The Philosophy Of History

The Philosophy Of History

by Georg W. F. Hegel

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ISBN-10: 1602064377

ISBN-13: 9781602064379

Pub. Date: 06/01/2007

Publisher: Cosimo

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was an influential German philosopher.


Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was an influential German philosopher.

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Table of Contents

IOriginal History1
IIReflective History4
IIIPhilosophical History8
Geographical Basis of History79
Classification of Historic Data103
Part IThe Oriental World
Principle of the Oriental World111
Section IChina116
Section IIIndia139
Section IIContinued. India-Buddhism167
Section IIIPersia173
Chapter IThe Zend People176
Chapter IIThe Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes, and Persians182
Chapter IIIThe Persian Empire and its Constituent Parts187
Syria and Semitic Western Asia191
Transition to the Greek World219
Part IIThe Greek World
The Region of Spirit223
Section IThe Elements of the Greek Spirit225
Section IIPhases of Individuality AEsthetically Conditioned241
Chapter IThe Subjective Work of Art241
Chapter IIThe Objective Work of Art244
Chapter IIIThe Political Work of Art250
The War with the Persians256
The Peloponnesian War265
The Macedonian Empire271
Section IIIFall of the Greek Spirit275
Part IIIThe Roman World
Distinction between the Roman, Persian, and Greek Principle278
Section IRome to the Time of the Second Punic War283
Chapter IThe Elements of the Roman Spirit283
Chapter IIHistory of Rome to the Second Punic War296
Section IIRome from the Second Punic War to the Emperors306
Section IIIChapter I. Rome under the Emperors314
Chapter IIChristianity318
Chapter IIIThe Byzantine Empire336
Part IVThe German World
The Principle of Spiritual Freedom341
Section IThe Elements of the Christian German World347
Chapter IThe Barbarian Migrations347
Chapter IIMahometanism355
Chapter IIIThe Empire of Charlemagne360
Section IIThe Middle Ages366
Chapter IThe Feudality and the Hierarchy366
Chapter IIThe Crusade389
Chapter IIIThe Transition from Feudalism to Monarchy398
Section IIIThe Modern Time412
Chapter IThe Reformation412
Chapter IIInfluence of the Reformation on Political Development427
Chapter IIIThe Eclaircissement and Revolution438

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