The Pet Shop

The Pet Shop

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by KD Grace

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In appreciation for a job well done, Stella James's boss sends her a pet - a human pet. The mischievous Tino comes straight from The Pet Shop complete with a collar, a leash, and an erection. Stella soon discovers the pleasure of keeping Pets, especially this one, is extremely addicting.

Obsessed with Tino and with the reclusive philanthropist, Vincent Evanston ,

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In appreciation for a job well done, Stella James's boss sends her a pet - a human pet. The mischievous Tino comes straight from The Pet Shop complete with a collar, a leash, and an erection. Stella soon discovers the pleasure of keeping Pets, especially this one, is extremely addicting.

Obsessed with Tino and with the reclusive philanthropist, Vincent Evanston , who looks like Tino, but couldn't be more different, Stella is drawn into the secret world of The Pet Shop. As her animal lust awakens, Stella must walk the thin line that separates the business of pleasure from the more dangerous business of the heart or suffer the consequences.

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Booking It Reviews

I liked The Pet Shop. The story is hot hot hot with multi-dimensional characters and a plot that is a bit mysterious... a memorable experience.

Oysters & Chocolate

A satisfying mix of romance, kink, and inventive S&M, The Pet Shop reels the reader in, neatly side stepping clichés, and forcing you to read just one more chapter before you put it down.

Thoughtful, Different and Wicked this is one for those who love erotica with a lot of extra spice.

Manic Readers

I loved The Pet Shop. It was so well done that I could hardly wait to turn each page. Of course the sex was delicious, but the background story, the premise of The Pet Shop, and the magic between the various characters was much more than just delicious sex. Great job bringing me something completely different to read.

The Forbidden Bookshelf

WOW! The Pet Shop was such an unexpected and mindblowing read that not only have I gobbled it up in no time but it shot straight to my Top Reads of 2011 list!

The Forbidden Bookshelf Reviews

What made The Pet Shop such an outstanding story was that, besides the scorching hot erotica, it was still an exciting story with intelligent characters and so much emotional substance which is quite rare in erotica novels. One of the hottest stories I have ever read, a definite Forbidden Favorite, and K.D. Grace just became an author I'll have to watch!

Night Owl Reviews

Wow! Seriously, wow!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I crossed over to the extremely kinky side of having human pets! I generally read outside the box in order to expand my horizons and see the world differently, well, sister, this book definitely expanded my mind!

I had heard the concept of having human pets but I didn't really know what it was about. Now I do. And now that I know, I kind of want to step away. This tale was way out of my comfort zone but that doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyable. K.D. Grace is an excellent author and she deserves praise for writing something that is usually socially unacceptable.

I was immersed in this new world of leashes, eating off the floor, and walks because the writing was incredible! I just couldn't find myself enjoying this because it wasn't written for me. You all know that I love the weird and unique which is why I gave this 4 Stars but I wish I could give it more! I truly do! I just can't because this wasn't my cup of tea. I couldn't imagine dragging a human around like they were a dog or being dragged around like I was a dog! It's not in my repertoire to be that dominating or that submissive.

I do want to praise K.D. Grace for writing this tale, however. This was far outside the norm and now I know exactly what owning/being a pet entails. If the conversation ever comes up when someone asks what that is, I can now answer!

For knowledge alone, read this! For a tempting tale of the dark side, read this! I swear, "The Pet Shop" will blow your mind!

Coffee Time Romance & More

Full of decadent desire, sensual eroticism and hedonistic promises, Ms. Grace uses a wicked pen that enticed this reader into a world of pleasure unlike anything I have read before. The interaction between Stella and Tino is so scorching hot I practically left burn marks on the computer screen

Romantic Reads

Please forgive me if I gush.  In fact, I'm going to rave.  I'm a giddy fan-girl. The Pet Shop by K D Grace is, bar none, the best erotic romance novel I've read in a really, really long time. 

It's scorching hot, creative and kinky, and heart-warming. Reading this novel requires a fan, a stiff drink and probably a cigarette or two. It's that hot. 

