The Prayer of the Lord

The Prayer of the Lord

by R. C. Sproul

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R.C. Sproul has an amazing gift for explaining difficult truths in pithy, memorable, and easy-to-grasp ways. He is the ideal teacher for a study of the Lord's Prayer, because the prayer itself is a profound lesson on a difficult subject, given by Jesus to His disciples in an amazing economy of words. You will be greatly blessed and edified by this book. --Dr. John MacArthur: Pastor, Grace Community Church; President, The Masters College and Seminary Sun Valley, CaliforniaHere is a very special book on prayer. It will not leave you over-whelmed with failure and crushed into giving prayer yet another try -as many books and sermons on prayer do. Instead, it will lead you gently by the hand- as Jesus did when He taught the disciples the prayer on which these pages are based. It will draw you into a sense of the privilege of prayer, stimulate new desires to pray, even leave you with a sense of the delights of prayer. These pages have an atmosphere of light and are permeated by a sense of freshness and joy. Happy indeed is the theologian who can stimulate prayer. And happy are we that R.C. Sproul has become such a theologian. The Prayer of the Lord is-quite simply-a spiritual treat. --Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson: Senior Minister First Presbyterian Church Columbia, South Carolina

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