The Power of the Media

The Power of the Media

by Adam Hibbert

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The United States of America was founded upon many principles, including the concept of free speech. In recent years, however, the power of the media has exploded to a point where people are questioning what, exactly, does free speech entail. Does it mean that the paparazzi has the right to stalk celebrities? Does it mean that the press has the right to know everything the government is doing, even if it means endangering the lives of American soldiers? How does media portrayal of political candidates affect voting outcomes? Questions such as these and many others are explored in this text. In addition to addressing the news, Hibbert also looks at censorship of movies, the effect television has on families, how and if models affect the public's self-image, and the evolving web media. Each issue is accompanied by statistics, quotes from people illustrating some of the varying sides, and real life examples, many to which the reader can relate. From the "What's Your View" series.

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What's Your View Series
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