The Psychic Cop [NOOK Book]


Chuck's life story portrays his unique journey from police career to personal development of his amazing psychic abilities. He shares intimate details from varied readings he has given to loved ones from all over the world. In his book, YOU WILL:

• Peer into his early days as a gifted child

• Relate to his adolescent challenges

• Read about his balancing act between the conventional police world and the paranormal

• Learn from his journey toward psychic development

• Appreciate the value of meditation

• Learn to ...

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The Psychic Cop

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Chuck's life story portrays his unique journey from police career to personal development of his amazing psychic abilities. He shares intimate details from varied readings he has given to loved ones from all over the world. In his book, YOU WILL:

• Peer into his early days as a gifted child

• Relate to his adolescent challenges

• Read about his balancing act between the conventional police world and the paranormal

• Learn from his journey toward psychic development

• Appreciate the value of meditation

• Learn to prepare for a reading

• Share spiritual connections with celebrities Ray Charles and Bruce Lee

• Discover details of his national TV special, Psychic Search

• Learn that animals also communicate in spirit

• Hear how the spirit world censors some information

• Recognize subtle signs

• Comprehend the healing comfort of knowing that your loved ones are always around you

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781452551432
  • Publisher: Balboa Press
  • Publication date: 5/9/2012
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Sales rank: 497,304
  • File size: 314 KB

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The Psychic Cop

By Chuck Bergman


Copyright © 2012 Chuck Bergman
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5144-9

Chapter One

Born With a Gift

Early Signs

Like most young children, I was afraid of the dark. There were scary figures hiding in the closet. I would hear movement under the bed and imagine all kinds of spooky things. My older brother, Fred, loved to further terrorize me with his many antics at bedtime. I always felt that these fears were real and that there were people hiding in my room. I recall seeing dark shadowy images moving around with no distinct features.

At the age of five, my grandmother, who lived in Wales, came to see us in Florida. On the first night of her visit, I was awakened and frightened by a group of people standing around my bed, looking down at me. I could hear them talking, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. They spoke too quickly; it was like listening to a radio that was not properly tuned. It was like looking at real people in a darkened room. I clearly recall recognizing heights of each individual. It was easy to distinguish male from female.

My grandmother was watching television and came into my room when she heard me scream. She took me with her into the living room to comfort me. A late night movie was starting, and she told me that I could watch it with her. A few minutes into the movie, she slyly asked me why I was frightened. I told her about the figures standing around my bed, looking down at me. She then asked me how many figures and if I could describe them. As I did so, she let me know that she knew each of the apparitions. She told me, "I knew one of the grandchildren would have this ability. Chucky, you are very special to have this gift." Throughout her visit, I carefully listened to see if she told my other brothers and sisters that they, too, were special.

I didn't learn until much later in life that both my grandmother and mother were gifted in the same way. They quietly shared their abilities with their closest friends. Acceptance at that time was not like it is today.

About a year after the incident with my grandmother, I recall playing alone in my backyard, pretending to be a policeman. I sculpted a police badge out of aluminum foil, but got very frustrated and started to cry when I could not get it to stay on my shirt. I then heard a man's calming voice say, That's okay Chuck; one day you'll wear a real badge. The voice was not one that I could recognize. He sounded crystal clear, just like a radio announcer. I ran into the house, afraid to tell my mom for fear that she would not believe me.

Twenty years later I was standing before the Mayor of the City of Salem, Massachusetts while he pinned a real badge on my chest. I, admittedly, had a flashback of my childhood and the tin badge. With all the major undertakings in my life, I've only heard that voice several times. Usually it will speak to me when I'm deep in thought or contemplating a major decision.

Mom was a Medium

At dinner one night, my mother let out a gasp and buckled to the floor, holding her chest, saying, "My heart, my heart." Dad called for an ambulance, and as mom recovered herself, she started crying and said, "It's not me, it's my dad." My grandfather had died at that exact time, halfway around the world, in Wales.

Dad never talked about the afterlife. He was of a manly world, and the display of feelings and tears were not manly. I've always felt that he was harder on me than he was on my siblings because I was so sensitive.

After surgery for an appendectomy, I was awakened in my hospital room and saw my mother standing at the foot of the bed. Her arms were outstretched with palms up and her head tilted back. I saw a beautiful bright, white light silhouetting her entire body. I called out to my mom and asked what she was doing. I remember her saying that she was praying for me to get well. When I asked about the white light, she did not answer.

Then, as in later years, she seemed not to want me to continue on this path. Paranormal things would happen around me, and I would have premonitions that would later come to fruition. In those instances, mom would make light of the matter and claim that it was simply my imagination. Her choice was to keep her abilities private for the same reason she wanted to discount mine; she feared our gift would be ridiculed.

Fascinated with Communications

I have always had an interest in communications. Around age ten, I was intrigued by the concept of a radio antenna sending out voice and music through the airways without wires. I remember taking apart my dad's favorite table-top AM radio and removing parts from the tuning device. I was able to hear strange transmissions such as ship-to-shore radio and other broadcasts not normally picked up by AM radio.

