The Protectors: A Thriller

The Protectors: A Thriller

4.9 10
by Trey Dowell
An enthralling debut, The Protectors offers a dark twist on the classic superhero story as fallen hero Scott McAlister embarks on a globe-hopping chase to stop his former teammate—and ex-lover—gone rogue.

Don’t call him a superhero.

Heroes change the world. Scott McAlister? On a good day, he manages to change out of


An enthralling debut, The Protectors offers a dark twist on the classic superhero story as fallen hero Scott McAlister embarks on a globe-hopping chase to stop his former teammate—and ex-lover—gone rogue.

Don’t call him a superhero.

Heroes change the world. Scott McAlister? On a good day, he manages to change out of sweatpants.

It wasn’t always like this. Scott used to be leader of the Protectors, the world’s one and only squad of superheroes. It was a decent gig, but far from the shiny force for good the UN advertised. He could abide the publicity stunts, the lies, the ham-fisted government handlers—but when one of the Protectors died under his command, it was too much. Wracked with guilt, Scott stepped down and into an early retirement.

Now, five years later, a desperate CIA chief shows up on Scott’s doorstep with a polite request and a cadre of shock troops to ensure that Scott accepts. His ex-teammate and ex-lover, Lyla Ravzi, has gone rogue. The former Protector has the ability to control minds, and she’s no longer interested in “protecting.” She wants world domination.

Scott’s mission is simple: Find Lyla and stop her. The messy little details are up to him. It’s the last thing Scott needs after five years spent trying to forget the Protectors and to get over Lyla, but the alternative is worse.

As he closes in on his target, Scott is forced to confront his past and face a chilling reality: Can he save the world and the woman he once loved? Or will he have to choose?

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Publishers Weekly
Dowell tries and fails to make hay from the familiar theme of aging super-heroes coming out of retirement. Scott McAlister, aka Knockout, can instantly put people to sleep. Knockout was once part of a “team of heroes ready to protect the planet” that included seductive Aphrodite (Knockout’s former love interest, of course, though whether that was by choice or by compulsion isn’t obvious) and electricity-harnessing Blaster. When Aphrodite goes rogue and “embraces” Kim Jong-un, leading him to suspend North Korea’s nuclear program, the CIA yanks Knockout out of retirement and sends him after her. Will he bring her in, or will he join her on her next campaign—liberating her native Iran from the autocratic mullahs? In the right hands, this could have been an entertaining story, but Dowell awkwardly alternates between cartoonish characterization and serious skullduggery, leaving it unclear whether he’s trying to channel Stan Lee or John le Carré. Readers would be better off with either. (Oct.)

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Trey Dowell has been a finalist for the Derringer Award and the Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Award for his short stories. The Protectors is his first novel. Trey is a member of International Thriller Writers, and the St. Louis writers group, Writers Under the Arch.

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The Protectors: A Thriller 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This fast paced orginal story grabbed my attention from the first sentence, and held it till the turn of the final page. With engaging, well developed characters, Trey Dowell has created a world I hope to visit again, and again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She touched boses with Snowpaw
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love reading but I tend to be a very slow reader. I end up reading a few pages a night but with The Protectors I couldn't put it down. I loved everything about it. I can't wait for the next one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Blackstar jumd onto the High Rock. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the High Rock for a Can meeting!" He yowled. "Snowykit, please step forward. You ave reached the age of six moons and are ready to become an apprentice. Do you promise to train in the ways of StarClan and their noble code?" [Assumed yes] "Then from this day until you recieve your warrior name, you will be known as Snowypaw. Your mentor will be Havenstorm." <p> Rosepool and Echosplash cheered.
Bloggabook More than 1 year ago
This must be what it really feels like to have super powers. Always in the crosshairs. A unique take on the reluctant superhero theme. This isn't just a book about superheroes. Sure, they have a few powers but their weaknesses are just as great. This is a story about being different and being hunted because of it. Never being able to rest but not being able to shake the responsibility to use your abilities to their fullest.  Conflicted meta-humans who need each other in order to grow in their power but to help them find some normalcy. The good guy/bad guy lines are so blurred it is a perfect representation of todays society. Who can you trust? There is plenty of action here to keep the pages flipping. And the approach to the super powers seems like a plausible everyday occurrence.  A great ride and one I hope has a followup in the near future. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AraG More than 1 year ago
I&rsquo;m not gonna lie, this is the type of story I had been looking for. I grew up on comic books. So I have a soft spot for stories of superheroes. What I loved were the great story tellers like Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, and Alan Moore who took you on an unexpected journey and took the ordinary and made it extraordinary. Unfortunately, what irritated me was when superhero books (or movies) insulted the reader&rsquo;s intelligence and made the story about their powers and not their humanity or the story itself. The Protectors by Trey Dowell delivered on all my hopes and expectations. The subtitle of the book is &ldquo;A Thriller&rdquo; and it does not disappoint. The story unfolds quickly. If you&rsquo;re not ready for conflict, an intricate plot, chase scenes, brilliant banter, laugh-till-you-cry one-liners, and kick ass superhero powers, then this book is not for you. But if you want all of that and want to be entertained by a skilled storyteller, then buy The Protectors and set aside a solid chuck of time because there&rsquo;s no way you&rsquo;ll want to stop at the end of each chapter. Also, I don&rsquo;t think you&rsquo;ll find powers like the ones Dowell created. So many books come up with a &ldquo;it&rsquo;s-like-so-and-so but a woman,&rdquo; or blatantly rip-off a well-known character and expect the reader to be wowed by said powers. Dowell&rsquo;s characters would make Stan Lee nod in approval. And the heroes are exactly what I would want: flawed, borne with a gift they did not ask for, in a world that cannot understand them, but wants to love them, even though the same fans will watch in glee when the hero falls from grace. This book has it all. It delivers on the promise while creating new characters that could easily be the lead roles of the next blockbuster movie. I look forward to reading more from Dowell. This is a franchise that will only grow as we delve deeper into this universe. Highly Recommended.