It's not just the sexy scenes that make this book so great. There's a real plot, real conflict and a deeply moving love story.  It's the best of everything. And, at over 250 pages, it's a full-length novel with fully developed characters with emotional substance.

Tino and Vincent are two sides of a very drool-worthy coin.

Vincent is hot, intriguing, with a dominance streak that protects a vulnerable soul.  Add in sexy as sin and richer than any man has a right to be, and he becomes a sexual fantasy come to life. But he's not perfect, which makes him, if you'll forgive me, the perfect romantic hero.

Tino is sensuality, submission and eager adoration in one very sexy package. Like a good Pet, his goal is to please his Keeper.  Sometimes he misbehaves, though, in very naughty and delightful ways.

Stella is a driven, hard-working, responsible employee--not the type of woman to ever hire a Pet. To be perfectly blunt, Stella is the only (very minimally) flat note in the entire novel. I get a real feel for Vincent, and even Tino, as a person outsde off the sexual interaction. I don't really get a feel for Stella.  Everything we learn about her comes from things other characters say, not really through her own actions of internal dialogue.

Now, let's talk about the sex. Oh, boy, the sex. *Reaches for a cold drink.* The sex is hot, creative, varried, tender, desperate, and, above all, FREQUENT.  There's a lot of sex going on in this book. There's mild BDSM sex, some kinky sex, M/F sex, M/M sex, M/M/F sex, F/F/F sex, romantic sex... The sex is explicit and, despite the variety and explicitness, it's beautifully written.  And, I guess, best off all, it never quite feels like Grace just grabbed any random sex act she could imagine and dump it in, just because. In almost every instance, the love scenes drove the plot forward.

This book isn't all about the sex, though. There is a real plot, with real conflict and real intrigue. The characters have obstacles and revelations that must happen before they can find their HEA.

If you like hot steamy sex, held together with a story of real content, you have to read this book. It is absolutely fabulous.

I give this book (no surprise) five out of five hearts!  ♥♥♥♥♥

Sex Toy Testers

This book could be read anytime, but i would suggest not too late as it is a book you just want to keep reading!

The Forbidden Bookshelf - Stella

WOW! The Pet Shop was such an unexpected and mindblowing read that not only have I gobbled it up in no time but it shot straight to my Top Reads of 2011 list!

The Pet Shop gives the reader a glimpse into the secret world of an elite and secretive organization which hires out human pets for sexual pastime. We get to learn about the ropes of this unknown world and its customs through Stella's experience who receives a male pet, Tino as a reward for a job well done. At first she is shocked and disgusted, but soon she succumbs to her sizzling chemistry with Tino and the thrill of this extraordinary experience.  

The very gradual development of Stella's thoughts and feelings to this whole pet concept and her own role in the equation was done very well making the reader see and understand why she does what she does. 

The combustive sex scenes (which trust me don't come any hotter than this!), the interesting and well developed characters and the stellar writing all make The Pet Shop a fantastic read, but what makes it outstanding is the fact that there is a larger picture, a plot to the story which gives a nice framework to the erotica. The Pet Shop is an amazing erotica story combining all kinds of erotic scenarios and putting its own twist on them. A highly unique approach of the dom/submissive pairing is at its center and I loved the exciting premise of spicing it with the owner/pet power disparity and personal relationship.

If you fear that the whole pet set up might be too kinky for you, I'd advise you still give it a try (make no mistake, these are humans having sex, there is just some serious role play going on, so no furry creatures at all!). The quality writing and the hot erotica will draw you in and the concept will make you think long after you have finished the story.

Verdict: I can't remember the last time I read such a combustive erotica novel. Every single sex scene is scorching hot and I loved that it was a full length novel and not a novella, it was so great that the story went on longer! What made The Pet Shop such an outstanding story was that besides the scorching hot erotica it was still an exciting story with intelligent characters and so much emotional substance which is quite rare in erotica novels. One of the hottest stories I have ever read, a definite Forbidden Favorite, and K.D. Grace just became an author I'll have to watch!