I was hoping to go beyond standard broadcast frequencies and discover that there really is other life form out there. I would spend hours listening to white noise and would hear fragments of voices where there should have been none. In later years, my fascination with communication led me to earning an amateur radio technician's license with the FCC.

Studying for a ham license required learning Morse code at a rate of five words per minute. The code consists of a series of audible dots and dashes that represent the alphabet. A seasoned ham operator can communicate at over thirty words per minute. Nick, a neighbor and friend of mine, whose "keying" speed was around fifty words per minute, communicated with contacts around the world on a regular schedule.

Nick had a brother living in Ireland with whom he spoke every day using code. The cost of conventional phone service would have been prohibitive. To my untrained ear, it sounded like a series of meaningless pitches and tones. To Nick and his brother, it was a normal conversation. Nick could simultaneously talk with me while hearing and interpreting the faint radio messages in the background.

Spirit communication can require the same concentration as hearing Morse code. Words can be very fast to the untrained ear. With practice, the messages are more easily understood. The communication goes better if you are on a regular schedule with spirit. They look for opportunities to connect with us. When a reading is scheduled, they almost always show up, as if they were anticipating it.

Anchors Aweigh

During my last year of high school, the Vietnam War was going strong. My older brother joined the Navy, and I was struggling just to stay in school. One night I had a vivid dream that I was standing in front of three red brick buildings. I recall seeing the American flag. The sun was just coming up, but it was very hot in the dream. I was standing in the front row of a military inspection, and the Sergeant was in my face. I awoke after he screamed at me for not shaving close enough. I was sweating, and the dream seemed quite real. I went into my mother's bedroom and told her what had happened. As usual, she said that it was just a dream and to go back to sleep.

Even though I had no thoughts of going into the Navy, one month later I found myself standing in the front row facing that same Drill Sergeant, surrounded by those same red brick buildings and the American flag. It was hot at boot camp in Orlando, FL. I was in the Navy now! My hand was shaking as I wrote a letter to my mother that afternoon telling her that the dream had played out exactly as I had experienced it. Mom never did reply to that letter.

After boot camp, I was assigned to the aircraft carrier Shangri La, the same ship on which my brother was currently serving. Our home port of Mayport was in our home town of Jacksonville. Life on board an aircraft carrier while at sea can be very boring at times. Watch stations should provide a perfect opportunity to put yourself in a meditative state, even though you have not been exposed to the process. You sit for hours with nothing to do. Your one task is to stay awake. During those duties, I never experienced any spirit communication. My surroundings would have provided a perfect opportunity for it. Between my Navy career and early police years, it seems I entered a time of "intermission" from the spirit world.

It's All Coming Back to Me Now


After I returned from Vietnam, the aircraft carrier was sent to Boston to be decommissioned. Within a few days of arriving in Boston, three other sailors and I started out early one morning to tour the New England area. That evening, we pulled into a rest stop in a very small town and ended up sleeping in the car all night.

The next day we toured the seaport of Manchester-by-the-Sea. While working our way back to the base, we entered the City of Salem. Although I had never been there before, buildings and street names looked familiar to me. I was literally telling the other guys what to expect around the next corner, and I was accurate each time.

Two months later, I met a woman who was going to nursing school near the Navy base. After a few dates, we drove to her hometown of Manchester-by-the-Sea. While spending the weekend at her parents' house, they asked me how I had slept in the guest room. I was reluctant to tell them that during the night, I saw a very small man dressed in a tuxedo. Her dad told me that their house, at one time, had been a Masonic Temple, and that the Masons always dressed in tuxedos. Her dad said, "Now that makes sense." He told me that while redoing the guest room, he found traces of wallpaper with the Masonic logo. The house was three hundred years' old.

At the end of my tour in the Navy, I married the nurse, and we purchased a home in Salem MA. A close friend of mine introduced me to ambulance work. This set the stage for my EMT training and taking the Civil Service exam to become a police officer.

It felt so right when I was in City Hall, having the badge pinned on for the first time. I remembered my childhood experience of the toy badge and the voice saying, One day you will have a real badge. This badge stayed on for 32 years.

Haunted Hotel

It was common for me to leave the cold weather in New England and vacation with family in Florida. My brother, Roger, was a manager of a well-known hotel on Jacksonville Beach. He invited my family to stay at the hotel for a few days, and we were delighted.

The first night, I joined Roger in the bar for a drink, and he told me the story about the ghost on the second floor. A "lady of the night" had been violently murdered in one of the rooms on the second floor within the last year.

Roger said that they had totally remodeled the room, and even businessmen refused to spend an entire night there because of visits from the ghost. With time, it was reported that she would roam the hallway and visit every room on the second floor, frightening the guests. Management found it necessary to close off the entire second floor. My brother-in-law, Don, who was also staying at the hotel said, "Where is this room? I'll sleep there tonight."

We went up to the closed floor, as I wanted to test my psychic abilities. I wanted to prove to the others that I could identify the room where the murder had happened. I walked down the hallway, touching every door, hoping to get a sense of the murder scene.

