by Bukshot

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Cd Baby


  1. The Problem
  2. Straight Outta KY  -  Sluggaz
  3. I Do It For the Mob  -  Hostile
  4. Ballin'  - Heaven Hill
  5. They Don't Want None  -  Sluggaz
  6. Like Spring Break  -  J-Lizz
  7. Ammunition  - Hurra Season
  8. Damn It Feels Good  - Kelly Campbell
  9. Mr. Bukshot
  10. Watch  -  Kenzo
  11. What It is  -  Kasper
  12. Somethin' Gotta Shake
  13. Hold It Down  -  Sluggaz
  14. What's Fuckin' With That?!  - Chi Candi
  15. I Just Want It  -  Sluggaz
  16. Certified Goonz  -  Hostile
  17. What You Really Wanna Do  -  Sluggaz
  18. Yeah I'm With That  -  D-Fresh
  19. I'm a Mobsta  -  Sluggaz
  20. How We Say Kentucky
  21. In The K  - Smurf Durrt

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bukshot   Primary Artist,Vocals
Chris Rich   Choir, Chorus
Chris Kerr   Guitar
Big   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Big Dre   Vocals
King   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Kelly Campbell   Choir, Chorus
Jeff Johnson   Vocals
G Mack   Vocals
Hostile   Vocals
DJ Slikk   Vocals
Kasper   Alto (Vocal)
Kenzo   Vocals
Skinny Deville   Vocals
Fish Scales   Vocals
Sly Still-On   Choir, Chorus
Kevin McCreery   Guitar
D-Fresh   Vocals
David Ray   Vocals
Chuck Willis   Choir, Chorus
Chi Candi   Vocals
Mixed Magic   Vocals
Manfred   Vocals
Lil' Mobsta   Vocals
J-Lizz   Choir, Chorus
Hurra Season   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Ghost B   Vocals
Teague Ridge   Bass
Smurf Durrt   Vocals

Technical Credits

Chris Rich   Producer
Bukshot   Producer,Executive Producer
Joel Hopper   Producer
Seth Firkins   Producer
Michael "Seven" Summers   Programming,Producer
Ansane   Producer
Will Holder   Producer,Engineer,Mastering
Vybe Beatz   Producer
KC Hustle   Executive Producer
Darius Towns   Producer

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