The Practitioner Handbook: For Students of the Science of Mind

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Students studying New Thought and The Science of Mind, who desire to learn more about becoming a Practitioner, serving those in need through the power of affirmative prayer.

Students on the spiritual path, studying New Thought and The Science of Mind, who long to take on the role of a Licensed Practitioner, will find insight into identifying an individual's cause of pain and suffering, how to focus affirmative prayer, and the relationship ...

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The Practitioner Handbook: For Students of The Science of Mind Second Edition

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Students studying New Thought and The Science of Mind, who desire to learn more about becoming a Practitioner, serving those in need through the power of affirmative prayer.

Students on the spiritual path, studying New Thought and The Science of Mind, who long to take on the role of a Licensed Practitioner, will find insight into identifying an individual's cause of pain and suffering, how to focus affirmative prayer, and the relationship between Practitioners and those they serve.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780595206872
  • Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 12/19/2001
  • Edition number: 2
  • Pages: 228
  • Sales rank: 1,188,158
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.52 (d)

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The Practitioner Handbook

For Students of The Science of Mind
By Mary E. Schroeder James Golden

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2001 Mary E. Schroeder
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-595-20687-2

Chapter One

Now We Begin

Great teachers throughout the ages understood the Universe to be the result of the contemplation of Divine Mind, which created mankind out of Itself. Our individuality is a consequence of the thoughts of Divine Mind formed into images. Therefore, as God expresses through us (the result of Its consciousness), we become more conscious of our own divinity. The teachings of Jesus describe the Universe as a combination of love and law, of person and principle, of feeling and force. The Science of Mind philosophy is just as direct and clear.

The study of the Science of Mind is a study of First Cause, Spirit, Mind, or that invisible Essence, that ultimate Stuff and Intelligence from which everything comes, the Power back of creation—the Thing Itself. Ernest Holmes

The beauty of this process is that we live in a spiritual Universe of pure intelligence, perfect life, dominated by love and reason, and the power to create. It may seem confusing because we are individually subject to the effects of race consciousness to the extent that we buy into it. (These are widely held beliefs found throughout society, along with our accumulated personal life experiences.) As our personality unfolds, we can consciously create our desires on the outer with the use of inner thought. Our conclusions and assumptions thus become part of the relative cause of our outer experience. By learning and practicing this teaching, we bring higher levels of understanding and truth into our consciousness, which lawfully out-pictures in our experience. This concept can be understood intellectually, but the greatest experience in life is to use it, thus the gift of becoming a Science of Mind Practitioner.

The ability of the medical profession to heal the soul is impossible. They are primarily focused on healing the effect, the physical problem, without any concern for the original cause. Billions of dollars are spent each year destroying diseased tissue, removing growths and unwanted things in the body. In time more of this energy will be focused on the real cause, the mental cause that lies behind all unhealthy conditions. As people search for answers to the visible cruelty and hardships in the world, a renewed effort has surfaced that searches for answers on the spiritual path. Subconsciously all people seek to return to unity with God. It is inherent in our nature. Jesus implied there is also a higher purpose to illness in the body, which should not be equated with spiritual health, because the two are not perfectly tied together.

Spiritual healing is based in rediscovering truth, being in touch with the wholeness of the Universe. It is finding inner peace, that special contact with God that is always there but may be temporarily hidden from view. It is possible to feel the presence and power of God and through that peace find harmony in the body, relationships, work, and prosperity. Since the Presence is always there, grace and joy unfold in life only in proportion to our recognition and acceptance of it. It is useless to sit back and wait for God to make its presence known—that work is up to us.

The unconscious feeling that there is good available to each one of us and we ought to have it, is permanently part of the makeup of human beings, according to the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins, a famous spiritual healer in the late 1800s. She felt this feeling lived within every human being and provided a tremendous source of strength. To her, the word "good" had a special meaning—the search for good as actually a search for God. In her work, she taught students the value of telling the truth about their good so it would appear in their life. She recommended being truthful about what you want, putting away any and all ideas that could interfere with it.

Meister Eckhart, a 13th century German mystic, saw the mind as easily controlled by fear, which at times temporarily satisfies itself by holding onto superstition. Yet, over time he felt the basic human need was to think freely. He believed the craving for right action (which Emma Curtis Hopkins called good) would eliminate fear and overcome even the most stubborn superstition. Three centuries later, Giordano Bruno, an excommunicated Dominican monk, proposed that moral conduct came natural to mankind. He saw goodness as a fundamental impulse of the soul and encouraged every person to experience life fully.

Goodness and unity are key to this one undivided spiritual system that never expresses itself in fragments. Parts of God are not literally scattered about the Universe. If the Universe is perceived as divided, the belief in duality will mentally create the illusion of separateness from the Source. This separation manifests in undesirable ways, which perfectly reflects and expresses the Law of Cause and Effect. An effect always mirrors Cause, the image of our consciousness: an impersonal, neutral, receptive and reactive law. It is a mechanical principle like any other. If you are dishonest in life, dishonest people may show up in your life. If you are not truthful, people may lie to you. If you are confused, you will end up in confusing situations. The law operates irrespective of personal opinions. But when you turn back to oneness through Spiritual Mind Treatment, you are again aligned with the power of God, the power of good, and the attributes of light, love, life, peace, power, beauty and joy.

