The Outer Limits: The Official Companion

The Outer Limits: The Official Companion

by David J. Schow, Jeffrey Frentzen

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Cancelled after a season and a half in 1965, The Outer Limits has remained in syndication ever since, gathering a devoted following. Writers and producers Leslie Stevens and Joseph Stefano created a series more literate, more visually inventive and, on the whole, more baroque and bizarre than almost anything else previously seen on TV. Now after years of interviews, screenings and research, including access to the production company's files, Schow and Frentzen discuss such behind-the-scenes matters as script changes under the pressure of censors, budgets and the network demand for a monster in every episode. A fan's book that is lacking perspective and ploddingly written, this is nevertheless an invaluable sourcebook on one of the bestand weirdestshows in TV history. (December)
Okay, I wasn't allowed to watch The Outer Limits< /i> when I was a kid. I can't claim any life-changing personal influence or even legitimate nostalgia for the show. I've seen episodes in the last three decades or so, of course. I understand its place in history as "the best program of its type ever to run on TV" (according to Stephen King), and its place in the evolution of special effects. I even have an appreciation for its sense of Gothic horror mixed with science fiction in a relatively literate fashion. But, hey, I would not have rushed out to buy a "companion" book about it...or, frankly, any other television show I can think of. After getting a look at The Outer Limits Companion, however, that's exactly what I'm going to tell you to do: get this book if you have any interest at all in post-1960 social culture as a whole, the history of television/film, or science fiction and/or horror. It's not just about the TV series (although it's certainly complete in that respect), it's about the creation of television in the Golden Age and the people involved in it; a behind-the-scenes, in-the-scenes look at how this piece of popular culture came to be, lived, and eventually died. It's absolutely fascinating whether you know much about The Outer Limits or not. Thoroughly and lovingly researched, written in an intelligent, entertaining, and fond -- but not overly sentimental -- fashion, The Outer Limits Companion is far more than a book about a television show. It's outstanding pop criticism and history.

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