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Other Side of Me

The Other Side of Me

4.7 33
by Linda Eder
One of America’s premier singers of pop standards and Broadway tunes, the former Star Search winner and star of the long running hit musical Jekyll and Hyde is back with a looser, more intimate country-pop sound perfectly suited to the thoughtful, introspective songs chosen for this project.

Highlights of Linda’s new approach include the personally


One of America’s premier singers of pop standards and Broadway tunes, the former Star Search winner and star of the long running hit musical Jekyll and Hyde is back with a looser, more intimate country-pop sound perfectly suited to the thoughtful, introspective songs chosen for this project.

Highlights of Linda’s new approach include the personally charged "Pieces," "Make Today Beautiful," and Eder’s composition "Waiting for the Fall." In addition, she delivers sensitive readings of Joni Mitchell’s "Both Sides Now" and "Ghost" by Emily Saliers of The Indigo Girls.

Eder’s vocal range and stunning talents encompass nearly every style from cabaret to classical. She brings all of this to bear on The Other Side of Me, her 10th album and Verve debut. From the Label

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Linda Eder   Primary Artist,Vocals
Duke Levine   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Mandolin,Electric Guitar,Mandola,Lap Steel Guitar
Clint DeGanon   Drums
David Finck   Upright Bass
Will Lee   Bass,Background Vocals
Bernd Schoenhart   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Billy Jay Stein   Synthesizer,Piano,Hammond Organ,Synthesizer Bass
Tabitha Fair   Background Vocals
Antoine Silverman   Fiddle
Shaun Baker   Background Vocals
Jason Paige   Background Vocals
Shaun Barker   Background Vocals
Dave Eggar   Cello
Russell Valasquez   Background Vocals
Nir "Z" Zidkyahu   Percussion,Drums

Technical Credits

Joni Mitchell   Composer
Linda Eder   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Author,Audio Production
Randy VanWarmer   Composer
Cathy Dennis   Composer
Neil Dorfsman   Guitar Engineer,Drum Engineering,Keyboard Engineer
Ken Hirsch   Composer
Paul Jenkins   Composer
Benjy King   Composer
Will Lee   Vocal Engineer,Bass Engineer
John Oddo   Arranger
Emily Saliers   Composer
Marti Sharron   Composer
Billy Jay Stein   Arranger,Composer,Producer,drum programming,Vocal Engineer,Audio Production,Guitar Engineer,Bass Engineer,Keyboard Engineer
Greg Wells   Composer
Kara DioGuardi   Composer
Hollis King   Art Direction
Robin Lerner   Composer
Shaun Barker   Composer
Bill Grainer   Composer

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The Other Side of Me 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This anxiously awaited CD was well worth the wait. After seeing her perform this new sound/show 3 times I knew I really loved it. I have had it since Tuesday and have not stopped listening to it. All of Linda's music is wonderful and it always makes me smile. This sound will put Linda on a bigger Map!! THE VOICE IS AMAZING...
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a departure from the style she is known for standards, ballads. Her official site LindaEder has a posting where Linda says, &amp amp quot It took a year and a half to make my new CD. Like anything that gets better with patience and time her CD is a cullmination of many years of this. What a wonderful masceration of vocal and verve. She sings from the heart and it clearly affects all who listen. A wonderful gift for anyone who loves great music.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Linda Eder has a great reputation for power, clarity, passion, and tone of voice. She can bring you to tears with the way she connects to some of her music. This CD takes all of that talent and focuses on a pop/rock sound with great lyrics and a suttle touch of country. It is unique music with a great vibe, solid backup vocals, muscians who create a sophisticated but fun sound topped off by one of the best voices of our time. I can't recommend this CD more highly! It is a must for anyone who appreciates good music
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
teveretts More than 1 year ago
Linda Eder¿s new project, ¿The Other Side of Me¿ is indeed another side of Linda Eder. Those familiar with Linda¿s previous work might be expecting the diva to come alive and belt ballads with never ending crescendos will be surprised. This is not the work of a singer trying to be a diva. This is certainly not the work of a singer trying to be a pop star. This is the work of a artist comfortable enough in her own talent to know that a whisper can be as attention drawing as a shout.