There is disillusionment along the spiritual path for many people because we come to find out that:

* This is it, God is not going to come and save us because God is all there is and is already everywhere present. * Change is continual and the less we get upset about it the easier it is. * The purpose of the game of life is to play the game. Is the work difficult? Not if the divine grace of God is allowed to operate in us, as us. It is possible to effort and worry every step of the way, but if we let go and allow the nature of the Universe to be our guide, life will unfold sweetly and more beautifully than anything that could have been anticipated. When the rush of everyday life obstructs your good, it is Spiritual Mind Treatment that shifts consciousness and brings you back into unity with the Source. Therein lies its power.

Growth is an endless force in all that occurs and, like a magnet, pulls all people towards God with no conclusion or final revelation. At all times the law of the Universe pulls us towards the recognition that God is in everything. Meister Eckhart wrote that God is not just the good things in life, because all of life is God. At times progress on the path to a higher consciousness can seem very slow, but there are no limits except the ones we place on it. These principles are in operation at all times and the outer demonstrations in life clearly show at what level we understand this. We are all IT—the express manifestation of the infinity of God, and individually we have the opportunity in this lifetime to discover it.

Spiritual wisdom starts the day that we know from now on every discovery is either a discovery of the self or related to the self in the Cosmic Mind. The self must raise the self by the self.

Ernest Holmes

Religious Science understands human misery to be the result of ignorance of the Law of the Universe. It is awareness of our divine nature that frees us from ignorance and all its effects. Anything that helps in this pursuit of knowledge to overcome suffering without negatively impacting others is good. The purpose of the Science of Mind philosophy is to teach the nature of reality, make it personal to everyone, and then to use this power for good for definite and specific purposes. Making use of the law to change your life's experience and perceive the ever-presence of God is the only reason for studying it.

Our whole practice and theory is based on the assumption that the visible and the invisible are just as Einstein said about energy and mass: equal, identical, and interchangeable.

Ernest Holmes

Therefore, it is Intelligence that moves, since that is all there is. The Intelligence of God has created all and it operates on the principle of law and order. Why? We will never know. How? It can never be fully explained. It just is the way it works. Using affirmative prayer, called Spiritual Mind Treatment, the Universe receives your thought and creatively acts upon it. The effectiveness of a treatment depends on the clear thinking, logical affirmation or arguments, and realization of the Practitioner in establishing First Cause.

It is wishful thinking to imagine being able to do a treatment and eliminate all of the problems in life. The experiences of life seem to be in confrontation with and divert attention from our true nature, undermining inner peace or destabilizing health or relationships. If these effects are not given power, they will not have any power. There is only one power in the Universe and the Science of Mind Practitioner works constantly to stay in that knowing. To the degree one knows and accepts the truth, is the degree to which treatment will succeed. The Practitioner looks at disease, sickness, or any other form of ignorance confidently knowing it has no power. Nothing prevents the principles of a God-centered Universe from manifestation except our recognition of it. It is Truth that sets the Practitioner and the client free.

I don't believe our movement is worth a dime unless something happens.

Ernest Holmes

The Practitioner is a teacher of Truth and offers their understanding of this Truth to clients so they may recognize their own divinity and turn from having faith in God into having the faith of God. As a teacher, the Practitioner carries a light into a darkened room; through treatment, truth is revealed. In this way the room and the mind of the client will then remain illumined.

Now We Begin


1. Explain the Science of Mind principle: We believe in God, the Living Spirit Almighty; one, indestructible, absolute and self-existent Cause. 2. What is Universal Law? 3. What are the differences between a medical doctor and a Practitioner? Does a client deny the benefit of one if they use the other? 4. How would you explain what the mental cause of illness means? 5. What is meant by rediscovering truth? 6. What will life look like when a client rediscovers God? 7. How can we know the difference between ego and intuition/Spirit?


A Legacy of Truth, pages 31-58 Bible Mystery And Bible Meaning, pages 203-220 The Anatomy of Healing Prayer, pages 1-40 The Art of Spiritual Healing, pages 11-72 The Edinburgh & Dore Lectures on Mental Science, pages 1-47 The Law and The Word, pages 1-17 The Science of Mind, Sections 1-4, pages l-60 The Science of Successful Living, pages 1-43

Chapter Two

The Concept Of Spiritual Mind Healing

We live in a Universe of pure intelligence, perfect life, dominated by love and reason and the power to create. As we evolve, it is our own conscious cooperation with the laws of the Universe that move us forward. Every form of matter is Spirit and the intelligence of the Universe is in the essence of every one of its manifestations, regardless of form. The individual intelligence in each person is able to use this truth to fully express itself in terms of freedom.

The Laws of the Universe are always in operation, but so much of the time they seem hidden and we are generally ignorant of them. It is being conscious of our life experiences, both positive and negative, that lend insight to these laws. We can tap the benefits of the laws we come to understand, knowing that they are not personal, but universal. Doubting the operation of Universal law eradicates its benefits.

