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The Piano

The Piano

by Frank Cappelli

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Shari Fesko
Budding musicians of all ages will eagerly welcome this series. Each volume covers the basics for playing one specific instrument, including guitar, piano, trumpet, flute, clarinet, and violin. Cappelli explains the various notes and how to play them in clear, straightforward language. For example, in his guide to playing the piano, he carefully details the tonal differences between the ivory and black keys and which fingers one should place where. He also features a variety of illustrated piano pictures with notes labeled for more visual learners. In addition to the instructional aspect of each of these books, Cappelli includes a great deal of historical information. His guide to the trumpet talks at length about how the instrument started out without any valves and slowly developed over time. He even includes old military illustrations featuring the trumpet. Cappelli offers a variety of practice exercises as well as many easy-to-learn songs complete with the music and words. Other useful tools in each volume are a historical time line, a list of Internet resources, and an appendix to finding the notes. His use of white space and large print make for easy reading while the colorful "tips" and "did you know" features spread throughout help to break up each of the lessons. This series is a highly recommended purchase for school and public libraries alike, especially those with a dedicated music collection.

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