The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman

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by Jeff Fuell

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In the future true love is something that can be created to a person's specifications. Meet Denise Merritt - the perfect woman. She is beautiful, caring, emotional, sensitive, smart, friendly, and has the best personality a person could possibly have. She is also not real. Denise is an android (model) who was made for Steven Adams, who wants to spend the rest of his


In the future true love is something that can be created to a person's specifications. Meet Denise Merritt - the perfect woman. She is beautiful, caring, emotional, sensitive, smart, friendly, and has the best personality a person could possibly have. She is also not real. Denise is an android (model) who was made for Steven Adams, who wants to spend the rest of his life with someone special. Once he finally meets her, he had hoped to live out the rest of his life with the only person in the world he truly loves, but he gets swept into an unwelcome adventure when he finds out that certain other models in the world have gone rogue and he must work with the creator's daughter - the only other person in the world who knows what is happening - to stop a global takeover and the extermination of the human race. What happens is a race against time and, at the end, Steven must make a choice. Does he choose to put a halt to the subtle takeover that the models are implementing at the risk of also destroying the only woman he has ever loved, or is there another answer?

From the author: Most people, male and female have often wondered what it would be like to create their perfect mate for various reasons. This has been a fantasy for as long as there have been men and women walking the earth. I really wanted to answer that question and see what it might be like while striving to make the fantasy as believable as possible.

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The nurse at the window had been very nice when he arrived to check in for his appointment. He was a bit taken aback at how beautiful she was and, staring at her, wondered is she was one of them. If she was, it was hard to tell. She looked real in every way. Her voice, the way she moved, how she blinked. She even smelled like a woman. Everything. If she was one of them, it was quite the job. Perfect. He hoped he would be that lucky. He was still thinking of a design. From what he had been told, any choice he made would be available.

He was staring at her again, and seeming to sense it--like all women seem to know when they are being centered on--she raised her head and smiled. He immediately blushed, smiled, and then looked away towards the table and picked up a magazine plate and began to press through it, not really interested. He really could not tell if she was real or not. Would it be impolite to ask the doctor when he saw him? It was just a question, and he felt he was entitled to ask. After all, it was going to be his rather sizeable investment and he wanted to see some of the product in action before he committed.

Sure, David's had been nice, but were they all like that? So ... flawless? It seemed impossible, but he had seen it with his own eyes. Standing right before her at the dinner party last week and talking with her, he was astounded when David had pulled him aside and told him. At first, he had not believed it because David had always been quite the prankster, but once he had really looked, he had seen the truth in David's words, not to mention the finger. He explained that he had never been happier because had finally met the perfect woman. He should lookinto it.

And now, here he was.

"The doctor will see you now, Mr. Adams. You can go right in," the nurse said politely as she indicated the door.

"Thank you," he said as he got up and walked towards the door, giving the nurse one last look before it swished open. Once he was in the hallway, which was completely white from top to bottom as far as he could see, a clean-cut man in a white coat who appeared to be in his mid-fifties was walking towards him.

"Mr. Adams? Hello, I'm Dr. Farmer. Nice to meet you," he said as he held out his hand.

"Nice to meet you," he said as he took it. He noticed that the doctor had a very strong grip.

"Please, my office is this way," the doctor said as he waved him ahead. "How's the weather outside, today?"

"Nice. Not too hot."

"I thought we were supposed to get some rain today. Maybe I read the rotation schedule wrong and it's scheduled for next week."

"I think it is next week," he said not really caring. He wanted to get down to business and find out how soon he could get started with his new life. That is, if all of this was real or if David had gone to really elaborate lengths this time for a joke. If it was a joke, it was the crown prince of them all. Also, if it was a joke, he would be very disappointed. Not really angry, but more disappointed than anything.

"Ah," here we are," the doctor said as they entered his office. "Please have a seat," he said as he took his place behind his desk. The office was very nice with dark carpet and oak furniture. Very professional and doctor-like, old-fashioned. On the wall behind him were plaques of various designs from a variety of schools. To the side was an aquarium with an assortment of fish swimming in it.

If he really is able to pull this kind of thing off, he must be a genius, he thought.

"So, what brings you here today?"

"Well..." he started and then became flustered. He was not sure how to broach the subject. "I talked to David Fisk last week; he's a friend of mine from way back."

"Fisk ... David Fisk. Oh, yes, I remember him now. He wanted the Pamela Anderson model with some special modifications. Quite a popular request. I'm assuming that you saw her?"

"Uh, yes, I did. I still can't believe it. I thought he was kidding with me until he showed me her ... uh ... I'm sorry ... her...."