Spiritual Mind Treatment is the art and science of inducing thought within the mind of the one doing the treatment, which perceives the life of the client as a Divine, Spiritual, perfect idea. Spiritual Mind Treatment is affirmative prayer, spoken in a scientific manner and in faith. It is a statement placed into the Law, embodying the concrete idea of our desires and accompanied by an unqualified faith that the Law works for us, as we work with it. Prayer or treatment is the alignment of our individual thought with the perfect right action of God.

Treatment is not something one does to another, nor to a situation. It is always the thing one does for oneself. Treatment is an action in thought alone. It opens up avenues in the mind, expands consciousness and lets reality through. Spiritual Mind Treatment involves deliberately inducing constructive thought within the medium of Universal Mind, which in its creative function as Law tends to produce in the outer world an equivalent of our inner thought. It is an art, a skill that can be learned and taught. It is an act, something that is done, and is not done until you do it. It is a science, a technique that operates in accordance with definite Law.

Five Steps in Spiritual Mind Treatment

l) RECOGNITION God is the source of all, the unlimited power. GOD IS ... Declare your definition of God in many ways. 2) UNIFICATION God acts through me, as me, in me and all life. I AM ... Declare your spiritual nature, the reality of all people in many ways. 3) DECLARATION I initiate my life experiences through my thought. I now choose my desired experiences. I ACCEPT ... Declare the truth about the person in the here and now. Go from the general to the specific. Deny each symptom and affirm the Truth for each. 4) THANKSGIVING I joyfully accept the now present activity of Law acting through my intention perfectly. I GIVE THANKS ... Declare the work is already done. 5) RELEASE I release any doubts or concerns as I let go and let God, "the Father within", do the work. I now feel and act as if it were so. Declare a strong statement of love and truth, releasing it to the Law.


Spiritual Mind Treatment is not faith healing or a "get rich quick" scheme. It recognizes that God is all knowing (omniscient), all powerful (omnipotent), and everywhere present (omnipresent). Energy and mass are equal, identical, and interchangeable, therefore treatment is effective when we know that God responds, God will always be there, and God is within. This is the perfect expression of unity. There is no difference between the mind and what the mind does. Truth cannot be confined to a definite space and time. Treatment or affirmative prayer is technically a nonlocal event, not confined to a specific moment or place. It operates outside the present, in the infinity of space and time. It doesn't go anywhere, but is present simultaneously everywhere. As Troward explained, Universal Intelligence is everywhere and there is a corresponding responsiveness hidden in each person's nature ready to be called upon.

The subjective mind is the creative faculty within us, and creates whatever the objective mind impresses upon it; the objective mind, or intellect, impresses its thought upon it; the thought is the expression of the belief; hence whatever the subjective mind creates is the reproduction externally of our beliefs.

Thomas Troward


Excerpted from The Practitioner Handbook by Mary E. Schroeder James Golden Copyright © 2001 by Mary E. Schroeder. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Now We Begin....................1
Chapter 2 The Concept Of Spiritual Mind Healing....................9
Chapter 3 Thoughts On Investing In Life....................19
Chapter 4 What is a Practitioner?....................23
Chapter 5 Thoughts On Relating To Other People....................33
Chapter 6 Practitioner—Client Relationship....................37
Chapter 7 Thoughts On How To Fix Other People....................45
Chapter 8 Practitioner—Client Meetings....................49
Chapter 9 Thoughts On Surrendering To Love....................57
Chapter 10 Identification of Effect....................59
Chapter 11 Thoughts About Renewing Our Enthusiasm....................65
Chapter 12 Identification Of Cause....................69
Chapter 13 Thoughts On Treating For Health....................77
Chapter 14 Treatment Focus....................81
Chapter 15 Thoughts On How To Find The Good Life....................87
Chapter 16 Teaching And Exercises For Clients....................91
Chapter 17 Thoughts On The Nature Of Justice....................99
Chapter 18 Case Studies....................105
Chapter 19 Thoughts On Dealing With Depression....................109
Chapter 20 Ethics And Professionalism....................115
Chapter 21 Thoughts On Selfless Service....................121
Chapter 22 Relationship To 12-Step Programs....................125
Chapter 23 Thoughts On The Nature Of Immortality....................131
Chapter 24 The Practitioner Log Book....................135
Chapter 25 Thoughts On Spiritual Practices....................145
Chapter 26 Meditation And Religious Science....................149
Chapter 27 Ernest Holmes On Practitioners....................161
Epilogue What I Find So Special About Ernest Holmes....................169
Chapter 28 Requisites and Procedures for Licensing....................173
Chapter 29 Other Beliefs....................187
Chapter 30 Unity and Individuality....................199
About the Authors....................211
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  • Posted December 13, 2008

    a good metaphysical book, enjoyed reading it.

    it is obvious this book was written for a classroom audience, practitioners, however, I enjoyed reading it very much. Words of encouragment, enlightenment and positivity flow from its content. Will definitely check out this author again.

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    Posted May 2, 2014

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