and turns in this book broke my heart as well as swelled it full of love. I freakin' fell deeply in love with Noah Beaumont in this book but it also if possible made me love Zane so much more. Yes we knew Zane loved his brother and nothing else until Lucky but man the unconditional love for family shown in this book is heartwarming. This is a story of love and loss as well as that family isn't completely by the book it is what you make of it. J.S. Cooper really outdid her self on this one and I am so excited to see where the Beaumonts go from here and am anxiously awaiting the finally of this family coming 12/5/13 in Zane and Lucky's First Christmas! How ever I am super excited but will be sad to see them go. (Good news though I will reread them over and over!!) ~Katrina
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely LOVED this book. It definitely had me guessing throughout the whole story. I never dreamed in a million years it would turn out the way it did but OH MY FREAKIN WOW was it amazing. Lol. The storyline flowed right along with My Last Husband. I have fallen in love with Noah, Zane, and Lucky and now we have Skylar and Robin. I highly recommend this series to everyone. And the sex is off the charts HOT! Lol. 355 pages of romance, love, friendship, intrigue and intence edge of your seat suspence. It is SO worth the money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cant wait to read the last book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
busymama49 More than 1 year ago
It is time to finally know what happened to Noah. If you've read the Last Boyfriend and The Last Husband, you are now ready for The Other Side of Love. I love how complicated and conflicted Noah is about his secrets. It denotes his heartfelt concern for his brother Zane and the future of their relationship. Noah has carried these secrets for far too long and he must finally come clean with Zane. The time for the truth has come no matter how painful. This book reads like a romantic story with a touch of thriller and suspense. I will not reveal spoilers but are able to assure the readers out there, this book will keep you in suspense until the very last page. JS Cooper continues to write books that intrigue as well as emotionally enthrall the reader. Each book has topped the previous one in this series. I wonder what she has in stock for us in the next story in this series?
SinfulTeri More than 1 year ago
Small Spoilers!!!!! I have to say, I loved this book! The Other side of Love is the 4 book in the Forever Love series and it is just as good if not better than the other 3. In the first 2 books you find out that Noah (Zane's brother) has died and Zane is set out to find the reason why Noah died and try to put the people that gave Noah the drugs that he took. Zane is working with the FBI to figure it all out which is where he met Lucky. At the end of the second book you find out that Noah isn't really dead and comes back into their lives. In this story you find out little bits here and there about what Noah went through, what he did, and who he met. He gets kind of like a flashback. I love this because the biggest question out there is what happened with Noah. He talks about someone named Skylar who he loved while hidden away and also about the girl that he loved but who turned out to be a really bad person. It can be a little confusing but at the end everything comes out and you are left feeling like... OOOHHH. lol You also meet a feisty waitress named Robin that Noah is falling for but doesn't want to. He is trying so hard to be with her but can't help it. It's like gravity and he keeps getting pulled back to her. He doesn't want to tell her everything about what happened while he was gone but he does tell her a little. He feels the same way about not telling Zane or Lucky anything either. You do find out some hidden secrets about Zane's past that he didn't know about though. I really loved this story and can't wait to read the last story in the series about Zane and Lucky's Christmas! A definite MUST read from JS Cooper!!!
CallaGi More than 1 year ago
Where to begin I loved this book and loved getting to know Noah as a character!!! I thought it was great that we got to see into who Noah really is and the type of guy he is, I also loved that we still got to see more from Zane and Lucky. I will say this book kept me guessing the whole time about what was really going on with Noah and his time away from Zane. Can't wait to read more about all of these Characters!!!
tillman524 More than 1 year ago many secrets are revealed in this book that I can't say too much without feeling like I'm giving it all away. We've been waiting for answers about Zane's life as well as what exactly happened with Noah and why he basically returned from the dead in TLH. JS Cooper does a fantastic job of tying up all the loose ends and brings us another absolutely lovable character in Noah. Lucky and Zane are still one of my fave couples EVER! Way to go, JS!