"The energy conductor located in the forefinger of her right hand?"

"Yes, that's it. I wasn't sure what to call it."

"All the models are self-sustaining with very little routine maintenance. A model, if past due for a check-up, can draw power from a common household socket to draw power until the mate has time to bring her in."

"The mate?"

"That's what we call our clients who purchase one of our models. We try not to use such insulting terms as 'owner' and whatnot. We consider our models as real as they are. They may not have been born as a human being was, but they are born and given life just the same, you understand."

Meet the Author

Jeff Fuell was born in Dallas, TX and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. He first began to feel the desire to write when he was a teenager and started writing short stories. He is also an actor and member of the Screen Actors Guild/America Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and has been busy throughout the years involved with numerous theatrical productions, commercials, print work, independent films and industrial films. Besides writing and drama, his interests also include music, fitness, and, of course, reading and collecting books. His books include The Perfect Woman, Across Time, Earth Angel, WAR - Horseman of the Apocalypse (Love Blooms Eternal), Beethoven's Immortal, The Goatman, Transference and TITAN: From Earth's Past A Hero Rises. His writing spans genres such as science-fiction, time travel, adventure, romance, humor, theology, paranormal and young adult/coming of age. Two of his previously published works are the short story "Birds," published in The Armchair Aesthete Issue 7, and the poem "A Dark Place," published in the collection The Colors of Life.

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The Perfect Woman 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a science fiction book that asks the question "If you could build your perfect mate, what would she be like?" This is something that all people have fantasized about at one time or another, being able to find that perfect person to share your life with. In the future, this is possible and the way it is step by step described makes it seem as if it could very well be possible years down the road. While this is a sci-fi book, it is also a love story and an adventure story.  I would recommend this book to both science-fiction fans and fiction fans in general. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jeff Fuell writes a story of a man, Steven Adams, looking for love…the love of his life. While meeting with a friend he learns of a revolutionary concept, a doctor paving the way to a new reality through technological advances. After meeting with the doctor he is finally able to meet the woman that could change his life forever, a woman created specifically for him…the “perfect woman.” As time goes on, Steven finds out that there is a lot more to the package deal then what he originally thought he had paid for. He also learns that there was a great deal of information that was not included in the small print of his contract. Wondering what in the world I am talking about? You’ll have to pick up a copy of The Perfect Woman to find out!   The Perfect Woman is a sci-fi romance with a great deal of action and adventure. Fuell masterfully weaves in elements of fiction, fantasy, and futuristic technology. This is a quick read that focuses on aspects of a potential future that I fear may become a reality, of sorts, in one way or another. Looking at artificial intelligence, the concept really isn’t that farfetched. I totally admit that as I was reading I kept trying to figure out who I would model my “perfect man” after? George Clooney, Brad Pitt (the Troy version), Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Kellan Lutz…yeah, the list is endless!   I really enjoyed Fuell’s novel. However, I will note that when I first started reading I was a little miffed about the direction that the book seemed to be taking. The main character, Steven Adams, came off as more than just a little shallow. BUT, as I continued reading sadly, I began to understand where he was coming from and why he made the choices that he did. Fuell paints a vivid picture of cause and effect which makes the idea of meeting a mate scientifically designed specifically for you a little easier to swallow.   I enjoyed all of the characters, especially Steven’s mate, Denise. I loved watching her learn and grow as every moment, no matter how trivial, was a major life experience that brought a smile to her face. Her curiosity about Steven’s life from childhood to present was intriguing and made me wonder what all was going through her mind. Thanks to Fuell’s descriptions throughout the book it was as though I was sitting back watching a movie instead of reading a book. I could hear Denise’s voice, see her move, and picture every “scene.” I can easily see this novel being turned into a sci-fi movie, unfortunately, the cast of characters would not meet the description of those in the book as currently there is no way to turn back time. ( Note: I’m sure this last sentence doesn’t completely make sense… you’ll have to read the book to see what I’m talking about. :)  )
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jeff Fuell writes an interesting fantasy tale about The PERFECT WOMAN..And the only way one can find one is to create her. The premise is not new but the story line IS original. I actually sat down to read this and just couldn't put it down, I haven't done that since Brown's Angels and Demons and DiVinci Code books. I really enjoyed all the references to my college days in the 80's and the smattering of humor through the story (life IS funny)I have a friend who is not much into reading but when I was explaining the plot they told me to stop! and hand them the book. I highly recommend The Perfect Woman, and I look forward to reading all of Mr Fuell's books. Next is ACROSS TIME, but I think I will wait until morning to start, I don't want to lose another night of sleep reading.