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The Other Side of Suicide

The Other Side of Suicide

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by Karen Peebles

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Information from the other realm of what happens when you commit suicide. Information for families of persons who have ended their lives early. Healing and learning that takes place after you die.


Information from the other realm of what happens when you commit suicide. Information for families of persons who have ended their lives early. Healing and learning that takes place after you die.

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Meet the Author

My love for writing began early in life when I started writing poetry and short stories at age 8. That love grew into something quite passionate over the years. Father’s Day cards with poems enclosed turned into magazine articles, poetry anthologies, newspaper editorials, anything I could do to get my writing into the hands of other people.

In 2006 I was approached by Publish America to have my first book published; Death is the Daybreak, which I gratefully accepted. Soon after that time, I began self-publishing my own books on the online website lulu.com. I am enjoying a moderate amount of success with the self-published titles, promoting them on various websites that advertise on the google search engine free of charge.

My self-published books range in subject material from historical photographs to organic gardening, natural healing, puzzle solving techniques, simple how-to books, and my personal favorite, life after death, which I am most passionate about.

Throughout my life I have enjoyed hundreds of visits from members of my family who have “died”. Through these visits, I have come to feel that what we think of as death is really a new adventure. My family members on the other side of the veil have revealed to me what I have come to call “secrets of the universe”. Wonders. These experiences have changed my life.

At this time, I am 42 years old, I am recently widowed and home school my 2 children in our home in Lebanon, Missouri. Our open schedule allows us to travel locally and enjoy many freedoms that would not be available to us otherwise.

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The Other Side of Suicide 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Joyachiever More than 1 year ago
I must preface this review by emphasizing that my interest in “The Other Side of Suicide” by Kareen Peebles is unrelated to whether I would commit suicide. As a matter of fact, I am compassionate about those who choose suicide, but I intend and dream to powerfully live out my current life until at least 2078. I mention dream because I’m humbly aware that my wish to live until at least the age of 98 may be completely different from what was agreed upon in my spiritual contract prior to my birth. With all that said, I do feel that Karen Peebles is a brave soul for writing about such a sensitive subject. This is because “The Other Side of Suicide” is a channeled book that touches on a topic that still carries a strong stigma (as Peebles notes in this book). The main premise of this book is that many of those who commit suicide actually do go to a heavenly spiritual dimension that is basically a celestial healing ward. However, it is noted that many of these spirits need great healing done on their souls because they feel the emotions of the family members and friends that they prematurely left behind. Additionally, the author does not sugarcoat that at least some of these spirits actually wish to go back right away once they are reacquainted with why they reincarnated on earth to begin with. Healing information is included about how each spirit actually has a life purpose and the power of imagination is also discussed (along with a technique to spread spiritual healing). Yes, I am aware that many intelligent and talented people on earth do not believe that each soul has a life purpose. However, I admit that I still am always going to believe (for the rest of my current life) that each man and woman on earth does have a life purpose for living and that it varies depending on personal karmic challenges. A person must have an open mind to read this book because much of the information is garnered in relation to what happened to the author’s uncle. I want to avoid giving away further information out of respect for the author and those who may still wish to get the book. This is the last and final book on suicide that I plan to review during my current and what I wish to be a long lifetime on earth. It was hard for me to open up to even share this book and I feel more comfortable leaving further public reviews on suicide to other courageous souls. However, “The Other Side of Suicide” by Karen Peebles is a good book for those who want to know how to help others affected by this touchy subject and those both directly and indirectly affected by suicide.