The Promise

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by Il Divo

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The Promise sees Il Divo return with their richest and most diverse album to date. Produced by longtime collaborator Steve Mac, it reveals a courageous new direction for the group over eleven captivating songs. An inspired version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "The Power Of Love" features alongside a haunting and beautiful interpretation of Leonard Cohen's


The Promise sees Il Divo return with their richest and most diverse album to date. Produced by longtime collaborator Steve Mac, it reveals a courageous new direction for the group over eleven captivating songs. An inspired version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "The Power Of Love" features alongside a haunting and beautiful interpretation of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," while the smouldering intensity of "Adagio" contrasts beautifully with a bold version of Abba's "The Winner Takes It All."

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Il Divo   Primary Artist,Vocal Ensemble
John Buckley   Strings
Steve Pearce   Bass
Frank Ricotti   Percussion
Dave Arch   Piano
John Parricelli   Guitar
Steve Mac   Organ,Piano,Keyboards
Per Magnusson   Synthesizer,Piano
Chris Laws   Drums
Charlotte Trinder   Strings
Czech National Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Tomás Brauner   Conductor
Robert White   Bagpipes
Jo Buckley   Strings
Charlotte Tinder   Strings

Technical Credits

Tomaso Albinoni   Composer
Leonard Cohen   Composer
Jeremy Lubbock   Arranger
Holly Johnson   Composer
Charles Aznavour   Composer
Armando Manzanero   Composer,Lyricist
Benny Andersson   Composer
Haydn Bendall   Engineering
Alan Bergman   Composer,Lyricist
Marilyn Bergman   Composer,Lyricist
Peter Gill   Arranger,Composer
Marco Marinangeli   Composer,Lyricist
Ennio Morricone   Composer
Brian Nash   Arranger,Composer
Mark O'Toole   Arranger,Composer
Rudy Pérez   Arranger,Composer,Adaptation
Ren Swan   Engineering
Björn Ulvaeus   Composer,Lyricist
Geoff Foster   Engineering
Dave Arch   Arranger,Composer,Orchestration
David Krueger   Producer,Audio Production
Niall Acott   Engineering
Carlos Marin   Arranger,Composer
Herbert Kretzmer   Composer
Steve Mac   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Per Magnusson   Arranger,Producer,Audio Production
David Miller   Arranger
Jörgen Elofsson   Composer
Andreas "Quiz" Romdhane   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Chris Laws   Engineer
Daniel Pursey   Engineer
John Reid   Composer,Lyricist
Josef Larossi   Composer,Lyricist
Sébastien Izambard   Arranger,Composer
Markus Bergkvist   Engineer
Urs Buhler   Arranger,Composer
David Miller & the Castle Arms   Arranger
Kinnda Hamid   Composer,Lyricist
L. Angelosanti   Composer,Lyricist
Francesco Galtieri   Composer,Lyricist
Alcaraz Gomez   Composer,Lyricist
Peter Rudge   Representation
Remo Giazotto   Arranger,Composer
David Miller   Composer
Neall Acott   Engineering
Marcus Bergqvist   Engineer
L. Angelo Santi   Lyricist
David Kreuger   Producer
Carlos Marin   Arranger
Mark O'Toole   Arranger
Fredrik Andersson   Engineer
Peter Gordeno   Composer

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The Promise 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 63 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
the music gets into you, relieves your stress and lightens your soul.
nancy17nj More than 1 year ago
I love to hear these men sing. I enjoyed the CD and would definitely recommend it to people who love to hear great music.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The songs, the singing were breath-taking. I predict they are going to be the most popular group in the world! They have such a smooth, and wonderful range of vocal talents. Each one can hold you and together they transport you to a very special place when they sing ;)
Profe More than 1 year ago
These guys are great. I especially love their (Spanish) version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Have been following them from the beginning, the overall improvement in their interaction with each other has been amazing.The promise is the best album yet. Amazing Grace & Hallelujah plus power of love make this an amazing album. The whole album was beautifully done. I would love to see them release another concert DVD.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SusanIN More than 1 year ago
I won't claim to be an expert on Il Divo. I had not heard of them before getting this CD, but I'm glad to make their acquaintance. I'd describe them as somewhat of a cross between opera (think Pavarotti) and Josh Groban. The album contains songs you'll recognize (Amazing Grace, Adagio), and some that you won't, but they're all by turns soothing, stirring, and easy to listen to. I wondered about the Abba song on the album (The Winner Takes it All), but when I mentioned to my 9- and 11-year olds that a "Mamma Mia" song was playing, they said they didn't even recognize it. It just works. All songs are sung in Italian or Spanish, except for Amazing Grace. This is nice, because it allowed me to just drink in the beauty of the music without trying to concentrate on the words. Give "The Promise" a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Adriennevh More than 1 year ago
I could have this as backround music (white noise) but don't feel it is something I will be riding around in the car listening to over and over.

