The Plant Life Cycle

The Plant Life Cycle

by Cheryl Jakab

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Children's Literature - Carolyn Mott Ford
While each book in the "Earth's Cycles" series deals with one particular subject, the complete set of six gives emphasis to the theme of the interdependence inherent in nature. Each book opens with a simple explanation of exactly what a cycle is, along with an overview of the earth's living and non-living cycles, thereby teaching students how "Earth's natural cycles all connect with one another. The way the cycles connect is sometimes called the balance of nature." The explanations are clear, the cycle diagram appears often throughout the books, and the bright color photographs accompanying the text add interest for young readers. After the cycle of the individual subject is covered, the way the cycles effect one another, and therefore the balance of nature, is made clear. Ideas are offered for projects youngsters can do and suggestions are given about caring for the environment. In this title the cycle of plant life is shown beginning with the seed to the young plant to the mature plant and then to the flower and then to seed once more in a continuing cycle. Another diagram illustrates how the plant life cycle is connected with the cycles of living as well as non-living things. Reviewer: Carolyn Mott Ford

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Earth's Cycles Series
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9 - 12 Years

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