Appropriately titled, ¿The Other Side of Me¿ showcases songs that are rich in melodies and harmonies. Lyrically, the songs reflect grief from life changes as well as hope for the future. These are songs are relatable and comfortable while avoiding the trite, redundancies present in many adult contemporary lyrics. Songs such as ¿Pieces¿, ¿Lifted and ¿They Are the Roses¿ skillfully combine piano, acoustic and electric guitar and Eder¿s exquisite voice in a way that allow the listener to gladly come along on a musical story. The most remarkable thing that struck me on these songs is that they were actually produced to have dynamics. Many of Eder¿s contemporaries produce song after song that is one long, ear piercing crescendo. Eder does not need long vocal riffs to show off her range, or long, musical climaxes to prove her vocal power. Rather, she allows the song to tell the story. She trusts the listener to know that the subtleties in the music and her voice are the true signs of talent. She knows that she can gently embrace the notes with a soft velvet voice and invoke emotions, rather than rely on long riffs and sheer volume. Her voice becomes an instrument that compliments the others to make a smooth, harmonious sound.

The first time listening to this CD, I have to admit, I did not instantly gravitate to one particular song. All seemed to flow into each other as the styles are similar. I immediately noticed that the natural, clear, beautiful intonation. I also was struck by the fact that this music was not overly processed. After listening to the CD several times, I noticed myself humming some of the songs throughout the day. Try listening to it a few times, I guarantee, you will be hooked also.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was at the kickoff of this CD . Anyone who is a Linda fan will love her new sound. This CD will also have broad appeal as she steps out of her &amp quot broadway&amp quot shoes into what she says is her more natural cowboy boots and blue jeans style. And who knew she could write songs and play the guitar.
Aegina More than 1 year ago
Linda Eder has a strong voice and there are a number of different styles on this lushly orchestrated CD. There are some pretty ballads, some catchy tunes, and even an "angry woman" song. The overall tone is very mainstream -- nothing revolutionary here -- but very listenable.
Heather_MoonB More than 1 year ago
Linda Eder has a wonderful and strong voice. Her music is very soft and relaxing to anyone who has not heard her before. I would recommend this cd to anyone who likes a new age sound with a mix of Jazz and Country. Highly recommend if you are looking for some relaxing "you" time music in the bath or other places. I will say how ever that listening to the cd from start to finish is a little slow and can be dry, so I have a list of favorites I like to hit.
DebraBoston More than 1 year ago
When I listened to "The Other Side of Me", I thought that Eder sounded like a cross between Barbra Streisand and Carrie Underwood. Doing a bit of research, I found out that Eder was born in Tucson, AZ in 1961, and that, in fact, Streisand and Judy Garland were early inspirations of hers. I went back to listen to some of her previous work which
included mainly Broadway and pop standards.

In speaking about her new album, her 10th and her debut with Verve, Eder has said, "This isn't so much a departure as it is me getting back to who I really am." She has explained that before she felt she was playing a role, albeit a good one, but that now she was going back to her roots and what moved her when she was just a kid and picked up her first guitar and began writing music. This first love is rekindled in "The Other Side of Me" with its country-pop flavor.

For me, some of these songs still sound like pop standards and, in fact, the middle of the cd songs seem to blend together, however there are truly some that stand out for me and make this cd powerful and enjoyable. Eder has a gorgeous voice and a broad vocal range. The songs deal with a range of emotions and form a tapestry of life and love. There are soaring melodies and the overall tone is extremely uplifting and optimistic. I love the instruments used on this cd and its beautiful harmonies. There are banjo, fiddle, mandolin, mandola, cello and acoustic/electric guitar and piano included.

"Pieces" is easily one of my favorites. It is about a woman who has to pick up the pieces all the time while her man finds another lover for the good times. It really is feisty and quite catchy while not cliche. It starts out, "She slams the door and you come running", and continues with "I've always been the one who puts you back together; She gets the best of you and I get your stormy weather." The message is that "I need some sunshine of my own." What I love about this song is that it is simple and packs a punch while being extremely melodic and showcasing Eder's beautiful vocals. It really has a country feel and I am in love with Antoine Silverman's fiddle which acccents throughout and ends the song.