The music is nice, but do pop songs need to be changed into Spanish Opera? I would have preferred more original pieces from them.

Their voices are beautiful and I believe they would do better with better material.
TChamberlin More than 1 year ago
This CD was given to me as a gift. I had never actually heard Il Divo's music before listening to this disc. The listening experience was nice. Their voices are beautiful as well as the music. Most of the songs are sung in Spanish and they are songs that other artists have done before. I would love to hear them sing more original music in English. The song Hallelujah was my favorite.
mommyof5 More than 1 year ago
I had never heard of IL DIVO before hearing this CD. Most of their music is in either Spanish or Italian it sounds beautiful in any language they sing it in. Great music to unwind to and relax my favorite song was Amazing Grace it gave me goosebumps. They sing with such emotion and love
Dandonsy More than 1 year ago
This CD is the worst CD ever for IL Divo. I have most of their CDs from the beginning. They are handsome and the voices are so great.

However, the songs chosen for this CD is sooo wrong. They let me feel I am dying or what. It is sooo slow and It can't bring out the voices of the IL Divo members. They sounds like so sleepy and dying. If you are thinking of buying this CD, try to listen online first and decide if you really want it!
cathy5boys More than 1 year ago
I received this CD to review. While it is not my typical music I would chose to listen to, their voices are just beautiful. "Amazing Grace" was my personal favorite. I will pass this on to an opera loving friend.
lalola More than 1 year ago
I've heard many things about Il Divo over the years, both good and bad, but this is the first opportunity I've had to experience their music. As someone who's not particularly fond of opera, I found "The Promise" to be a surprisingly easy listen. While it was a little jarring to hear an Abba song being sung in opera (can't even imagine how someone could have come up with that), the majority of the album is pleasant surprise that I've listened to more than once or twice in the last couple of days. My personal favorite track is "Hallelujah" - a song I love when performed by John Cale - and it's hauntingly beautiful here. If you're looking for "pop opera", I think the East Village Opera Company is a better way to go, but Il Divo is still more than worth a listen.
MargieO2O More than 1 year ago
Recently released, Il Divo¿s ¿The Promise¿ is chock- full of intoxicating melodies. The quartet of angelic voices is complemented with brilliantly orchestrated strings, horns and percussion, as well as a captivating appearance of Scottish bagpipes. The language barrier only serves to transport the imagination further, on unfamiliar tracks. Remakes, such as Abba¿s ¿The Winner takes It All¿, Elvis Costello¿s(remake) ¿She¿ and Shrek¿s (my kid¿s interpretation) of ¿Hallelujah¿ are heartening, while the group¿s incomparable, rendition of the legendary ¿Amazing Grace¿ leaves the listener with an emotion that closely mimics being in love.
Young or old, fan of classical or pop, expert in linguistics or humble housewife, Il Divo¿s ¿Opera for the Masses¿ musical transformations, are relevant to all.
Momnerd More than 1 year ago
This is the first time I have heard of this group and I was pleasantly surprised. I love hearing a good blend of bass and tenor voices and Il Divo delivered. They each have a gorgeous voice that gets even better in a tight harmony. My favorite songs are La Promesa, Hallelujah and Amazing Grace. I don't know that this will be a CD I listen to over and over but I did enjoy it. This will be a wonderful addition to my playlist favorites!
BethS More than 1 year ago
I listen to classical opera, but am in no way a connoisseur. I had heard of Il Divo, but had not purchased their music in the past. Il Divo has an amazing way of melding four voices together in an operatic quartet on this album. Hearing these romantic ballads in Spanish was beautiful, and allowed me to focus on the actual music and voice range of the four singers. This has to be one of the best renditions of Amazing Grace that I have ever heard, amplified by the beautiful background music and the crispness of the voices (Note that Amazing Grace is the only song in English on the album). I will likely purchase additional Il Divo albums in the future after listening to The Promise. Overall, I think Il Divo is many steps ahead of Josh Groban, but not quite at the original Three Tenors. This album is easy to listen to and would make great background music at a wine tasting or similar party, as well as, everyday listening for the classical opera lover.
mrlycus More than 1 year ago
Il Divo's style of music isn't what I typically listen to, but I was happy to give it a try. Overall, I'd have to say this CD was mediocre. Some songs were nice and deserve to be heard (Hallelujah, Angelina, The winner takes it all), however, other songs were a bit too slow for my liking or didn't seem like anything overly special. Particularly, I felt like the renditions of Adagio and Amazing Grace could have been better done, but I did really love Hallelujah. I've listened to this track many times already. To sum it up, other than certain tracks, this probably isn't a CD that I would listen to over and over, but it makes for enjoyable background music while working.
cher1011 More than 1 year ago
This is my first Il Divo CD. The songs are rich and exotic. I would prefer more English songs, but The Winner Takes it All was quite enjoyable to me. I think that was my favorite.
ShelliAkers More than 1 year ago
Totally out of my music box, pun intended. I received IL Divo's cd, The Promise not knowing fully what to expect.