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‘This is Tino.’ Anne placed a hand under the man’s chin and lifted his head so Stella could see his lovely stubbled face, blushing as though she had just caught him masturbating behind the sofa.
He offered half a shy smile then quickly lowered his head again, dark eyes disappearing behind a fringe of unruly auburn hair.
‘Tino’s uncomfortable around new people.’ Anne dropped the blue rucksack she’d been carrying by the door, and the two followed Stella into the lounge. ‘Don’t worry. He’ll get used to you.’
The way-too-freely offered stories of Anne O’Kelly’s love life had provided Stella with endless entertainment since the two had met when Stella started working for Strigida. In spite of their total lack of anything in common, the two had become fast friends. It was times like this when Stella wondered why that was. No doubt this Tino character was one of Anne’s nutters, ready to provide kinky sex for the weekend in Bath. Even Stella had to admit, a whole lot of neurotic could be overlooked in exchange for a hot weekend with someone that tall, and that hot.
Stella knew Anne had planned to drop in this evening on her way to Bath, but she hadn’t expected her quite so late, nor had she expected her to bring a friend. She said she had a surprise for her, a little token from Strigida for a job well done. Stella figured it was probably a gift voucher or maybe theatre tickets, which she would never find time to use. She’d given away mountains of them in her previous job to less deserving fellow employees simply because there was never time. A few extra quid in her paycheque would have been a lot more appreciated, though she never had time to spend that either.
In the lounge, Anne made herself comfy in the leather recliner then turned her attention to Tino. ‘Sit,’ she commanded.
The man dropped onto the floor next to her, and she ran her hand absently over his dark hair, caressing the back of his neck.
Still wondering what was going on, Stella sat down across from the two. She couldn’t help noticing, as Tino shifted to rest his head on Anne’s knee, that he was sporting an impressive erection beneath thin summer trousers.
She quickly averted her eyes, but not before her pussy got the message and warmed to the thought. These days Stella didn’t see too many hard cocks.
Anne chuckled softly and rearranged herself in the chair so Tino could nestle against her leg. ‘He’s always got a hard-on, and he loves to show it off.’ Then she added nonchalantly, ‘How about a G&T? I’m gasping.’
Stella clamoured to her feet, trying to keep her eyes on Tino’s face. ‘And what about you? What would you like?’
The man only buried his head against Anne’s leg like a shy child.
‘Tino doesn’t drink, and he’s already been fed.’
‘Already been fed?’
Anne disengaged Tino’s arms from around her leg and stood. ‘Stay here, Tino, mistresses need to talk.’
‘Mistresses? What the fuck’s going on?’
‘Shshsh!’ Anne grabbed Stella’s arm and hustled her off to the kitchen. ‘He’s very sensitive to other people’s emotions. He’s nervous enough just being in a strange place.’ She helped herself to a glass and found the gin. ‘Remember I told you my therapist said that with my relationship issues, before I got involved with a man, I should start with a plant?’
Stella nodded, ‘And if you didn’t kill the plant, work your way up to a goldfish then maybe a cat or dog. Yeah, I remember. So?’
Anne plopped an ice cube in her glass. ‘What if I don’t like goldfish? And maybe I’m allergic to cats and I’m afraid of dogs. Well ...’ She nodded toward the lounge where Tino was.
‘What? Is the RSPCA adopting out men these days?’
‘Even better.’ Anne moved closer to Stella and spoke softly around a wicked smile. ‘There’s a site called the Pet Shop. They set people up with Pets, and I’m not talking cats and dogs here, Stel. It’s temporary, only for a night, a weekend at the most.’
‘You’re kidding, right?’
‘Hon, I wouldn’t joke about something as yummy as Tino.’ She offered a naughty giggle. ‘Anyway, if I had to venture a guess, I’d say having a Pet occasionally would probably suit people like us much better than having a relationship. Our conversation the other day made me think a Pet might be exactly what you need. You certainly seem to be responding well to Tino.’ She gave Stella’s tits a passing stroke with her free hand. ‘I’d say your nips approve.’
Stella slapped her away. She had lamented to Anne that with the demands of her job, she had no time for a relationship, but someone working as hard as she did surely deserve a good shag once in a while. They had been walking along the Serpentine at the time. Anne had laughed around the mango ice lolly she had practically been fellating. Stella had assumed that meant she realised it was a joke.
She grabbed the gin bottle and poured herself a double.
‘Tino’s very low maintenance, well behaved – at least most of the time anyway, clean, quiet.’
‘Jesus, Annie, this is a bloke you’re talking about, not a stray cat.’
‘Come on,’ Anne grabbed Stella’s hand and led her back toward the lounge. ‘If he’s left alone too long, he gets bored and sometimes gets in trouble.’
‘What the hell’s he going to do, piss on the carpet?’
‘Don’t be daft. He’s house broken, but unlike most blokes, he always remembers to put the toilet seat back down.’
‘I don’t believe we’re having this conversation. How did–’ Stella stopped in her tracks sending a cascade of gin over the rim of her glass onto the carpet.
There on the floor, exactly where they left him, was Tino, head thrown back, eyes closed, enthusiastically thrusting the thick cock he’d extricated from his trousers in and out of his fisted hand.
‘Tino! Bad boy! You know better than to play with your thing without permission.’ Anne shoved past Stella and slapped his hands away from his penis.
Stella watched in fascination as the pouting Pet let Anne push his trousers down far enough to bare his exquisite bum. There were no underpants. Then, on hands and knees, he presented his arse to Anne, who gave him a resounding thwack on each cheek. Stella’s pussy practically gushed as Anne spanked him again, and his muscular buttocks clenched and relaxed, beautifully displaying the dark pucker of his anus. Stella wondered how the hell one connected up with a place like the Pet Shop and someone like Tino.
‘I hate to punish you, darling, but you must behave. What will Mistress Stella think of you being so ill-mannered? Here, let’s get you out of those clothes. I know you’re uncomfortable. You don’t mind, do you, Stel? Pets only wear clothes in public. They’re much more comfortable naked.’ She didn’t wait for Stella’s response.
Tino sat back on the floor and lifted his arse while Anne stripped him. The spanking had done nothing to diminish his huge erection. His heavy balls bounced against his thighs with Anne’s efforts.

