Pajama Game [Original Broadway Cast Recording]

The Pajama Game [Original Broadway Cast Recording]

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  1. Overture  -  Pajama Game Pit Orchestra
  2. The Pajama Game / Racing With the Clock  - Eddie Foy
  3. A New Town Is a Blue Town  - John Raitt
  4. I'm Not At All in Love  -  Pajama Game Cast Ensemble
  5. I'll Never Be Jealous Again  - Eddie Foy
  6. Hey There  - John Raitt
  7. Her Is  - Richard Alder
  8. Once-A-Year-Day!  - Janis Paige
  9. Small Talk  - Janis Paige
  10. There Once Was a Man  - Janis Paige
  11. Steam Heat  - Buzz Miller
  12. Think of the Time I Save  -  Pajama Game Cast Ensemble
  13. Hernando's Hideaway  - Carol Haney
  14. Seven-And-A-Half Cents  - Janis Paige
  15. Finale  -  Pajama Game Cast Ensemble

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Raitt   Vocals,Track Performer
Jerry Ross   Track Performer
Richard Alder   Track Performer
Stanley Prager   Vocals,Track Performer
Janis Paige   Vocals,Track Performer
Mara Landi   Vocals
Virginia Martin   Vocals
Rae Allen   Vocals,cast
Reta Shaw   Vocals,Track Performer
Carol Haney   Vocals,Track Performer
Bob Dixon   Vocals
Peter Gennaro   Vocals,Track Performer
Buzz Miller   Vocals,Track Performer
Eddie Foy   Vocals
John Ford   Vocals
Pajama Game Pit Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
Eddie Foy   Vocals
Hal Hastings   Musical Direction
Pajama Game Cast Ensemble   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Jerry Ross   Composer,Lyricist
Richard Adler   Composer,Lyricist
Didier C. Deutsch   Re-Release Producer
Goddard Lieberson   Producer,Original Album Producer
Mort Goode   Liner Notes
Richard Bissell   Book
Bob Fosse   Choreographer
Darcy Proper   Mastering,Re-Release Producer
George Abbott   Production Director,Book
Jerome Robbins   Production Director
Ken Fredette   Art Direction
Lemuel Ayers   Costume Design,Scenery
Roger Adams   Music Direction
Roger Adams   Additional Music

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