The Presidential Election Process

The Presidential Election Process

by Tom Lansford

ISBN-10: 0737738928

ISBN-13: 9780737738926

Pub. Date: 11/26/2007

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing

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Greenhaven Publishing
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Opposing Viewpoints Series
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New Edition
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6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)
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15 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints?     11
Introduction     14
Does the Nomination Process Produce the Best Candidates?
Chapter Preface     20
The Nomination Process Produces Strong Presidential Candidates   Stephen J. Wayne     22
The Current Nomination Process Should Be Replaced   Larry J. Sabato     33
National Conventions Accomplish a Range of Goals for Parties   Jonathan Mott   Shad Satterthwaite     44
National Conventions Have Become Fundraising Tools for Political Parties   Fredreka Schouten     50
Earlier Primaries Improve the Nomination Process   Marie Price     55
Earlier Primaries Give Unfair Advantages to Some States   Cullen Murphy     61
Periodical Bibliography     67
Should Campaign Spending Be Limited?
Chapter Preface     69
Campaign Financing Needs to Be Reformed   Public Agenda     71
The Current Campaign Financing System Effectively Balances Many Interests   Joseph E. Cantor     79
Campaign Financing Takes Advantage of Legal Loopholes   Anthony Corrado     90
Public Financing of Presidential Elections Is a Waste of Taxpayer Money   John Samples     100
Public Election Financing Should BeExpanded   Norman J. Ornstein     113
Limits on Contributions to Candidates Undermine Democracy   Newt Gingrich     118
Periodical Bibliography     123
Do the Media Unfairly Influence Presidential Campaigns?
Chapter Preface     125
The Media Often Unfairly Favor One Candidate over Another   John O'Sullivan     127
Media Coverage of Candidates Is Generally Balanced   Pam Frost Gorder     135
The Media Often Distort Candidates' Positions   Stephen F. Hayes     139
Media Coverage of Candidates Is Objective   Matt Welch     145
Presidential Debates Limit Choice and Exclude Third Parties   Jamin B. Raskin     151
Presidential Debates Are an Important Component of the Election Process   Richard Shenkman     160
Periodical Bibliography     166
Should the Electoral College Be Abolished or Reformed?
Chapter Preface     168
The Electoral College Should Be Abolished   John B. Anderson     170
Plans to Reform the Electoral College Would Harm Small States   George Detweiler     178
The Electoral College Strengthens Federalism   Michael M. Uhlmann     185
The Electoral College Weakens Federalism   Randy Dotinga      192
Periodical Bibliography     197
For Further Discussion     198
Organizations to Contact     200
Bibliography of Books     206
Index     211

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