The Politics Of Leadership

The Politics Of Leadership

by George J. Petersen

ISBN-10: 159311169X

ISBN-13: 9781593111694

Pub. Date: 04/01/2005

Publisher: Information Age Publishing, Inc.

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Information Age Publishing, Inc.
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Educational Policy in the 21st Century Ser.
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Table of Contents

Series foreword
1Superintendent-board relations : an historical overview of the dynamics of change and sources of conflict and collaboration1
2The board president and superintendent : an examination of influence through the eyes of the decision makers23
3Toward a more complex understanding of power to better grasp the challenges of the contemporary superintendency51
4Personalization of interest groups and the resulting policy nonsense : the Cobb County school board's evolution debate73
5A-PEERances can be deceiving : superintendents, school boards, and the transformation of intentions95
6When generals (or colonels) become superintendents : conflict, chaos, and community117
7Political and apolitical school board and superintendent turnover : revisiting critical variables in the dissatisfaction theory of American democracy135
8Building effective school system leadership : rethinking preparation and policy157
9Future research directions and policy implications for superintendent-school board relations181

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