The songs have a tune that I like and enjoy but the vocals were a bit unexpected. I've never listened to opera music much but I could learn to like it. The pop inspiration was there, along with the operatic vocals, a nice change to what is normally in my ears.

Amazing Grace is my favorite, but all of the selections were ones that I could play, rewind and repeat often. It will be fun to get to know opera and the group that is IL Divo.
dustinnikki More than 1 year ago
I love all these songs on this CD. There are 11 songs and even though I like all of them, my favorites are Amazing Grace and Hallelujah. Those are both really beautiful songs and IL Divo sing them so well! The songs on this CD are:

1)The Power Of Love (La Fuerza Mayor)
2)La Promessa
4)Hallelujah (Aleluya)
5)L'alba Del Mondo
8)The Winner takes It All (Va Todo Al Ganador)
9)La Luna
11)Amazing Grace

All these songs are uplifting and inspirational. My stress goes completely away while listening to these guys! The lyrics to all the songs are really great and they are unforgetable. I can't help but have a smile on my face while listening to this CD! This is one CD that I recommend to anyone!
Limabean718 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed The Promise very much. Although I didn't like the song selection as much as their other CDs, I still enjoyed listening to every song on this one. Amazing Grace, The Winner Takes it All, etc. are all beautiful renditions. Their voices are amazing no matter what song they what does it matter? Everyone is sure to enjoy this.
trista17pluto70 More than 1 year ago
There is absolutely no doubt that these four fine gentlemen can sing. It is particularly enjoyable if you understand foreign languages, which I have the good fortune of being able to do. For those who speak english there is the amazing "Amazing Grace". I suggest that you lay back, close your eyes and let the rest of the songs take you away, I guarantee that Il Divo will take you on a journey.
beth0603 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this cd very much! Very powerful but at the same time very nice to listen to for unwinding at the end of the day! Great Cd!
mommyinstincts More than 1 year ago
When I first received my new Il Divo album, The Promise, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. The operatic voices of the 4 men that make up this dynamic man band have voices of angels and their melodic sounds could lull me to sleep, in a good way of course. I found myself relaxing while listening to songs like La Promesa, Adagio and The Winner Takes It All and feeling a sense of calm and conetentness. Now, in general, I am not an opera- sounding fan, but I think when I am in need of some downtime, this might be the album I go to.
gueshoo799 More than 1 year ago
After getting Il Divo's Christmas album, I was excited to receive The Promise! It is a beautiful CD with their signature harmonies and very soothing. My son falls asleep to it in the car (which is a good thing!). My biggest complaint is that the whole CD is in Spanish (and Latin?) other than the very last song. It would have been nice to have more of a mix so you can sing along with a few of the songs! All in all a nice CD.