My favorite is "Waiting for The Fall". This really galvanizes the entire cd for me with its sexy grooving electric guitars. It almost feels like it has a rockabilly feel and seems more alive and exciting than some of the others. This to me seems the epitome of Eder finding her own voice. It sounds modern and fresh even integrates a rap by Strange Cranium which fits perfectly. This song is a departure from some of the others that still sound pop/Broadway to me. Eder wrote this piece and it shows. I really hope she produces more of her own music.

I also like "Prayer For Love" which is full of country-tinged hopefulness.

"They are the Roses" speaks of the dreams that grow in the heart of a child and the hope for future generations. It is enhanced by the sweet voices of a children's choir.

"Both Sides Now" is a cover of one of Joni Mitchell's famous anthems. It's very relaxing like a lot of this cd. There is a lot of pleasant music that is great for mellowing out.

I have been a fan of the Indigo Girls for ages and have seen them in concert. I think their writing is brilliant, so it was like finding an old friend to find a cover of Emily Salier's "Ghost" here.
Guest More than 1 year ago
All Eder fans have been waiting anxiously for this release since it was announced for another label earlier this year. So glad Verve has taken Linda under their wing and released this gem of an album. Seeing the premiere concert performance in March 2008 near Linda's home at a Country Club in Westchester, I was totally taken and this &quot other side&quot . All of the effort that Linda and her co-producer Billy Jay Stein have put into this new selection of songs pays off and deliver the utmost pleasure. What Linda calls &quot midwestern&quot , I call it &quot Anne Murray two octaves higher&quot . Laid back vocals in a comfortable style, some with pep, some with pathos, but all 100% &quot Ederized&quot . The first single is &quot Lifted&quot , with other standouts as &quot Pieces&quot , &quot If I Could&quot (as heartfelt as her live performances of this song), &quot Waiting For The Fall&quot (written by Linda), &quot Both Sides Now&quot (featuring singer/songwriter Shaun Barker on vocals Shaun wrote/co-wrote several tracks on the album), &quot They Are The Roses&quot and the title track. This recording is &quot flawless&quot . Should do very well and it is highly recommended.
SingingBird More than 1 year ago
Linda Eder releases new country album "The Other Side of Me." Linda Eder sings beautifully. This album brings the singer back to her often overlooked country roots. She appeared on the TV show "Star Search," where she won for a record 13 weeks. In 1991, she starred in the musical "Svengali." In 1997, she had her biggest stage ever, appearing on Broadway in "Jekyll & Hyde." Eder earned a Drama Desk Award nomination for her role as Lucy, a beautiful prostitute. I love listening to her on "The Civil War: The Complete Work." Her new album, "The Other Side of Me," has more of a pop-country style, a musical style that's close to her heart. I love it!
olivefrm More than 1 year ago
I recently got Linda Eder¿s new album ¿The other side of me¿ and have been listening to it non stop. With all the stress factors in the news like the economy and the election. Not to mention all the things that go on with my kids¿. Her music lifts me up and calms me down. Just the right note count to make you slow down and appreciate those neglected thoughts.
jreule More than 1 year ago
The angelic voice of Eder will captivate and attract you. A little country vibe is in the background, but in the end it is the soul of her music which lets me love this CD. It is soft, mellow, and yet speaks to me as a 30 something woman. It is exactly what I would have put on a CD for this stage in my life. I feel I am a little mature to listen to a lot of the top 40s on the pop stations, and yet not so old that I cannot listen to light, vibrant music that lifts my spirit. It was truly inspirational and lifting! It definitely has a jazz feel, which I love when I am trying to relax.
juliemac_29 More than 1 year ago
I have been a huge fan of Linda Eder's musical theatre work for years. What's interesting about being a fan of a great singer through musical theatre is that you never get the opportunity to get to know and hear their own musical style, their own passion. It's always a wonderful moment when a musical theatre icon releases a new CD of their own work. You get to finally be allowed in on what makes them tick and what drives them artistically. The Other Side of Me gives the listener just that opportunity.