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The Pet Shop 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
ckdickey More than 1 year ago
K.D. Grace gets better and better with each book! This book explores the psychological needs of us humans, being animals ourselves, and having those basic instincts. If you want an entertaining book that includes deeper aspects as well as pure erotic entertainment, this is the one! I can't wait to see what K.D. releases next!!
Maudmama 8 months ago
Well this opened my eyes up to a rather unusual but ultimately fun lifestyle! Being given a pet, a human pet, for a job well done, Stella is taken aback.. for a while. Becoming rather obsessed with her 'pet' Tino and a reclusive philanthropist, who is Tino's double, Stella becomes drawn into the world of The Pet Shop more and more. Fantastic read once I had gotten my head around this idea of a human pet!
Ameliah_Faith More than 1 year ago
Interesting Concept! Ms Grace takes us on a trip to an erotic place called the Pet Shop. It is a place where the rich and powerful men and women get to let go of the outside world and live as a pampered pet would the exception being lots of sex and spankings! The pets may stay at the shop but most are sent to “Keepers” who will tend to them for a length of time, disciplining them when necessary, pleasuring them often. There is a plot and a few story lines to this book. Each of them are well written and flowed together instead of jumping from scene to scene with no sense of order. This book was hot and dirty but also sweet and sensuous. There were couplings for m/m, f/f/, m/f and multiple partners. No one gets left out. While the majority of the pairings were not my usual cuppa it was a very enjoyable read. There is a second book and I am looking forward to it! Thank you Ms. Grace!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't even get through this book it was so bad. This was pure trash. Story was so bad, people pretending to be animals. Don't let the other reviews suck you into thinking this book was good.
debi3303 More than 1 year ago
"I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review" Wow after this book I think everyone would like a little demon in them! Where is the closest Kinky Boots Store? This was a great book by KD Grace. Kinky boots has a great story line with some sexy characters. You have some sexy boots (demon included), hot sex and throw in some love and you have a great one! Oh Eleanor please come to my house. I have some boots for you... If you like reading paranormal books than give this one a chance it’s worth the purchase.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GET OUTA MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!