The final door was room number 205. As I approached to place my hand on that door, my knees got weak, and I felt nauseated. I emphatically stated, "This is where it happened, this is where it happened."

Roger's facial expression told me that I was right. I had to go in, but the door was locked. Roger said that he would get the master key. As we walked toward the office, we heard a loud crash that sounded like someone kicking in a door. We turned and went back to room 205 to find the door standing wide open.

We went inside and talked for a few minutes. Roger then held up his arm, grinning, and said, "Look, she's here." The hair on his arm was standing straight up. He said, "She does this all the time." Roger turned on the cable TV, which started off with a clear picture that quickly turned to snow. I called up to my wife on the fifth floor and asked her to turn on the same channel. She said the picture was perfect.

A year later, I visited Florida and saw a newscast announcing that the suspect in the hotel murder had been found guilty. I felt a need to return to room 205 and read the verdict out loud. I met there with Roger and did so. After this was done, we felt a sense of relief and peace. There was no longer paranormal activity in the room.

They're Back!

Life was rolling on with little or no spirit contact. I was preoccupied with police work and raising two daughters. Several years passed, and then while returning home from a Christmas shopping trip in New Hampshire with my wife, I felt the presence of an older lady who had just passed over. I asked my wife the time. She said, "2:30." She could tell that I looked puzzled and asked me what was going on. I told her about the presence of the older lady. I could tell that she was not a family member and that her passing was very peaceful. Her reason for appearing was to say "Thank you" to my wife. Upon returning home, we had a voice message time-stamped at 2:30 p.m. from my wife's closest friend. She stated that her mother had just passed away and that my wife was not needed the following day to take care of her mom, as planned. This was the first time in several years that such a message was given to me.

A few days later, I was awakened at 4:00 in the morning by the spirit of an older male known to me. He told me that he had just died but was okay now. My energy level was so elevated that I could not go back to sleep. Fortunately, I relayed this information to my wife, at which time she went back to sleep.

At 7:00 a.m. my wife's co-worker friend called to say that her dad had just suffered a heart attack and had stopped breathing; she resuscitated him with CPR, and he was now in ICU. Perhaps his connection with me was that we worked together on a video the previous week. I wondered why he had come to me in spirit, as we never discussed my interest in the afterlife, and he had never been to my house. This did get my wife's attention, but she was never supportive of my psychic ability.

Several months later, while awakening from sleep, I heard a male voice speak the words, "plane crash." My wife was preparing to fly to California to visit with family. My first impulse was to wake her and tell her to reschedule her flight. I decided not to frighten her and carefully considered what I had heard.

As I would do every morning, I went upstairs, showered, shaved, and put on the local radio broadcast. I listened to details of a plane crash. It was TWA flight 800, down on July 17, 1996. I had to weigh out whether the message that I had heard was a warning for my wife not to take her flight or a message of the actual plane crash that had just occurred. She took her scheduled flight without incident.

When a major traumatic event is about to happen, the spirit world is preparing for the new arrivals, creating an upsurge of communication. Many psychics are made aware of disasters by sensing the extra activity and tapping into an incident which has already occurred or is about to happen.


Later the following year, I went to Florida to stay at my sister's lake house with a fellow officer for a short vacation. My cousin, Yvonne, whom I had never met, was flying over from England to also vacation at the lake house.

Yvonne had already written a book on spiritualism and taught mediumship in England. The first night, Yvonne offered to conduct a meditation session for our small group. My understanding of a meditation at the time was that it was simply a way to clear the mind and make a person feel relaxed.

She gave a guided meditation without music. All we had to do was close our eyes and listen to her words. When it was over, she asked me if I saw anything. I told her that I felt like I was standing in a small, extremely messy, bedroom. An older woman was pointing to a lamp on the top of a dresser, and I was amazed at how brilliantly green the lamp shade was. Yvonne told me that her next door neighbor, who was like a grandmother, had died within the last few months. Her room was, indeed, very small and messy, and Yvonne had given her the lamp with the green shade.

I still felt confused the next day, and I even considered that I had been hypnotized or, better yet, that one big joke had been played on me. Late that afternoon, we did another meditation. I closed my eyes and, at first, could only see darkness. Then I saw coming from just above my eyebrow area, about five inches outward, a cream-colored round disc the size of a quarter. It was moving downward at a very slow rate. I asked my cousin why I would be seeing this; she seemed to already know what was going on and advised me to just keep watching it and report on its location. After about three minutes' time, the disc was in front of me at the same distance. I felt as if I could literally pluck it out of the air. The descent rate was constant, and after a few more minutes, the disc disappeared below me. When I lost sight of it, I let her know. Shortly after, the same disc appeared on the right side of my field of vision. It traveled at the same rate of speed from my right side to my left until it was out of sight, which took approximately five to six minutes. I learned later that this was done by my spirit guides in order to assess my visual range for future images they wished to show me.


Excerpted from The Psychic Cop by Chuck Bergman Copyright © 2012 by Chuck Bergman. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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    Posted October 23, 2013

    Written in a very readable fashion. After reading psychic litera

    Written in a very readable fashion. After reading psychic literature for 50 + years,
    this belongs in your library.

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