It's clear even in the first few bars of the first track that the listener is about to be treated to another side of Eder's lush vocal range. I found the tracks to sway a little more towards being country inspired than any other genre. Not being a huge country music fan, I was apprehensive. But as I continued through the CD, I found that the music resonated on a much deeper level than could be summed up by one genre. The songs are beautifully woven together and you get a clear sense that this is music and lyrics Eder is passionate about. Especially lovely were "Pieces" and "Waiting for the Fall".

"The Other Side of Me" is definately worth adding to your music collection whether you know Eder from her musical theatre work, are a country fan or just are looking for a lovely piece of work which lingers and resonates even after the last track fades.
dustinnikki More than 1 year ago
Linda Eder is back with a new CD. "Other Side of Me" sounds more country to me and I love it! There are 12 tracks on this album and they are as follows:

1) Pieces, 2) If You Believe, 3) Lifted, 4) If I Could, 5) Back to Life, 6)Other Side of Me, 7) Waiting for The Fall, 8) Prayer for Love, 9) Both Sides Now, 10) They Are The Roses, 11) Ghost, 12) Make Today Beautiful.

My favorite songs are "Prayer for Love", "Waiting for The Fall", and "If I Could". I really like all the songs though and they are all beautiful. They are emotional, inspirational, and great music to relax to since they are so calming. I love this CD and if you haven't heard it yet, I think you are missing out!
Phoenixj More than 1 year ago
Linda Eder has a solid fan base for her confident Broadway stylings. In "The Other Side of Me" she branches out into new territory. It's a bit of country, a bit of pop, a bit of jazz & a bit of folk.

I find her voice particularly suited to country singing. It's strong & melodic, very beautiful & easy to listen to. She covers songs by a wide variety of artists, giving fresh interpretations of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" & "Ghost" by Emily Saliers. Listening to Eder, I hear these songs in a whole new way.

My favourite cut is "They Are the Roses," in which children are seen as roses & our hope for the future. "Make Today Beautiful" is also uplifting. "No matter what I face, I'm going to make today beautiful" is a great song to listen to at the end of a long day.

The only song penned by Eder is "Waiting for the Fall." It's a gutsy statement by a woman choosing to make changes in a bad relationship - fastpaced & empowering for anyone who's been in a similar situation. I enjoy Eder's covers of work by other artists, but she has a talent for songwriting herself. I hope we'll hear more of this side of her on her next album.
icuincognito More than 1 year ago
After receiving the new Linda Eder CD in the mail, I popped it in the CD player right away. I was not familiar with Linda and was curious to see what she had to offer. What a pleasant surprise!

The Other Side Of Me has 12 tracks. The first song "Pieces" had a very pleasant and comforting sound that caught my attention. From there we are led to her 2nd song and I liked that one even better. "If you Believe (The Way I Do) shows the beautiful vocals that Linda Eder has to offer.

I enjoyed the sound of banjo and mandolin on many of her tracks. The title track "The Other Side of Me" is the 6th on the CD and it really hits home. Linda sings with a passion that makes the listener feel her words. The CD is put together well and I recommend it. It is one of those CD's that will get played often.
trista17plutoSS More than 1 year ago
Linda Eder's new album "The Other Side of Me" is beautiful. Her voice is stupendous. The album is full of gems. From "If I Could" which is my favorite, to the sweet "If You Believe", the uplifting and hopeful "They are the Roses", the country flavored "Pieces" and "Waiting for the Fall", and a very nice cover of my favorite Joni Mitchell song "Both Sides Now". Linda's voice and album will continue to make not only today beautiful, but everyday.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you are an Eder fan, You need this CD in your collection. If you are not a fan, You will be one once hear her beautiful voice!
SandersJ More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful CD! Linda Eder has done it again. Very uplifting music. I highly recommend this CD for all. It is the perfect feel good, relaxing CD to unwind to.
MSanders-SC-USA More than 1 year ago
I must say that I love Linda Eder's The Other Side of Me CD. I put it in not knowing quite what to expect and am pleasantly surprised. She has crafted a new CD with new songs that is easy to listen to and very soul-searching. The songs are fabulous, well-written and upbeat. 5 Stars from me! My favorite songs are Pieces & Ghosts.
girlsrus More than 1 year ago
I have followed Linda Eder's meteoric career ever since she was a contestant on Star Search. With the release of her CD THE OTHER SIDE OF ME Linda proves that once again she is no one hit, one CD wonder. THE OTHER SIDE OF ME is a wonderful CD especially the tracks, WAITING FOR THE FALL and IF YOU BELEIVE. This CD will make a great gift for the holidays.
Barb_Webb More than 1 year ago
Soulful, heart-felt, contemporary with a twist of country¿this album is a great listen for some ¿me time¿ or drive time. Yet, it¿s energizing enough to clean house to or take along on your next walk.