bethlattanzi09EL More than 1 year ago
Wow…. JS Cooper really has out done herself with this novel…. I kept wandering the whole time what secrets Noah was hiding and what could really be so big that he was completely torn with what to do about Skylar. I definitely was not expecting the story to take a turn the way it did and I kept thinking to myself I had figured the story out…. I was SO wrong! “We all know the bright side of love as it shines luminously for all to see. But the other side of love, the other side can be a lonely, solitary place. I know that now.” I loved Noah’s character and the heart he has. He cares so much about family and will do whatever he needs to, to keep his family protected. He is hiding a secret from Zane and you understand why he wants to keep it a secret once it is revealed but your heart breaks for him because he really does need to share the information he knows. I felt that Noah took on a lot more than what he needed to at times. If he would have just opened up completely to those that loved him maybe things could have worked out quicker. “There’s always more life to live, and sometimes you just have to live it. You don’t want to wake up and be eighty years old and regretting the path you took.” Noah is a character you fall in love with over and over again the more you learn about him. He is so compassionate and truly cares about others. Not only does he love his brother with everything in him but he also loves Lucky immediately. I loved getting to read more about Zane and Lucky too!!! They are just wonderful together and return the love for Noah 100%. This is one of those books you definitely need to pick up and read because you will keep guessing until the end.
SexyMia125 More than 1 year ago
Book four of the Forever Series and by far, my favorite. JS Cooper is getting better and better with her stories. Noah is a man after my own heart. Full of emotion, and strong, physically and emotionally. It was a roller coaster ride throughout this book. The characters are well written, and the plot is fast and to the point. No boring bits where you find yourself wanting to put the book down or skip a few pages. It is a heart stopping, wet panty inducing, fall into a coma type of a story.  Can't wait for more.
LindseyAdams More than 1 year ago
This was my favorite JS Cooper Book yet :) If you haven't read The Last Boyfriend, The Last Husband, and Before Lucky, read those first. They are a series, and reading this first would give away too much of the others. This book is Noah's story, and it was phenomenal! I love a plot twist, and a hidden ending, if you do as well, this book if for you. It is full of love, letting go, and being a hero to someone special. Noah fills all those roles. J.s.'s writing makes you feel like you know these characters. Like they could be your next door neighbors or friends. I am so impressed every time I read another book that she writes. I cannot say enough, buy this book. You will not be dissappointed :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW JS Cooper did it again! Blew me right out of the water!  She had me hooked by the first page and I couldn't put it down until I finished!  She really went in depth with Noah and his emotions.  A winner!!!
AnnettePutmanYoung More than 1 year ago
I think I'm in LOVE with Noah!! I've been reading JS Cooper books for some time now and first let me to tell you I have watch her writing style grow and mature with her, but with The Other Side of Love just let me tell you WOW!! The twist and turns that she involves with this story really show how far she has come!! Noah has returned from the dead and is hiding some secrets from his brother Zane. Secrets that he is scared that will drive them apart and now longer make them brothers, now when he needs him now more then ever, but can Noah open up and be honest with Zane without breaking the bonds of brotherhood? Can Zane also open up to love again after her got burned while in hiding? And Skylar?? She has stolen his heart!! Can he get her back?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was given an arc for an honest review. I thought the forever series was awesome when I first picked up The Last Boyfriend. However, Noah is so special because he is different from Zane in so many ways but alike as well. I loved the suspense of his secrets and I could not believe how it turned out. If you loved the first book in this series than you will love the fourth book with Noah's story. J.S. Cooper has truly outdone herself again!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a good book. I really enjoyed noahs story but it was a little slow in the beginning and almost lost me. I did keep going and liked the ending. Cant wait for the next book. I hope they will skip so much fillrr and keep with the story unlike this book.
TCroyTC More than 1 year ago
This was a romance with almost as much mystery in it. You never knew what to expect next. So many plot twist and turns it keep you on your toes. J.S.Cooper delivers 110%. You will want to have plenty of time set aside because you're not gonna want to put it down once you start. So many true statements are made in this book it pulls you in and makes it feel real. These characters become the friends you want to have, the family you want to be in, and the lover you wish you had. " Have you ever loved someone so much that you've walked away because that is the only thing you can do to protect them?" Zane can't understand why Noah didn't let him in on the plan but he knows that beyond anything Noah loves and wanted to protect him. He came back for Zane even though it broke his heart to leave someone special behind. Even though "sometimes you have to lie to the ones you love to protect them" doesn't mean your own heart goes unscathed. So much has changed in a year while Noah has been gone. Can he just pick up with the life he once had or will the ghosts of his time dead haunt him forever. You'll be amazed at the outcome.