¿The Other Side of Me¿ is filled with fabulous vocals and easy-going, catchy tunes you can¿t help but want to sing along to. Particular favorites are ¿If You Believe in Love (The Way I Do),¿ ¿Lifted,¿ and ¿Make Today Beautiful.¿

The best thing I enjoy about this album is its over-all uplifting nature. Listening to it makes me smile. A total feel-good experience.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Linda Eder&#8217 s latest CD, THE OTHER SIDE OF ME, is a true gift to lovers of good music. Congratulations to everyone involved! Although she has spent the majority of her amazing career recording and singing Standards and Broadway tunes and has a loyal following of fans who specifically prefer that music, I believe this new music showing the &#8220 other side&#8221 of Linda Eder will appeal to a much broader audience. Her move to more of a Pop/Country sound and groove comes across as being completely natural for her. She is at home here. You can feel it. Each song flows with ease. In various recent interviews, Linda has mentioned that this music is like &#8220 going back to the beginning&#8221 for her, so it is a genre that she was most comfortable with back when she first began singing and writing songs. She moved in another direction as her career developed, but now she is back where she wants to be and has proven with this recording that she can confidently make that transition. This CD has already garnered well-deserved accolades in the press, which is not surprising to me. First of all, the songs themselves are just simple great songs. Some were written by very talented people who are well-known and respected in the business. Listeners will be familiar with songs such as &#8220 If I Could,&#8221 which Linda interprets simply and beautifully, and &#8220 Both Sides Now,&#8221 which she sings as a wonderful duet with Shaun Barker, a young, multi-talented, up-and-coming singer/songwriter. He has his name on four of the songs on the CD: &#8220 Pieces,&#8221 &#8220 Other Side Of Me,&#8221 &#8220 Prayer For Love,&#8221 and &#8220 Make Today Beautiful,&#8221 and his talent is outstanding. And then there is Linda Eder herself who proves that she is a talented songwriter with her original song, &#8220 Waiting For The Fall.&#8221 All the songs on the CD were taken and woven in such a way that they actually become a &#8220 story of life,&#8221 which makes them so easy to relate to and identify with as you go through the experiences of your own individual life. Different songs may be more relevant to you at different times, but the wonderful thing is that each one leaves you with an upbeat and hopeful feeling. How can you not smile when listening to the children&#8217 s carefree voices in &#8220 They Are The Roses&#8221 and their giggling at the end? I was particularly struck by the following lyric from &#8220 If You Believe&#8221 (Robin Lerner, Ken Hirsch). As an American at this time in history, I find myself taking comfort in these words of hope. &#8220 Got to hold your head up high Got to hang on and be strong &#8216 Cause who hasn&#8217 t had their share of the hard times yet. But one day they&#8217 ll be gone If you believe in love the way I do.&#8221 It is hard to choose a favorite song from THE OTHER SIDE OF ME. On one hand, I keep changing my favorite after every time I listen to the CD. On the other hand, the only song that keeps playing over and over in my mind is &#8220 Waiting For The Fall.&#8221 Throughout the course of the day, I constantly find myself humming the tune and tapping my foot to this melody, and I have most of the lyric committed to memory already without even realizing it. None of the other songs pop into my head like that, at least not yet, so I think that says something about the marketability of this song. It would be great on the radio! In addition to having a collection of great songs, Linda Eder and Billy Stein wrote perfect arrangements to complement Linda&#8217 s voice and each lyric. Then they went out and found some of the best musicians in the business for the recording and used first rate professionals to do the mixing and mastering. The final product is nothing short of perfection! Of course, the most important element is Li
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
never heard of her, took a chance and loved it...easy listening.