Natasha1977 More than 1 year ago
I was sucked in right away. It kept me guessing, I couldn't see what was coming, questions that I had from the other books got answered. I was hooked and couldn't put it down. JS Cooper out did herself with this one. I think this is now my favorite from the series. I laughed a lot, Lucky with her witty comebacks, and the batter between them is fantastic. You could see that all the secrets Noah was keeping were killing him. My heart broke when Noah had to come clean and tell Zane the truth. I had tears in my eyes. What I really loved was this once started off as just 2 people who lost everyone, and are now getting a family that is growing and stronger than ever. There isn't anything they won't do for each other. By the end of the book my heart was racing, I could feel the intensity coming of the page. Just an AMAZING story a must read. I can't wait to see what JS Cooper comes out with next
Joy-Anne More than 1 year ago
This book was amazing. Once I started there was no putting it down. It was the only thing that kept me going during a very chaotic week. I escaped into the story and was able to escape reality for a few hours. It moved along at an amazing pace, had characters that you fall instantly in love with and want to see them succeed and a story that was amazing. J. S. Cooper is an amazing author and I am looking forward to reading the next amazing story that she writes.
sexylm More than 1 year ago
I just finish reading this book and once again J.S. Cooper left me speechless, I love this series and oh boy I don't know wich book I love the most, this story has some good twist, and drama, and romance, I love how it turns out. When I started reading The Forever series, during the first book it made it seem like Zane brother Noah was dead, but in the second book at the end we find out with the little twist that he was not, now in this story this is Noah story and we finally get to see what has been going with him, and oh boy their is a lot going on with him. Noah had to fake his death to keep his family safe, and that took him to spend a year away from his brother, well during that year he met two person but he felt for one and he had to do everything to keep her safe, now back at home he meets Robin and start having feeling for her, but he was going through so much emotional and worried about that one person, that it had me guessing through the entire story.  I really enjoy and had fun reading this book, but I always love J.S. Cooper books and the imagination that she has as an writer THANK YOU for giving me the chance to read about your wonderful imagination. I hope that when you read it that you get to enjoy it and love it as much as I did.
CRISSYM More than 1 year ago
“The Other Side of Love” is definitely the other side on Noah; the secret side. Let me just say that the secrets Noah is keeping is shocking to say the least; shocking and unexpected. This book definitely gave me answers to the questions I had from the previous books in the series. After reading this I felt like when it came to Zane’s family he definitely got the short end of the stick. However I love how after everything Noah showed his love for his brother by choosing him over another; it just shows how much of a connection they had before everything happened. To find out whom you will just have to read the book but you will definitely want to know the secrets that are within this family. Some new characters come into play, some you will love right off the back and some you will hate the instant you meet them. I love the playfulness between Noah, Zane and Lucky they will definitely make you laugh. The ending will definitely leave you wanting to read the next book in the series. Noah might be a little rusty when it comes to relationship but he definitely knows how to charm.
cdlacombe2 More than 1 year ago
"The Other Side of Love" is the story of Noah and his secrets. Well let me tell you something, JS Cooper, you literally blew me away with those secrets that got revealed!! We learn about the time that Noah was away, where he went, who he met and what he did. We also learn the secret about their mom, why she left. We also get 2 new people in Noah's life, Robin and Skylar(I just love that name). We also get more of Zane and Lucky and the way the reacted with Noah now that he is back home. I love the camaraderie that the 3 of them have together, their witty banter just had me laughing. Zane and Noah had some heated discussions too. And don't let me leave out the hot sex of course. I could write more, but you just need to read this book for yourself especially if you have read the first 3 in the Forever Love series. I received an arc for an honest review.